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    Ras Adam Simeon, Ayinde, Ayanna:
White Repatriation to Africa?

Taken verbatim from a reasoning on Rastafari Speaks Board
The threads for this reasoning are linked here

  1. Whites and Repatriation
    April 17, 2004 - By Ayinde, Ras Adam Simeon, Ayanna

  2. Which white privileged position?
    April 18, 2004 - By Jahvier

  3. Re: Whites and Repatriation
    April 19, 2004 - By Ayinde, Ras Adam Simeon

  4. The term Repatriation to Africans is no Semantics
    April 21, 2004 - By Yan (Ayanna), Ras Adam Simeon

  5. Rastafari and its African context
    April 22, 2004 - By Ras Tyehimba

  6. Thinking about Repatriation
    July 05, 2004 - By Ayinde

The archived thread for this reasoning:

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