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Author Topic: University Official Charged in Black Child Sex Case  (Read 7286 times)
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« on: July 18, 2009, 02:28:14 AM »

What is noticeably absent from many news reports about the offering of a five year old child for sex by his adoptive father is that the child is Black and the father is gay. Frank Lombard, the accused child sex offender, also has another adopted Black child that is under his and his partner's care. The mainstream media is deliberately playing down these factors.

In light of this scenario, questions should be raised about the ease at which Whites can adopt Black children and the possibility that some people could adopt children just to abuse them among other things.

Gay Duke U. Official Attempts to Sell Black 5-Year-Old Son for Sex: MSM Out to Lunch.

Frank M. Lombard - Health Director and Accused Child Molester

News agencies gagging 'gay' factor in boy's rape

Frank Lombard, Duke Univ. Official, Charged In Child Sex Case

Affidavit in Support of Arrest Warrant
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« Reply #1 on: August 09, 2009, 10:21:03 AM »

It is so much worse than you might want to imagine, this sort of thing links into child "protective" services run by the state, state run mental hospitals, religious institutions, these children are being trauma shocked into being the property of pedophile rings. The Boy's Town scandal, which was hushed up, just one of many.  If you look up that particular affair, you will see an especially sickening statue on the lawn of Boy's Town (USA) that says it all. If this sicko hadn't been caught (probably he is just someone thrown to the wolves to distract from the bigger power players in this), his child would have been just one more johnny gosh/jeff guckert.(Bush's play thing).  How many have committed suicide once the conditioning broke down later in adulthood?  What does Obama say about it?  Nothing....more interested in blowing up suspected women and child terrorists with robotic planes.

Boys town is still in operation.  Oh, the hypocricy...

Extremely powerful people with too too much wealth who can have anything eventually are juiced up only by things forbidden and deviant (Bloomingdales, the reagans' friends).  the scale of this montrous international form of slavery is staggering.  You are right to point out the sexual orientation and race issues.  Jesuitism and the RCC are the historical prime movers of this , but not the only players by a long shot.  North America and Europe are simply filthy with it.  The perps hide behind bogus civil rights special protection and political correctness pushed through public schools on the matter.  When 30 something gay men in business suits in San Francisco are shown in front of city hall with legally adopted toddlers (I mean crawlers, little babies)being swung aloft in their caring hands in front of tv cameras in some sort of victory parade, it is right to at least question if not condemn this.  Pets for sick deviants. Some in so called Lesbian community are part of it, grooming their replacements in the brave new world.   What next, she male parenting ? I don't think its necessarily endemic to homosexuals (child sex slavery), but it seems that is at least one basis for this coming out of centuries of catholic clergy raping and torturing children, mostly little boys.

 I was recently re-reading Haley's Malc X autobiography after about 30 years (bought it at a shinjuku, toyo book store) and what happend to Shabbaz's mother and family after the father (a garvey-ite) was murdered and how child protective services drove his mother insane and then split up the family.  It's so sick how this is done and what happens , not only to black children but all races, especially the relatively powerless, though.  It is happening now.  The state of Texas own head of cps resigned and testified against her own agency due to the rapes, pregnancies, abuse, murder etc at hand of religious nut foster parents and others, it blows your mind. sorry, if you really get into it , it's almost too much, the facts and evidence and convictions are all there, as you so well point out in this instance.  It's just hushed up, perhaps one of the worst mega crimes of the twentieth century, ongoing, feeding the people that "govern" us......This must not stand! N8
Iniko Ujaama
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« Reply #2 on: August 10, 2009, 08:32:48 PM »

I think it is something that needs to be gotten into. I remember coming across a video about those who leave Europe and go to various parts of Africa and take advantage of youts who lack material needs to get sexual favours.

Paradise for Paedophiles - Senegal (External Embedding Disabled)
I would think that it is a complex thing but its is something to be examined in full so that more people understand the dynamics and scope of it. I would hope you would share more on it in time.

iniko ujaama
Junior Member
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« Reply #3 on: August 11, 2009, 11:59:08 PM »


It's just the internet, of course,  to be taken with salt.  How is a slave created?  relevant from african perspective is slave ship conditioning. (Australian prison ship experience similar)
why would merchant of slaves insure that 50% of the "cargoe" died an excruciating death in the most horrible manner imaginable while being tortured and raped (children too) during the journey?.  I had heard a long time ago questioning of these statistics based purely on commercial theory, why, sheep shipped on a vessel were assured better treatment purely for economic considerations (value), so therefore the statistics for survival were exagerrated, it was a holiday cruise for those lucky africans who made it to the promised land.  the true reason was conditioning of the survivors upon arrival.  IN other words, the ships were crammed intentionally for this very purpose and the net value calculated and priced was for the conditioned remainder.  Here in the country I am in now, its "survivors" were conditioned by incendiary fire bomb attacks on civilian targets (half a million dead in one night in tokyo) and two nuclear bombings specifically orchestrated to cuase as much horrible death as possible to the women and children of the cities affected, as so stated by general curtis le-may, uber catholic.  Of course, the people of China (and others) have something to say about how they were attacked by soldiers and machines of this country.  yet, among the japanese, you can feel it today, the conditioning flowing from these events.  punitive war mass torture- crusaderism.  Mao Mao and Kenya experience as I read from Wamwere's book is the same.  What happened to him I wonder?

Now we have gas attacks from the air ("chem trails") and nowhere to run it seems.  Japan is one of the most heavily sprayed places on earth.  the people know it, but have been conditioned not to say anything.  the world needs some african intensity and MX outrage to spark resistance? 

 I threw some Neitchze in the last link that might surprise some people. not necessarily relevent, except to say that we must beware the domestication of us, eg slavery (FRank Herbert).  Also, F.N. urged not be cuaght up in the horrors of the immediate or distant past and move into the lifestream without delay once the learning from the past had taken place (like wild animals, who he and I greatly respect).  Keep on moving, don't let the so and so's keep you donw.  that seems to be what Mr. Shabbaz was about.  He moved around a lot in his time.  N8
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