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Fundamental Conscious Change

Extracted verbatim from: Rastafari Speaks Message Board


December 16, 2005

I have been looking at what it takes for people to change/improve for a number of years. I became my first test case and change is no easy thing. One can lose much materially during conscious changes. They can lose all their 'friends' when they make a shift. One has to be first committed to oneself and be clear on the correctness of one's actions.

Most people who appear to be improving rarely go past talking about it. You are quite correct; they just try to hide the disgusting aspects of their persona. It is quite common and acceptable in most societies for people to say the right things while doing the opposite. People do not think much of integrity. They accept it as being human if they do not live up to their best understanding.

Real change comes after tremendous effort when it becomes easier for an individual to do what he/she understands to be the truth while always being ready and willing to change when they reason out a better position. Essentially, truth cannot be compromised. Attempting to compromise truth is one of the reasons it sounds easier to change than it really is for most people.

All people have the potential to be good and bad. Specific historical experiences contributed to some characteristics that we can see as bad today, becoming active in people, and more universally positive characteristics becoming recessive. This type of poor character development usually takes place when people are preoccupied with their physical survival while having a very limited awareness of who they are on an essential level (this will take a while to fully explain so that's for another time). The point is, all people have the potential to be good and bad, and not just either good or bad in a general sense, but on a micro level - good in some respects and bad in others (I use good to mean actions that are in all of our best interest, and bad to mean actions that are against our common best interest).

It takes personal work to shift from a poor character to a better character. It takes uncompromising dedication to doing the better actions to allow the shift to take place, where a poor habit becomes recessive and a better habit is allowed to become active. This makes it more difficult for someone to revert to a poor habit because to revert involves tremendous stress. It is easier to do what is right when the transformation takes place. Often people revert before they transform so they just remain with an awareness of fundamental right and wrong. Of course, they will come up with all types of excuses in an attempt to justify their lack of commitment to change.

Fundamental change requires one to work from one's genetic level. Change from the genetic level means to be working on the nucleus of one's being. If people are out of touch with their nucleus (self) then they just don't get it. Those who were/are in touch with their nucleus (self) know the tremendous work involved, especially when they go against the very things they worked out as better conduct.

I know few people who are committed to improving themselves. There are many others who feel they can improve and are trying various ways, but most people appear to be cool with lip-service. They hunt down the words to this song of life but cannot make the music, let alone dance to it.


Date: Friday, 16 December 2005, at 2:48 p.m.

Education is key. This site is one of the few places where Africans can come to be re-programmed. Its the reason why I believe that Africans need to find the means to control their image, their message and their history. We need to do it for our children, who by their exposure to western media and its predominance of negative African stereotypes are losing their identities and their self-esteem, even before their fledgling personalities has a chance to develop.

We need to tell the truth about the culture of "white supremacy." We need to expose the lies of the European. We need to methodically and logically disect the construct that is "white supremacy" and call its architects by their true names, only then can we reverse these trends and end the cycle of self-hate and personality conflicts in the African population.


Date: Friday, 16 December 2005, at 7:05 p.m.


Great insights. I especially like the one about fundamental change occuring at a genetic level. There are some heavy implications in those words.

Language is the vehicle that carries the concepts that embody a civilization. To elaborate, if we compare a civilization to a healthy body, the concepts (philosophical, religious/moral) that nourish this body can be compared to blood and the language through which these are expressed can then be likened to arteries.

So, what happens when something that postures as a civilization falls victim to cancer? Specifically, leukemia.

Two sayings : "a picture is worth a thousand words", and, "actions speak louder than words". Both mainly correct but slightly misleading because, just as there are singular words that are worth more than all pictures, there are also words which can put actions into a truer context. These words have, within thier meanings/etymology, deep philosophy; these are singular words that a textbook could be written on.

So, when a so-called leader stands up to make a public speech during which words like 'freedom', 'prosperity', 'justice', 'opportunity', and 'development' are heavily featured, then we would be correct to expect that all the deeds that will follow these fine words will be with the intent of reinforcing the high moral standards contained within the speech. When this does not happen, when this repeatedely does not happen, then, some who are less well informed as to the true meaning of words will start to get a false idea about the actual concepts represented by those words. This is how standards are lowered instalmentally, and, as generations pass, a new breed of 'leaders' pick up the baton, do thier job and standards are further lowered. This is an ongoing phenomenon in Africa right now.

Which is why it is not at all strange to see, (in the larger world that is overseen by the corporate 'mainstream' media, holeywood, and whatever incarnation of leopold/hitler is sitting in the 'white' house) how the war on words continues. Now, we have words like "liberal", "independent", and "aggressor" currently undergoing modification. These are some from the new set of words that have been deliberately targeted as a way of continuing the incremental corruption of the spirits of the ones who are constantly (willingly) being fed on illusions. And, as usual, the scams are working. Especially in amerikkka, where there is now a sizeable segment of the population who think "liberal" is a dirty word. These, we must never forget (in spite of the efforts of the likes of morgan freeman) are people whose ancestors firmly believed that populations of indigenous people would have to be exterminated as a first step to bringing 'civilization' to the land. People who sat down in the morning to pontificate with thier rotten jaws on the subject of 'human liberties' before returning home in the afternoon to resume the feverish dehumanisation of thier so-called slaves.

A pattern that was not new, a domineering hypocrisy that went right back into the beginnings of wastern 'civilization' (i.e. the greeks). So, if it is clear that from the time the 'white' project got underway, certain words (and the ideas they were meant to seed in the human mind) had already been corrupted, what is the point in still seeking to find meaning FROM these same sources? We have clearly seen what these words 'Humanity', 'Justice', 'Love', mean to the 'whites' and we now need to look elsewhere. So, I say this in agreement with what Karibkween was saying : if we are TRULY seeking meaning, where would be the logical place to start from? We must ask this question repeatedely (and in as many ways as possible) until the ONLY answer that returns is the right one.


Date: Saturday, 17 December 2005, at 9:30 a.m.

One of the key points I am trying to make is that I do not buy it when most people try to peddle themselves as being above many of these issues. Based on my personal experiences and my ongoing observations of what people go through when they really change, I have a fairly good idea what to expect from people who really change. They cannot regurgitate Black Revolutionary Words and Ideas and feel that can fly by I. I do not take their word that they are above many of these issues. With patience and time the truth always comes out.

Of course, Western Leaders and those who follow them, continually distort the meaning of words in an attempt to justify their greed, wars and other corruptions. Ones can always develop to detect and expose their lies. The meanings they give are not necessarily what they are. Many Black Africans speak English and many more are drawn to it because of their idea that it offers them better economic opportunities. It is from here many Black Africans need help, so understanding English (and its innuendos) is important for helping Black Africans. Over time, as more Black Africans become conscious, many will see value in incorporating many more words from our various African dialects to convey meaning.

You asked:
"So, if it is clear that from the time the 'white' project got underway, certain words (and the ideas they were meant to seed in the human mind) had already been corrupted, what is the point in still seeking to find meaning FROM these same sources?"

~ Although I speak and write in English I do not depend on those corrupt white institutions as sources for meaning. The English language was not developed on its own by whites. It is a combination of newly developed words and meanings together with more ancient words that are indigenous to a whole range of cultures. Often their pronunciation and current spelling is a corruption of something that is more ancient, but still we can derive and give meaning based on our own sources and values. You and I communicate our ideas here, and we do so in English. We do understand our meaning. So too, many other people understand my meaning and see the difference to what whites say. I am not corrupted along with their corrupt use of English so I can use it to our benefit.

You asked:
"If we are TRULY seeking meaning, where would be the logical place to start from?"

~ One's self is the place to start. I would say that one needs to get a good definition of/for self - the part of a person that is immortal. This concept of an Immortal self may sound fanciful but that was the key for I. Once one is motivated from there then one is automatically drawn to fresh truths. One can tap into the truths that are relevant for their development as well as the truth in others. The corruption in the world does not prohibit one from finding more and more truths. One can easily see the truth and falsehood in the words and actions of others. But to bring real change one must be able to see truth and falsehood in one's own actions and make the necessary changes from there.

Self is the key, and what ideas of self people have in their minds will determine how they interpret everything around them. If people think their self is their body they operate like there is no tomorrow. They remain overly protective of their physical aspects; they become vain and paranoid. But still if one feels self is their body, it is a place to start to greater discoveries if they have a measure of integrity.

If one feels their self is limited to race, then that too limits them from grasping a universal concept of who they are. Race is quite important in relation to navigating and discerning to realise more of one's self, but self encompasses a whole lot more. Understanding race in these times is the most important aspect to greater self-discovery to include righteousness (thoughts, words and deeds for redress in the right order). One's concept of self must encompass race but not be limited to it. One's concept of self must also encompass universal attributes derived from both masculine and feminine genders.

Once one gets the idea of their self that existed before humans and before the earth evolved, they can capture the essential part of all living things that generate life. They can be in constant touch with the essential part of humans that is always seeking and discerning, the part that evolved into and through different bodies. One can see their relation to every living organism, every chemical, every mineral and the stars. Their ideas of themselves can become bigger than any person or corrupt society. With that knowledge they can cultivate more of themselves by embracing all what they discover to be true from their past and present. They can tap into the essence of our ancestors. Empowered with such knowledge they can be pillars for change in societies. They can speak our Black African truths and have it resonate through everyone.

Being Black African can give immense pride as one discovers that every waking day and night, every dream is filled with symbols and lessons from our ancestors; ancestral lessons that have become timeless and immortal because of the tremendous truths they encompass. Every color, every shape, every word and sound can be a stimulation to remember and/or discover. One can literally grasp and share meaning that is not yet known to others. That is the power from within.

Books can help and other people can help. Realizing the corruption taking place on this earth can be the greatest motivator to search for deeper meaning. But the truth must start from within the individual who is searching and is nourished by the better ideas drawn from others who have discovered. Then one is spun into a life of greater self-discovery and meaning, where integrity is the guide to more and where Black African history is the rod of correction. They can discover their own immortality and fearlessness, to become their own living saviours.

Each individual must start with their own self-examination, although many will have to be motivated by others to so do. They must be encouraged to make the difference with their own lives. If they do that well, they become the better example for others. As Black Africans, we must start by improving our own lives with our own values. Our words and actions must resonate with the timeless truths of our existence. Nothing is more infectious than an example. As much as people are constantly being misled by poor examples, more of us need to become the better examples of life. It should be the only way for people who remember and respect our ancestors.

Reprinted from:
The Rastafari Speaks Message Board