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Working Towards Self-Sufficiency - Part I

August 29, 2005
By Onochie A. Onuorah

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At the dawn of the twentieth century, the philosophy of natural science made a slow but steady revival that exuded very promising signs of the potential for expediency. Towards the later half of the century the wealth of knowledge generated thus far was substantial enough to cause the break down of a hand full of disciplines into multiple sub-disciplines and branches of systematic knowledge. Western civilization is credited today for propelling mankind into a new age of industry, technology and modernity which began five centuries ago with simple mechanical devices such as the wheel, the telescope, navigational tools e.t.c.

As a matter of fact, history professes that the then sophisticated level of science in western society was comparatively more advanced than virtually all other nations on earth at that time....but this is not to say however that science was nor is solely an European philosophy though. Historical monuments, artifacts and numerous archeological excavations conducted at several sacred sites located in all continents bear testament to the fact that science as a natural philosophy predates western civilization all the way to a time at around five thousand b.c when most of what is today called Europe was occupied by barbarians as defined by our dictionaries while Africa entertained a number of highly civilized societies in each and every continent.

Moreover, it is some what surprising how the European Renaissance emerged; European society literally under-went a drastic and dramatic transformation from barbaric to sophisticated (technology wise), from paying obeisance and receiving counseling and tutorials from black Africans to colonizing and pillaging black Africa. That sudden and totally unexpected shift is definitely a subject of heated controversy among keen observers; some of whose conspiracy theory allege that such changes are actually the proceeds of a negotiated but thwarted deal concluded during secretive and classified alien contacts which is still maintained to this very day.

Much credibility is given to the possible existence of these large eyed extra terrestrials (as witnesses describe them) originating from the zeta recticuli star system and commonly called the 'Greys', when the folk tales, believed to be as old as human existence on Earth, of a number of indigenous groups all bear living testimony to extra-terrestrial landings in their respective territories at relatively the same time frame. These groups include: the Hopis of south America, the Sumerians(the original inhabitants of Iraq whom are described as small statured and black), the Chinese who speak of Fuxi, Hindus and their symbolic mark of Vishnu, philistines speak of Dagon, Babylonians spoke of Oannes, the Dogon people of Mali talk of Nommo and the list goes on. The Dogon people credit their very spectacular and precise astronomical knowledge which contemporary astronomers are just beginning to unravel, phenomenon's such as the recent discovery of Sirius c; a small star orbiting Sirius A and B both of which revolve around each other, to these E.T's whom they call Nommo as mentioned above and although these groups have varied descriptions and names for these E.T's they all have three fundamental similarities: 'That the E.T's were amphibious, they were great teachers and creators and that There shall be a return.

The conspiracy theorists believe that E.T's are already here and are controlling global affairs behind the scenes with the aim of establishing a new world order wherein they shall dominate and it is suspected that current world powers traded in humans, whose biological fluids, organs and tissue are exploited by the E.T's for survival purposes, for technological know how and that about four subterranean bases several thousand feet underground located in Australia, new Mexico and some where in south America were constructed specifically for the E.T's to carry out their scientific experiments i.e. cloning.

They are said to be responsible for the numerous human abductions world wide executed in connivance with the governments of world powers. They are also liable for the rapid increase of Crop circles which investigative experts, upon analysis of the techniques used to create such intricate designs, have concluded that they are indeed alien. Theorists also claim that they control today's global politics hence global economy and that current political constructs were so orchestrated to keep humans confused and at each others throat so as to hasten depopulation and ease control behind the scenes. Again, as part of this grand overt deal and deception, it is believed that western governments are used as tools to implement this agenda. If this theory bears any amount of truth then we need to fear science more than religion.

Other conspiracy theorists allege that the large volumes of stolen archival ancient philosophical materials containing fundamental universal truths and the key principles of the natural sciences that were housed in the temple library of Waset was subsequently cultivated and used to manifest the inordinately insidious dreams of the Caucasian nation. Among the accomplice's in this invasion that occurred around 342 BC were some notable Greek personalities such as Aristotle and it is suspected that the Hellenistic philosophies were actual Egyptian philosophical manuscripts that the Greeks falsified to be theirs hence the sudden surge and revival of Greek philosophy in that era. The invasion of Egypt by the Greeks and then subsequently by the Arabs, Romans and British all of whom left a trail of destruction and distortion of the black antiquities and what ever African heritage there may be is a historical fact and its also definitely true that not only western civilization but the world as we know it owes it very existence to black Africa and Africans. But that all Hellenistic philosophy and innovations came about through plagiarism remains inconclusive, although it is very plausible when we analyze recent history very carefully.

As of the fifteenth century when the Maafa or black holocaust (slave trade) was becoming big business in concurrency with the fall of the Songhai empire of west Africa, Europeans and Arabs went to great extents to maintain and warrant this trade, one major means they (Europeans in particular) went about doing this was to control information about world history particularly black history and the same tactics was used during the colonial era and even now in this neocolonial era. One obvious example of this manipulative technique can be seen in the tenacious and contemptuous attempts of western Egyptologists, the media, archeologists and anthropologists to discredit the fact that the greatest civilization ever known to man, ancient Egypt was modeled by and for black Africans. They have done this by preposterously claming that Egypt is not part of Africa and that ancient Egyptians were an Indo-Caucasoid group called Phoenicians irrespective of the Afroiod features of Egyptian wall paintings, sculptures, philosophies and antiquities most of which have been defaced like the sphinx's Afroiod nose which was shot of by the barbaric commander of the French army, Napoleon, or made over - at some point between excavation and the subsequent display in their museums - to appear more Caucasoid.

Such criminal and conspiring acts like these only give one the impression that Europeans are concealing some very important information about Black Africans which they consider a threat to their supposed imperial status.

Nonetheless, given that there are no substantively tangible evidence hence their status as theory, this writer neither accepts nor rejects completely these intriguing yet disturbing theoretical arguments but believes that either or both theories probably do have some underlying truth of which only time could grant certainty.

Furthermore, during the European Renaissance, as a reaction to the apparent gap in scientific innovations and modernity between their societies and other non-western societies, Europeans considered them selves superior to all other nations of people; thus, instead of attributing such differences to environmental conditions or to the circumstances in which these nations live; such as historical, cultural and sociological factors, it was considered a result of biological inefficiencies and as a result race became a social construct elicited, elaborated and propagated by sciences such as anthropology and evolution. Race as an ideology was sustained by religion in conjunction with a series of pseudo-scientific experiments conducted in the seventeenth through to the late first quarter of the twentieth century; sciences such as craniometry wherein the brain size of different groups where measured in other to determine the differential intellectual capacity between existing groups or "races".


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