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Haiti's Coup Articles

Aristide Lawyers Demand U.S. Prosecute "Kidnappers"
of Aristide and His Haitian-American Wife
March 09, 2004

Haiti Haiti's Coup Features 8
March 08, 2004

Haiti's Coup Features 7
March 07, 2004

Haiti's Coup Features 6
March 06, 2004

Haiti's Coup Features 5
March 05, 2004

Haiti's Coup Features 4
March 04, 2004

Crisis In Haiti
February 02, 2004

Haiti Under Secretary Powell's Tutelage and Control by Larry Birns

The Ouster Of Democracy by Gary Younge

Reinstate Aristide by Rootsie

Haitian Democracy be Damned! by Jack Random

Haiti and US Imperialism by Ras Tyehimba

The truth about Haiti's Coup by Sean Douglas

Ha! Those White so-called liberals by Ayinde

Hiding the Witness at the Scene of the Last Crime? - News Links

Mission Accomplished in Haiti: Onward to Venezuela? By K. Nimmo

Aristide Muzzled: Contacts Restricted

Haiti and the Yuppie Silence by JG

Haiti: Operation Sweatshop by Chris Floyd

Godfather Colin Powell: The Gangster of Haiti - blackcommentator

Don't Fall For Washington's Spin On Haiti by Jeffrey Sachs

Caricom should help restore Mr Aristide to power
for his remaining two years in office
by Ayanna Gillian

U.S. Rep MAXINE WATERS: Aristide Says 'I Was Kidnapped'
RANDALL ROBINSON: Aristide Says 'Tell the World It Is a Coup'

The overthrow of Haiti's Aristide:
a coup made in the USA
World Socialist Web Site

Haiti as Target Practice by Heather Williams

Another US/European 'Regime Change' in Haiti

Destabilization of Haiti by Michel Chossudovsky

U.S. can end the killing it started in Haiti blackcommentator

US is Arming Anti-Aristide Paramilitaries
By Amy Goodman and Jeremy Scahill

Rep. Maxine Waters Charges U.S. Is Encouraging A Coup in Haiti democracynow.org

Haiti: Throttled by history by Gary Younge

Beloved Haiti: A (Counter) Revolutionary Bicentennial By Stan Goff

Haiti-A Call For Global Action by Randall Robinson

Haiti: Do it now! by Bukka Rennie

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