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Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey: A Review of Episode 1
March 10, 2014
The reincarnation of the Cosmos series was something that I eagerly looked forward to after being quite enthused with Carl Sagan's version. I did not see the series when it first aired but I had the privilege of viewing it online a couple years ago. Perhaps more than his scientific expertise, Sagan's personality and genuine fascination with the universe made the thirteen-part series a gem. It was Carl Sagan's dream that the true story of the Universe would be known by all.
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President Barack Obama: Change...What Change?
January 20, 2009
What many fail to realize is that the persons operating in the frontline, presidents in some cases and prime ministers in others, are just images that are projected, for instance, to acquire votes. In Africa, Asia and the Caribbean, we have long been accustomed to having leaders look like us...
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Royal Visit to UWI Highlights Lingering Colonialism
March 06, 2008
The Prince of Wales, Charles Philip Arthur George and his wife Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, paid a visit to the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine campus, on Wednesday 5th March, 2008, as part of their tour of Trinidad and Tobago to promote environmentalism and to reinforce British ties with former colonies. Full Article

Celebrating the Madness: Britain's Financial Decision
to End the Slave Trade
March 27, 2007
When has Western society ever taken moral precedence over the dollar? All the examples chronicled in our recent and ancient history indicate that the answer is a resounding "never." It is therefore safe to say that the decision to ban the slave trade in 1807 was not about those in authority taking moral and legal responsibility for an injustice ... Full Article

Matthew Harrison Speaks on Colorism Research
Leslie from AfricaSpeaks.com interviewed Mr. Matthew Harrison on Tuesday 22nd August, 2006 about his research on colorism in the workplace.
August 24, 2006

The Significance of African History November 08, 2006

Dealing with Colourism October 05, 2006

'Disturbances' of the 1970s. June 13, 2005

'Good' Laws December 29, 2004

Kwame Nkrumah's contribution to the decolonization process in Africa September 16, 2004

Things Fall Apart: A review August 28, 2004

Beautiful Woman June 06, 2004

African Liberation Day Conference Paints a Future of Bondage
May 25, 2004

Wanna Be Rich? May 06, 2004