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Re: Race Mixing + Racism

Taken from a reasoning on Rastafari Speaks Message Board
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By Ayinde
June 16, 2004

" interacial relationships are a great tool to break down racism"

"preschoolers love to play with kids if all colors, then someone poisons their minds and by middle school they are mostly segregated for life. sick sick sick and i won't look blindly at people boosting up these ideals."

"Sistren if my statement about race mixing helping erase rasicm was an idealist overstatement I happily admit that it is possible and apologize if my utopian idea was offensive."

- Ras Adam Simeon, Race Mixing + Racism: June 15, 2004

Seeing that Whites control the miseducation system, media etc, then Whites are mostly responsible for miseducating the young ones. It is to the White system you should appeal, and not to Blacks. You are really asking Blacks to change when Whites have the economic and political power to do something about it all.

In a Black movement it is quite in order for Blacks to suggest that other Blacks should not race mix. It is in order because as Blacks we see nothing from the White system that is about fundamentally changing its attitude towards Blacks. So it is a direct response to Racism, White arrogance and material domination. The solution to Racism is not that Blacks must accommodate Whites, but Whites should change their ways, compensate Blacks, and back away from any form of control over Blacks. Whites should respect the rights of Blacks to chart their own course, and even make their own mistakes. You cannot have it both ways with privileges in both the White and Black communities. It is like keeping a box of apples, then asking the Black person to share half of his one apple with you in order to demonstrate that he is about equal opportunity. You will have a box PLUS a half of his ONE apple, and he just a half of an apple. When whites and other light-skinned ones come with their unfair expectations of Blacks, and wanting the same treatment as Blacks in Black Movements, this is how they come over. Their race/color privileges speak loudly here.

Your idea of Utopia spells out Genocide for dark-skinned Africans.

In all the regions where Blacks have almost been bleached out, like Argentina, and to a lesser extent Venezuela and Brazil, the Whites who feel they are unmixed, still dominate the economic and educational landscape, and racism is rampant there.

Aboriginal children (the offspring of a white parent and an Aborigine parent) were taken from their families and raised in orphanages where they were to be civilized with the intention of marrying them to a white person or grooming them to be a domestic servant. They had charts and all to show how to pale out the Aborigines population. There is a movie about this that sometimes shows on cable named, 'Rabbit-Poof Fence'

You have posted several times that 'Rasta don't deal with Racism'. And given some of your views, it is obvious that you have not dealt with these racial issues inclusive of White privileges, while you claim alliances with Blacks.

So your suggestion might sound Utopian to you, other uninformed light-skinned ones, and maybe some very deluded colonized Blacks. But from an informed Black-kinky-haired African point of view, they are extremely racist. You are proposing that the Black victims of Racism should change their skin color as a means to end racism. It matters not that you say race mixing, which includes whites, as you are quite White and privileged to know that White economic and political dominance, would remain, hence no change in the status quo.

You may also be unaware that some Blacks, who can make millions of dollars in spite of the oppressive nature of the White system, are the ones most likely to end up with poor Whites who feel they cannot get ahead in the White system. So the economic benefits from these Blacks quickly return to Whites.

Mind you, I am not seeking any apology from you for that ridiculous suggestion. However, I would suggest that you think again as nowhere in this response of yours have you shown an understanding of how racist that proposition was, not withstanding the fact that these issues have been discussed time and time again on this board. It is quite understandable that many light-skinned and other colonized ones on these public forums will not feel the magnitude of the disrespect and depth of racism that fuels such a proposition. The fact that you are at pains to defend it to the extent of even calling it Utopian, says much more about how deeply ingrained these anti-Black feelings are, and how this 'rainbow', 'one people' talk can really be a call to silence the dark-skinned Black voices.

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