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Author Topic: kimbamgu dead or alive  (Read 3477 times)
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« on: February 27, 2005, 01:06:11 AM »

Magic or nkisi functions depending on the person’s karma. You can manipulate your spirit or will through objects or just thought. If you use your nkisi
For negative purposes you will draw negative karma to yourself depending on how much negative energy you released from your spirit and if the persons karma is much stronger then yours your energy will only bounce right back at you 2 or ten times stronger. Words are the manipulation of your nkisi, your spirit lives in a place where you vibrate with every force within this realm and the other realm. When you speak you are manifesting energy from your spirit, which is all within the all coexisting or if you are living wrong everyday trapped within the flesh. Your karma is the negative energy which you have collected in this life time and the past life times. People who have very strong karma if you notice, don’t even have a conscious and where not meant to be born. People who have a very low level of karma are usually here only in time of need as this realm is full of negative karma. These people are men or woman such as Jesus who was!!white!! and Buda who was !!black!! and ya vita kimpa who a kongoles woman and most recently bunta kimbamgu. We as man of the Bantu tribe can interface with the deities or elimas of nature in many ways. But before you do you must have 1 a very strong believe 2 a low level of karma, meaning you have paid your debt to your own sprit. Or if you have not the deity which you are in communication with will give you a harsh warning. This is why we need people such as the nkanga, who are naturally born as doctors, high priests or scientist to help as get in touch with our own spirit and to tell as what we need to do, to pay the debt to our spirit. 3The easiest way of receiving nkisi from your own spirit or the deities of nature, is to live a clean life with no negative influences or thinking and healthy eating VIEGAN. Eating meat was a practice which was brought to our continent by the Europeans, you are what you eat. 4 Once you are practising a clean life and your blood or crystals or spirit is able to nourish your soul, which is the brain in this realm. You will be able to meditate with no interference from your thoughts. Your chakras allows your spirit to draw energy from the force of life in this real the SUN DEITY or ntoto.5 the deities of this real understand the languages or vibrations of each species or race with according to their language. That is why it is very important for our African brothers and sisters to learn their original language or anything close to it.6 the deities of this realm are unforgiving for they do not have the experiences of being a human being. That is why the deitys who come in times of need to help their people or race, have been here before. Yes this means Jesus or yesu was here before. So you must be careful what you say or think every day when you are conscious and in tune with your spirit and nature. This is the time when many will be having a change in thought as the sun deity has also had and change of vibrations and if you are opened minded and clean in body and conscious you will be able to pick up HIS frequencies of change.7 Any one who asks you to make sacrifice for a deity of nature or even to break a branch from a tree for ritual purpose. Ask them if your deity is so powerful and all knowing why dose he or she break the rules of nature? Every action has consequences; every thing on this earth has a purpose. When you put in a peanut seed into the earth not only one peanut comes out of the seed, not only you take from it. The ants and many creatures of nature also take their part as they have the rights to do so. 8 as the Bantu people start to live in tune with nature and in touch with our ancestors and our spirits then we will solve our group karma. There is individual karma which you must attain if your people have a lot of negative karma. You do this by separating yourself from your society. Once Bantu people begin to offer nature respect before taking from it there will be changes. Even before our ancestor planted crops they offered respect to the deity of plants.9 once we have changed as a people spiritually, then a pharaoh or elima, will be sent to as by the most high. To rule and govern this solar system as it properly should be. Every people need a leader, you can liberate yourself spiritual physically but you are just a soul still growing in the eyes of our elimas or pharaohs.
Just like one of the few truths within the bible quotes “god made man a little bit under the angels” so you must be governed by a deity in flesh.

Think Clear BE Clear>>>>Always Analyze never Dismiss We all are here to learn>>>>> this earth is a BIG class Room
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