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Author Topic: TOP TEN (+2) WHITE REACTIONS TO THE HISTORY AND SU  (Read 3033 times)
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« on: June 28, 2003, 11:08:12 AM »

Posted By: Bantu-Kelani
Date: Saturday, 28 June 2003, at 3:29 a.m.

This is written by brother, NOAH THE AFRICAN from another website. It should serve as a Powerful response to the Naïve Caucasians who refuse to acknowledge their Racism past and present, denying it still exists....



"Top Ten (+2) white reactions to the history and subject of race in America" by NoahTheAfrican.

--Here is a list that I created early last year, developed from my interactions with whites on the subject matter of race. I dug it up from the BET.COM archives. I think it is apropos and germane given the recent visit we have enjoyed from our good friends at protestwarrior. To their credit, they did not follow the script completely, but you will definately note where they DID!

1.Avoid discussing the topic. Most whites are very uncomfortable with the topic of race. The human nature reason is that humans have a tendency to NOT want to talk about subject matter that will invoke a sense of GUILT or GUILT by association. Thus, whites, in light of irrefutable empirical evidence and data revealing the evils committed by white people against non whites, they may feel that the risk are greater than the potential rewards from discussing or debating the issue of race.

2. Attack the messenger. When a the words of humans are truthful and irrefutable, those who brave a response will usually try to destroy the credibility of the messenger in the hope that by discrediting the messenger, the message will then be discredited. This will manifest digressing from the substance of the message and to begin to attack the form, tone, temperament and motivation of the author or speaker.

3. Point to the guilt of others. Humans, when confronted with their transgressions or their group transgression, will attempt nullify their guilt by pointing out others who have done things bad or wrong in an attempt to draw a moral equivalence of degree and kind so that they will not appear as being out of the ordinary in their actions. This manifest in on the subject of race via whites attempt to claim that blacks are just as racist as whites and that blacks sold their own people into slavery. Regardless of the degree of truth in those assessments are the fact at hand, which is the guilt of the white society, and the fact that blacks did not enslave and degrade whites for centuries…FOR PROFIT.

4. Deny that the past has an impact upon the present. This occurs when the facts cannot any longer be swept under the rug, so then the aim becomes to deny that the past has any relation to the present problems people face. Thus, the people can then say that those things in the past were terrible, but that all the players and actors are now dead and nothing can or should be done about it. This conveniently ignores that every action produces a reaction and that the present is in fact 99.999% the creation of the past and that black problems of today are directly and indirectly linked to past actions of this society.

5. Call to move on. This is an attempt to get blacks to stop focusing on the history of how or problems came about;which just happens to caste aspersion upon white society. What this call ignores is that it is not the HISTORY of race that keeps the race issue alive with blacks. Rather, it is the social and economic deprivation of blacks today relative to whites today, that are the direct and indirect effects of past racially prejudice and discrimination, that keeps the topic of race from being moved passed.

6. Accuse the messenger of hate. Even though their may exist nothing in the conversation or debate that are evidence of hate, whites will assume the messenger to be filled with hate and anger due to what psychologist terms; “Projection”;. Which is the phenomenon of humans projecting what would be their motives, behavior and reactions as being the motive behavior and action of others. Thus, in essence giving insight into their own though processes and not that of the messenger.

7. Accuse the messenger of creating racism. Many whites will use the rhetoric of people who point out racial injustice as causing them [whites] to become racist or to see blacks in a negative light, when they did not before. This is what I call circular racism, which is contemporary white racism supposedly fueled by the reaction manifested from blacks to past white racism. Since every action creates a reaction, this creates a type of kinetic white racism that is self generating an infinite loop of racism.

8. Visceral, emotional responses. This is what happens when all else fails and this is usually when the subconscious mind takes control of the conscious mind and reveals racial prejudice and beliefs of white supremacy stored in the recess of their mind via the psychology of suppression and denial. But of course, they will rationalize that these feeling and belief are the product or reaction to the messenger and not something engrained in them by society or their observations.

9. Try to convince blacks of their fortune. The goal here is to highlight the fact that blacks in America live better than blacks back and Africa, therefore, we should feel fortunate for the enslavement and oppression of 10 generations of our forefathers. They want to take the social and economic juxtaposition of blacks and whites and place it upon African Americans vs Africans outside America. However, the slave trade, colonization and exploitation stagnated most black people around the world, while facilitating and fueling the uplift of Western civilization. If Europeans had stayed in Europe and Africans in Africa, I dare say that it would be the average European with a much worse off lot in this world, than it would be for blacks of the world.

10. Love America or Leave it. This is when they say get out of America and go live in Africa if this is such a bad place. Again, the goal is to get ride of US (blacks) as opposed to trying to get ride of the legacies and responsibility of America’s mistreatment of us that manifest in so many problems today. This approach also prevents them from having to change their ways or to introspect their own racism that contributes to the problems black face and the social and economic gaps. Besides, that, why leave something that generations of your family lived in humanity to create. None has more right to any current fruits, than do black people, but white still disproportionately enjoy the fruits of our ancestors sacrifices as well as the sacrifices of their ancestors and others.

11) My ancestors did not own any slaves and I should not be held responsible for something that happened before my ancestors arrived here. This should actually move to the top 5. The first fallacy of this response is that it erroneously assumes that black oppression was limited to slavery. They can then reason that those acts were terrible but that all the victims and villains are now dead. However, black oppression was not simply limited to being the property of whites. Most historians on the racial history of Africans in America say that the most brutal period for blacks in the country were the first few decades after the fall of the post slavery reconstruction period also known as the “Jim Crow” era. In actuality, blacks were oppressed overtly up until the late 60’s in America, and there are Millions of survivors living today.

Also, whites must understand that America is a representative republic, where the majority rules. Thus, when the citizens of a republic such as ours, allows the discrimination and oppression of a segment of the population, then the citizenry is complicit. The reason being that this is a country of the people for the people and by the people, thus, the people are responsible. Furthermore, all American citizens inherit the assets as well as the liabilities that this nation has accrued from the past. It is a package deal that cannot be split up. Each citizen is allowed to enjoy the fruits and benefits of America that they nor their ancestors created, yet, you never find white citizens objecting to their use of the assets and privileges based upon their lack of involvement in their creation. But in blatant hypocrisy, they want to deny their citizenship responsibility to past debts based upon not having created or contributed to them. If they [whites] can rationalize not being responsible to the debts, then they have also rationalized the taking away of their rights to assets created in the past not related to them or their ancestors. Thus, the only solution for them would be to leave the country…right.

12) We are Superior. These whites do not even bother to pretend. They come right out with their prejudice and are not at all shamed of it. The other responses are usually the responses or tactics of whites who are in denial or who are trying to hide from themselves and hide if from us as well.

The fallacy that most whites assume is that it is so-called black leaders who inspire the masses of blacks to think the way we do, when nothing could be further from reality. It is simply the HISTORY and CONDITIONS that black people live with contemporarily, relative to whites, plus the continued effects of current white racism and ignorance, that keeps the fire burning. The issue of race will never subside until the legacy of past racism and the social and economic gaps between the races are eliminated.

Furthermore, I would like to add that it seems whites equate DISCUSSING RACE and RACISM and its HISTORY, as making one a RACIST. Therefore, I am left to assume that they must feel that NOT discussing race and racims and its history, makes one free from being a racist. I think that a new term shoud be coined. One that examines the history and ramifications of racism. It should be called...raceOLOGY. I get sick of hearing white accuse blacks of being racist for simply NOTING HISTORY.

Truth is always fraught with impediments. Truth agreed with is a blessed duet. Truth confronting beloved vice will sever relationships, perpetrate flight, and uncover murderous rage. - Alexander Solzhenitsyn

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« Reply #1 on: June 29, 2003, 07:16:03 AM »

Ras_Tyehimba, I'm GLAD you did post this HERE.

The board seems to be attracting 'Europeans with an itch.' The list needs to be nailed on the door. This will at least let them know we know who they are. It will save us a lot of wasted energy.

I found the old saying appropriate THE TRUTH HURTS... hurts those in DENIAL the most!!


We should first show solidarity with each other. We are Africans. We are black. Our first priority is ourselves.
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« Reply #2 on: June 29, 2003, 09:59:42 AM »

I think you are right, Kelani. The truth of history hurts all of us. But it is necessary pain as you well know. I think it is part and parcel of white privilege to want to acoid pain at all costs. That's the white American way, anyway. The willingness to empathize with each other's pain, to accept it and engage it, is what will in time transform it. And for those here who engage this discussion, the transformation can come much more quickly than ones think.
« Reply #3 on: June 30, 2003, 12:45:45 AM »

most wonderful discourse. i salute you.
a good way to expose "liberal" whites is international adoption.
now think about international adoption.

no asian ever could adopt a white child.
no african could ever adopt a white child.
no arab could ever adopt a white child.

why are there no white-trash babies for export to Japan?

no matter if an african/asian couple is king and queen of their land WHITE PEOPLE FIND THE IDEA REVOLTING.
but THEY have managed to make it an industry to steal away children from their roots. they even have the stomach to call it humane.

"Oh no, not OUR children"

this issue should always be raised when confronting "let bygones be bygones". nowhere else do i see such clear implications of race and who considers themselves at the top.
just pose the right questions to mr/ms "liberal white" and they are soon bound to trip themselves up.


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« Reply #4 on: November 13, 2005, 06:11:14 AM »

just to make clear. there are plenty children up for adoption in eastern european countries, so if you were interested in adopting a white child u could look into that.
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