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Colorism in Sudan

By: Ayinde
July 17, 2004

AyindeThe Guardian UK published an article (linked below) about Colorism in Sudan, and they slipped in this piece of crap: "Islam urges its followers to treat all Muslims as equals and in Khartoum's mosques, black believers and Arabs pray together in fraternity. But in wider society, a colour bar is evident."

In the Caribbean and many other places, people of all races and colors go to Christian Churches and Mosques to 'pray' together, but Colorism and Racism are rampant. They all tell their followers that all people are equal, but the preachers and their followers remain racist to the core. Even the Black preachers and most other dark-skinned kinky-hair Blacks who are not well informed about Racism and Colorism, act from the unconscious conditioning that considers fairer skin more worthy. Praying in churches and mosques do not erase hundreds of years of miseducation.

There is hardly a country in the world today where dark-skinned kinky-hair Blacks are not faced with daily issues of Racism and Colorism. Most dark-skinned kinky-hair Blacks just don't even bother to fight the system, as they know their fairer counterparts will get first bite at the cherry. Dark-skinned kinky-hair Blacks are taught from early, even in their homes, that they are not worthy.

Most people in the West, including England and the United States, are in denial of this.


Where pursuit of fairness highlights colour bar
by Jeevan Vasagar in Khartoum
Saturday July 17, 2004 : The Guardian UK


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