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Author Topic: The Covenant with Black America  (Read 10665 times)
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« on: April 25, 2006, 12:42:01 AM »

by Tavis Smiley

There are 10:

1. Securing the Right to Healthcare and Well-Being.
2. Establishing a System of Public Education in Which all Children Achieve at High Levels.
3. Correcting the System of Unequal Justice.
4. Fostering Accountable Community Centered Policing.
5. Ensuring Broad Access to Affordable Neighborhoods.
6. Claiming Our Demoracy
7. Strengthening Our Rural Roots
8. Assessing Good Jobs, Weath and Economic Prosperity
9. Assuring Environmental Justice for All
10. Closing the Racial Digital Divide

...Let's discuss this book!
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« Reply #1 on: April 25, 2006, 02:59:30 AM »

I just bought it on Amazon. Should arrive in 4-14 days Smiley
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« Reply #2 on: April 30, 2006, 05:54:33 PM »

Re: Is Africa overpopulated?

Posted By: seshatasefekht
Date: Saturday, 11 March 2006, at 10:44 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Is Africa overpopulated? (Bantu-Kelani)

peace and hotep,

bantu-kelani, a couple of weeks ago, minister farakhan early in the day left his medical treatment in arizona, arrived in houston by mid-day for a conference and lectured in chicago later that night. we had received prior noticed that the minister would not be attending the meeting in houston in order to conserve energy for savior's day on sunday.

of the panel members discussing economic and political empowerment, the minister spoke last. although harry belefonte was accused of making disparaging remarks against our "il lustrious" prez, farakhan made everyone aware of just why he had to appear at a declaration of the 'covenant' between africans in amorica. the minister applauded our efforts to unite systematically all africans, here and abroad, but by the end of his "lambaste" the 'covenant' seemed limp as a noodle. i used 'seemed' because of the perception of the moment. in haste, the minister distinguished the covenant of africans in amorica from the covenant(or promise) that the united states of amorica has yet to forfill withe the descendants of the african diaspora, here and abroad. if ones were not listening, it seemed that farakhan disrespected a newfound covenant of africans. instead, he cursed amorica as if it was 'withe' his final call or breathe. i felt a prophets last breathe and he was the last poet on that day. he delivered the last call of all africans brought together withe our own promise to ourselves.

bantu-kelani, farakhan addressed a predominantly christian body a question from a muslim head,

"where does amorica fit into prophesy" and nigger pulled their heads into their shells of Racism White Supremacy. none answered and i felt embarrassed to be in a room of what you called ---bantu-kelani--

" Diasporians, the most highly skilled and educated black people". none answered and my stupid ass cried, 'babylon', unashamedly.

.......the minister proceeded to burn amorica but our our 'covenants'lake of fire, as you know remained lukewarm. the righteous diss-tastes like spew up. like vomit.

nevertheless, message delivered to the halls of power.

bantu-kelani, in a sense i was proud that like belafonted, farakhan over tremendous odds, came and cuss them bitches out.

yet i, like many "most Diasporians would choose to stay and burn." , as did

shadrach, meshach and aAdeadnegro in their fiery furnace. call it our down bringing rather than up bringing. i was told as a child that good niggers could survive lion's dens, feary furnaces, the middle passage, chattel slavery, dreadscott, harper ferry, scottsboro boys, reconstruction, kkk's, wwi's, jim crows, atomic bombs.......and even integration.

bantu-kelani, when you asked:

"What does "keeping our enemies closer" have to do with this?" the answer could change karma to sedition.

bantu-kelani, when you state:

"The most important fact that needs to be stated here is that industries are oversaturated in Western countries, but are in big demand in Africa. Diasporian and Continental Africans with the proper vision can do a lot for themselves on the continent. ", please remember that our 'proper vision ' is construed by Racism White Supremacy as wmd's.

bantu-kelani, when you state:

"Obviously much more Diasporians can leave the plantations...I mean the places they live!!",

i am reminded of a landscape mural of nyburning given to me almost twenty years ago. depicted in the painting is prophet marcus and prophet robert to the left and right of ras tafari and a lion-driven chariot. fully loaded black star lines departs as a-planes disects two towers while the pope, satan and/or the blind prophets perish.

i would like to be a witness of prophecy. sentimental, i am.

bantu-kelani, when you ask:

"I beg your pardon; we are presently deep in hard times inside the crisis of imperialism and capitalism. When are we going to rebuild the continent and come together simply for the sake of survival? When??? ",

i am sorry but every thing has its own season and there is nothing new under the sun. i would pray that lessons are learned and the continuing continuum ends. did a cold sun or a huge explosion eliminate the first 'alleged' capitalists, the imperialists, and the racist mutant dinasaurs and cleanse all earth?

if man pass away will other organisms cease capitalising?

a sorry lot we are.


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