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Author Topic: About Rastafari people who have no Dark Skin  (Read 45946 times)
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« Reply #15 on: November 27, 2009, 10:18:36 AM »

"The RAs Teferi movement has revolutionised world consciousness radically since the 60's, has been the most forceful universal movement towards peace and righteousness in modern times, yet internally we seem beset and bogged down by squabbling and in-fighting and non-realisation of the monumental changes that we have brought about on the planet - in equal rights and justice, in global health, in international morality, in peace and reconciliation among individuals, families, communities and nations. We seem to be more mesmerised by the deviousness of the workers of outoquity than by our own resounding Triumph that has aligned the powers of Nature and the springs of Iration in our behalf, that has beaten their battleaxes and neutralised their bombs and brought all their machinations to bow under the prevailing dominion of Righteousman/woman. We seem unable to credit the outcome of our own prayers and hopes for the day of Revalation when all that was hidden comes to light, where the crash and the crunch are signs and symptoms of root and branch change, where the once mighty powers are everyday discredited and their rulership over the minds of millions declines and disintegrates daily. We speak of the triumph but we seem unable to behold and grasp the Victory. WE prophesied the fall of Babylon, but we seem to doubt the reality when it comes to pass. We are moved more by the propoganda of the wicked than by the works of Majesty that cover the earth from sea to sea and from the rivers to the ends of the earth." - RAs Baku.

Herein lies what I'n'I do every second of resisting and fighting against the system of oppression. Sending out that eternal vibes of righteousness, goodness, Peace, Love and Inity but never forgetting who are our enemies after such inhumanity.
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« Reply #16 on: December 22, 2009, 11:04:56 PM »

peace and hotep,

Roots Brasil.

when you state:

"Im not black nor white , Im latino",

according to White People, a non-white parent makes one not white unless the White Supremacist amend 'color codes' ["Skin"] or unless the 'passing' non-white child becomes an "Imitation Of Life". 

Roots Brasil, what became of your African/Black/non-White neighbors in  Argentina? what happened to the Afro Argentine.........

"Other researchers have argued that there was a deliberate policy of genocide against the Afro Argentinian, which was openly expressed by many Euro-Argentines as Domingo F. Sarmiento and was probably implemented by using repressive policies during epidemics and wars as a tool of mass destruction.".....  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Afro_Argentine

there are only two ways to practice racism:

Deception or Violence

If you go find White people and ask them questions about race (Are you a White person, What is a White person...) guess what?

suddenly you have a real hard time finding a White person.

Here are some of the answers you get from the critical question.

Are you a White person?

\"I think I might be\"

\" Thats a hard question to answer\"

\"Im white skinned\"

\"not in that way\"

\"I have no Dark Skin"\..........

Now, is that a \"scientific analysis\"?

Or deception?

Roots Brasil, try asking the critical question to 10 different people in a row.

please remember that a latino may be a member of the Latin Church; a Roman Catholic, or the term Latino despite its increasing popularity is still highly debated among those who are called by the name.  Latin America is made up of around 20 nations that have different histories, traditions, constitutions, and backgrounds. The term Latino has a connotation towards a single European origin group that is Latino from the Latin language, which does not represent all people from Latin America. There are many so called Latino people who are, for example, of Jewish ancestry. Also, the term Latino tends to imply a monolithic group. People from Latin America represent many religious groups and not just Catholics or Christian, as well as many racial groups and mixtures. Another aspect of diversity within this group is their heterogeneous immigration history. Also, the term Latino may express a confusion about those who, despite having Latino names, do not identify with the culture from their original home countries, are multigenerational descendants from immigrants from Latin America, do not speak or understand Spanish or Portuguese, and have never been to Latin America; in fact, some so-called Latinos were present in the US before the US came to be the country as it is known today. This heterogeneity in the Latino community makes the name highly debated........

Roots Brasil, it would seem that you can not determine whether or not White People classified you as White or non/not White.  Most white people hate Black people. The reason that most white people hate Black people is because whites are not black people.


1.) The white race

2.) a word-concept tool CREATED and USED  (knowingly and/or unknowingly) BY WHITES (europeans/whites and white supremacists/racists)  and subsequently propagated (knowingly and/or unknowingly) by non-white victims of the white supremacy system.

3.) The only race is the white race. The creation of race is a white compensation. No people, other than white people, created or wield the race tool concept with authority.

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« Reply #17 on: April 18, 2010, 10:09:15 AM »

Ya know, this is really disappointing... I really can't believe we're still talkin about this bullshit as a faith. it's like this; you either follow and accept the Ivinity of Our Father, His Imperial Majesty, or you do not. PERIOD!!! You either know what HE personally says on the matter and accept it or you do NOT! PERIOD!!! you cant claim to follow a Man, but not know what He Says on the issues that affect your life! This is abject ignorance. FATHER SAYS "Human Beings are EXACTLY THE SAME, regardless of the color of their skin." P E R I O D !!! Yeah I'm white; been a Rasta since i saw bad brains in 86! i was 15 & i knew at that moment that what those guys were talkin about was truth! let me be more specific about my skin's coloring; it's mostly white, except for the big black Lion of Judah on my arm, the Star of David on my other arm, and the Ge'ez for Haile Selassie I in my forehead. did i mention that I'm white? It should NOT MATTER!!!  Anybody who wants to hate on me cuz I'm white, please go for it. Cuz I hate rascists; been fighting skinheads in Dallas Texas since 1985!!! just remember, if you hate on me cuz I'm white, you ain't hurtin my feelings; you're in opposition to His Majesty's teachings. suit yourself. LOL!!!  Protection & Guidance Ya'll, bobby

and just for clarification, the white "race" is a social construct, not based in any scientific fact or theory. Treason to "whiteness" is loyalty to humanity. i would suggest you read "How the Irish Became White," by Noel Ignatiev. Jah Love, bp
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« Reply #18 on: April 18, 2010, 01:13:00 PM »

Greetings Bobbypyn
I get the impression that you are missing something. I don't feel that you've spent enough time reading through these boards and absorbing the different reasonings. I suggest you take more time to do so, whilst trying to lessen your defensiveness.
I would also ask you: do you think any pope was a good man? Because Haile Selassie is on record praising the pope at the time (and JFK... and Mao Zedong... none of whom I think were really that "good" of people). Are we to go by each and every thing H.I.M. ever said? Didn't H.I.M. also say "I will be replaced by the coming generations".... in other words, take what guidance you can from I, but please THINK FOR YOURSELF? (Yashua is quoted saying much the same thing in John Ch 14 if my memory serves).
There are many legitimate reasons why Black people may be suspicious of or dislike white people. Try putting yourself in the next man's shoes!
BTW... I agree with H.I.M.'s statement that you quote... and I am also a huge Bad Brains fan. I hear there's supposed to be a documentary coming out about them, have ya heard anything about that?
I recommend going through the section called "Essential Reasonings" somewhere on this or the associated sites, I can't remember exactly where it is right now, seek and you shall find.
Take a week or so and read through em properly and then come forward and comment and see if your opinion may have changed.
Respect for fighting them racist boneheads.
PS Because this site is associated with the Nubian School that some of the admin help to run in Trinidad, and because some youths and their parents may object to certain words, they do ask that people refrain from swearing (re your use of "b.s.")
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« Reply #19 on: April 20, 2010, 11:51:52 PM »

I wasn't aware of the possibility of children reading that; excuse my language; but I stand behind every other word. Was there a good pope? yea. John Paul the First. anti-masonic. vatican murdered him. Kennedy was a good man. Father respected and liked the man, so i don't care what anybody else says. Mao? take him or leave him; i associate myself with anarcho-syndicalism politically, leading to Divine Theocracy. Plaease allow me to clarify my previous statements: Do Black people have a genuine cause for concern and even anger for europeans? Without a doubt. I have friends in the Nation of Islam; i understand the issues. But I n I are called to a higher overstanding than any other Faith on the earth. am i shameful of the actions of other europeans? undoubtedly. but if you wanna split hairs; none of my ancestry ever oppressed anybody; I'm Irish and i despise the british. as do all irishmen... almost as much as Native Americans do!!! My point is this; any who would discourage another from the Truth of Rastafari due to the color of skin is not of Jah. It just angers me to think that some poor white kid could come here looking for guidance and be rebuked because of his genetic misfortune of being "fair skinned" by a cruel trick of fate. I used to BE that little kid. His Majesty and I now have a personal relationship (laugh all you want; I know the names of His beloved little dogs. Do YOU!?! sorry but i just had to gloat a little bit...) so I don't need confirmation or acceptance from any other man. My Father's Love & Acceptance suffices just fine, thank you very much, but had I been discouraged from the Truth at a tender age I may never have known His Love. Oh and Dad says to stop being mean to homosexuals; He loves THEM too (hey, i was shocked too!) Protection & Guidance, bobby
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« Reply #20 on: April 21, 2010, 05:02:42 PM »

Hail Up
Just a brief comment as I don't have long on the computer tonight.
I too am an anarchist politically speaking; I too have no problem with homosexuals and was never "mean" to them (my mum taught me better and so did some of the Rastas in my family who do not share the common prejudices); I too support militant action against racists. And of course as I said, I love the Bad Brains, so we definitely have quite a bit in common.
We also have some things not in common apparently. I don't think Black people should ever be censoring themselves or biting their tongue out of concern for what white people might think, or that they might hurt their feelings. If some statements make some white people uncomfortable that is no problem to I... deal with it! Rasta supposed to be tough, not a weakling, so you have to take the heat or get out of the kitchen... those who take the heat and stay in the kitchen may be rewarded with a place at the dining table and a portion of the ital... those who can't, well, a chain is ony as strong as the weakest link so we don't really need weak chains anyway.
Most Rastas are quite polite and welcoming of white people and others anyway once they demonstrate humbleness (which doesn't mean kissing butt... it means just that, humbleness).
Also, bear in mind that this section of the website is called AFRICA speaks; it is not exclusively for Rastas and not all the people posting the comments you probably object to are Rastas (some are even hostile to Rasta).
Regarding Sekhmet who you asked a question of (not sure if she's still around to reply); I didn't get any sense of so called "reverse racism" or whatever from her posts. What does "white" mean anyway? Re-read the first post she made in that section.

I do know the names of some of Kedamawe Haile Selassie I's pets, but I really don't think H.I.M. cares if people do or not. H.I.M. never demanded personality-cult type worship, quite the opposite in fact. H.I.M. is indeed the Almighty (in I personal view) but "the Almighty" is not limited to H.I.M. alone. The Almighty is a force that all of IanI can tap into.
So to I being Rasta does NOT mean you necessarily have to agree with every single thing H.I.M. did or said.
I'm getting kicked out of the internet cafe so will have to leave that train of thought incomplete until the next time.
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RastafariSpeaks .com

« Reply #21 on: May 24, 2010, 08:26:38 PM »

searchin thru an i found a post of mine from the year 2003 ( below) in this forum. i would like to re-post here.Mostly things have remained the same as we can see the same arguments are pon people's minds.
i-man am older now..and mi good friend, mentor,Brother Chappel( in the story) has moved on to the next plane.
allow i to say in all humility--that i wear the scars---the real scars (physical--mental-and e-motional that go with the battles)-- wid no apology.this one is no easy Life..but to all who are real--are tru----there is no other way.ya can't read it in a book or watch it on TV..ya got ta LIVE IT......"Who feels it ...knows it"---Literally----in i-sight. (ex....)


greetings to all from deep in the dirty south..

Stating first...that i am not a learn-ed man but simply one who continues a lifelong search in any and all realms for dat illusive..TRUTH....
I have read the reasonings here an although some were difficult for me to follow ,i would like to add my perspective..
keeping in mind that it is from my life ex-periences that i draw an that as many would tell you.. i normally allow poetic ex-pression to bring out the thoughts and feelings that reside in my Soul...as i find it difficult to truly say what i want to convey in  regular  writings..but this attempt i will make..

Racism is a  reality.. an to i ...is THE most pressing problem in the world today.And..has been since my birth some 47 years ago.
For me to deny that..is to deny all that my life ex-perience has taught me and to deny Reality..The fact that the vast majority of white folks do not care to shed the covers of Racial supremacy's illusions , kindles..smolters..an rages the fire..within all aspects of my being.So has it been..so will it be.

I have read the many perspectives here.And i do understand what most are saying.At least i think i do.Yet my Soul wonders how many white brothers an sisters who come here do truly understand what the Black brother...and sister...and child , goes thru every waking moment of their lives.Not just in Africa...not just in the past ..but now.. the world over including America..I am sure that many read or study or see the images..at least the blatant acts of racism that are sometimes caught in one realm or another.It is easy to talk about the past an dismiss it it as.. i wasn't there..it wasn't me..i am not my ancestors ..and so on..But the Truth of the matter , is the matter of the Truth....RACISM flourishes today   Albeit seemingly more subtle to some..but JAH give us ears ta hear an eyes ta see..so we must hear an we must see...

...tell ya what i know ..not what i think , not what i have heard...not what i have read..WHAT I KNOW.What I have seen.
Black man goes to court.. racism has it's say.Po-lice come a callin in the Black neighborhood..racism has it's say.Black Children go to school...racism has it's say.Black person goes to the doctor..or worse the emergency room..racism has it's say.Black person goes huntin a job..racism has it's say.Black Woman tries to rise up..racism has it's say , in a double kinda way.Sometimes subtley..quietly..sometimes wide -open but..always in every realm in every aspect of surviving this physical world..racism STILL has it's say.So we say..why?...yeah man..why ? Did the laws change but the people's hearts remain the same? So they Say..give in to them a little so we don't look so barbarian..but still we will con--trol.The powers that be have spent hundreds of years con-trolling by any an all means and still they will ..unless the hearts of men ,the Souls of men are changed..Revolution of the Soul yeah....and i-and-I say that racism is still the most potent weapon they carry within their arsenal...deny my reality but still it is my reality..
...so what we do..pick up the gun? what makes sense when it's a thousand to one?so what do  we do?..preach One Love..Unity?
Preach it yeah.but first we got to LIVE IT  An in my eyes for white folks to live it..it means doin ALL that is within each one’s power every living moment  to right a wrong.Not just any wrong.But the most horrendous wrong this world has ever known.Racism  An to start white folks must realize that everything does NOT belong to them.The past cannot be changed.Some will say we must all forgive and forget.Forget ? ..Millions of murders, rapes,attempted genocide.How in JAH's name can anyone forget,especially with the perpetuation of the past in this hour.No man..forgiving an forgetting..the two they mingle not.Put the images in your mind an see them as if they were right there in front of you.Children dying...Blood flowing ..beating...savage rape...human slaughter an on an on throughout his--tory ..an tell anyone of African descent that they must forget ?..NO man NO !

Have you been so close to the hard core racists that the hot breath of pure hatred burns your very essence?Have you stared down the barrel of one of their guns one flinch away from leaving this plane at the hand of another man.... or been slapped down for your beliefs?  Have you given up on family an friends who refuse to want to see the Truth ex-posed ..to prove your ONEness with the struggle.Have you risked lonliness, alienation, financial loss, physical health...an even death..to show that no matter the loss... you are what you preach..that you will do anything to make this terrible wrong be turned to a right ..that we may all get on wid True Unity..true One Love.It will take all of this man....Risks ....and MORE... to even get a glimpse of what so many centuries of oppression has heaped upon Black shoulders.No wonder that distrust reigns..

i just can't see sittin behind a computer screen an sayin all will be okay if we just forget an learn to love.
I Love ..every day of my life i love...deeply.And it is my Love that sustains me.An..you will hear me say “One Love”..”JAH Love”.. an “Unity”.An when i say these things they are straight from my heart..but they are pleas.. pleas yuno..not realities.Not at dis time.I cry for love..for peace..for unity..but not without also crying for Truth..and for true equality for all and an end to de CRIME of racism..and also cryin to all white Brothers an Sisters who are in some stage of consciousness..to understand, to TRULY understand ...the plight of our African Brothers and Sisters..who every day and in every realm of life put up with dem  looks of disdain  from the majority of white folks..for what ? the color of their skin..It is the oppressed who will lead.It is up to all others to decide if they will overcome ALL prejudices..all claims to superiority an the privilege that goes with it and walk..fight..and live what they preach no matter the risks.The answers lie in the Heart and Soul of Africa..and dilution is not nor will it ever be an option...

a quick story an i will close..
as a young boy ( teenager dat) i was playin baseball with a semi-pro baseball team down here in the  way deep  south.This would have been around 1972-73 i suppose.(time flies yeah).Anyway i was the youngest on the team an the only  white  player.So..we were comin back from an out of town game an the car i was in with about 6 Brothers broke down, an i mean in the middle of nowhere yuno..old country road and all..and it was almost dark..So..There was a big farmhouse.Remind you of a plantation setting an all, setting off the road a ways.All of the guys looked at each other an finally somebody said.. who's gonna go ask for help ..Not me..not me..not me”...came the replies. Them white folks ain't gonna beat me down way out here in these woods. Inevitably all eyes turned to me.Let the boy go ask..he's white..they won't mess with him. Yeah man you go  ..
But the old guy(named Chines Chappel) who was drivin the car jumped in..
 whoa y’all..you cain't send him up there   .. why not ?”  Somebody asked.”they won't hurt one of their own. ..
so.. Old Chappel looked at all of them an said.. you send the boy up there an they that see he's with us..they gonna kill his ass , then call the po-lice an say we did it ...
ears ta hear yuno..

Chappel is close to 90 now an still reminds me of the time he  saved my life ..(((note Mr.Chappel has passed on since this writing)))oh..an we decided to all walk down the road together that day.After a few miles we caught a ride home on the back of a pick-up with a Brother who had been to the game..

so ..didn’t mean to make this so long..and perhaps anger shows thru..but it is what i see and have Lived and seen thru-out  my life.truly difficult for me to put it in the words i want to..But again..each one must do ALL that they can to be a part of this OVERcoming..this OVERstanding..

ONE Love yes..
Unity yes..
but every scar must be healed and payed for...from the physical to the Spiritual..

and racism must be fought down in every realm by any and all means.. by all white folks who profess to be genuine in their commitment to Rasta..an to African Liberation..for the two are One..

 i do not claim that title of  Rasta  ( though there are Ras who call I ras) but i know that until i crossed the path of The Light of Blackness..i knew nothing..i give thanks to Almighty JAH..For out of the darkness comes JAH light.Blessed.

as i see it..

ONE Heart...
ex ...
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