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Author Topic: The plant that is the healing of all nations in Revelations.....Repatriate  (Read 15620 times)
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« on: October 19, 2010, 06:46:31 AM »

Blessed is the Way of the All Mighty Jah. I came across a book many years ago entitled "The Emperor Wears No Clothes" by Jack Herer, and it's Truth, was so powerful, I shaved off my cosmetic dreads, and made a vow to Jah. My vow is to follow Peter, and Bob, in doing something every single day to legalize the Most Holy Plant, no matter loss of life, limb, and even "freedom". This book outlines how hemp can save the world, and it has a $100,000 reward for anyone, who can prove it wrong, which not one has challenged since it's first publication in 1982. The most nutritious seed on the planet....Hemp. Most economically viable to replace fossil fuels...Hemp  Best natural resource to replace cotton, and tree pulp for paper.....Hemp. Actually you could take every single plant on the entire earth, and combine them, yet cannot produce what this one plant can produce for Food, Fuel, and Fiber! It's like it came from another planet. This book is a must read for all Rastafarian. Should be curriculum for every Junior in our High Schools, and in fact is curriculum at many University's for Poli-Sci, or Law degrees.
Now Jack proved what the Ras have been saying all along. Hemp is the healing of all nations. I like to smoke, just as much as the next man, but hemp legalization is imperative for our survival. Revelations chapter 22 clearly tells me it shall come forth from Zion. This is where I put two, and two together.
July 23rd of 2012 Haile Selassie will reach the Holy age of 120 (Gen 6:3). Moses only lived 120 years also. Please allow I to propose this. A movement of Jah's people to lobby the Minister of Agriculture of the Peoples Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, to allow us to develop Shasemene for hemp agriculture, and industry. They kyan even keep it illegal to flower only females for our sacrament. I've been doing this work in Babylon for 10 years now, and they won't listen, even though they know were right. Their system is set up from Dupont to make everything we used to make from Hemp, synthetically. I-thiopia is the poorest country on the planet.
If we go in with over a million dollars, which is not too far fetched if we unite, growers with artists, for a tithe to our cause, the Gov't of Ethiopia will listen to us. I estimate millions of dollars, just in taxes for the gov't every single year, and to exceed a billion, in less than 5 years. Revelations seh, it will yield it's fruit each month. Ethiopia is an equatorial country. We can harvest hemp year round there...every month a harvest. Hemp is very drought resistant plant that needs no pesticides, or turning of crops. It turns the soil naturally with it's fast growing, and fast decomposing roots. We could end starvation across our planet! We can run our cars, and power plants, off of hempseed oil, and it actually helps to replace our ozone. No more cutting down rainforest. Much more nutrition in the vegetarian's diet, and would help to reduce the populations lust for flesh...meat. Your actually weak in mind, and body without hempseed in your diet. The first words out of every doctors mouth before 1932, no matter your complaint was, "have you been eating your hempseed".
I was recently blessed to be able to reason with Capleton, after one of his shows, in New England, and received a high blessing from the Fyah Prophet for this Idea. Problem is, I'm a hermit in the middle of nowhere, with not much connection to the outside world. Somebody please tell me if I'm delusional on how such a simple idea doesn't make so much sense. I need someone, who has much more influence to take off with this......just don't leave me behind. I see Haile Selassie as very diplomatic from His auto-biography. So we should try the diplomatic way first. If they won't allow it... I say we take our Palace, and our country back by force. You cannot steal that which is rightfully yours. Put us white Rasta on the frontline. I'm ready to go right now. I'll go empty handed, or even just a donkey's jawbone. Most Holy Day soon come.
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