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Author Topic: About having sex and marry with non Afrikans  (Read 16239 times)
Mwana Bakoko
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« on: June 07, 2011, 11:20:49 AM »

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« Reply #1 on: June 07, 2011, 02:57:14 PM »

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About having sex and marry with non Afrikans

Afrikans are the only group of people who support and encourage mixing. No other ethnic group (Arab, Jewish, Chinese, European, Indian) easily accept the rhetoric, "Have sex, love, you marry who you want!"  

 Take the case of the Arab community, they do not encourage their children to have romantic or sexual relationship outside of their race. They see as importance to maintain and preserve their unique culture and race. From an early age, they instill a sense of pride and cultural diginity to their children. When you think about it, Arabs are a group of people proud. They represent their culture and ethnic group fully. You will barely see them have love affairs outside of their race. I'm not saying there is any but it is rare to see that. The vast majority of them want to preserve and maintain their identity. That's why them (all the MINDELE Asians, Europeans, Khazar Jews, Hindu and other groups of non-Afrikan peoples who live in the West) do not believe this propaganda of mixing/ integration that too many Afrikan want to believe. The MINDELE want to strengthen, maintain and preserve what they ARE as a people. They live with racial ethic rules and a code of honor. But the Afrikan, love to sleep with the same groups of people who oppress us, whereas just 60 years an Afrikan man was just to have watched a European woman.

We BANTU women and men have had an interesting history together. We survived slavery, colonialism together. We have established a huge impact in Afrika and the world with the era of Afrikan glory and independence. The Black man and woman have lived, live, and overcome the trials of racism white supremacy TOGETHER. We need to take this into account when we want 'proudly' display mixity in daylight like a good negro.

Wanting to marry and sleep with a MUNDELE (non-Afrikan) is nonsense because:  

1. Our history of racist colonial oppression and capitalist exploitation by whites. Their viexw should give you goosebumps.

2. If it was not because of the stereotypes of 'big sex', white women will probably not be interested in these black fools who sleep with them. Afrikan man should be offended when a white woman wants to know the size of his shoes.

3. It's disgusting when people criticize the character of Afrikan Afrikan women to put higher the ones of white women.They put them to the rank of 'half-goddesses'. Like Black women are arrogant. We are crazy. We are materialists, etc., all lies.

4. There are many Black men who believe sleeping with these girls is a way to get back at the white man, to attack him. What they do not realize is that they give the white man right when he say the more Black men despise themselves because they are alienated, the more Afrikan men necessarily want white women!
5. GENETIC destruction, designed to kill all Blacks Afrikan.

6. It's repugnant the look white women give to Afrikan women when they appear with Black men like, "I got your man, he's mine!". As we can see the white person in everyday life  is not immune from feelings of white colonizers and missionaries, and joins their feelings about us, that are 'superior', 'arrogant' and 'hypocrites' .

I am a Kongo BANTU woman and I do not like race relations and because 9 times out of 10 men Afrikan preference is for white! But men do not like us blacks with whites, it's pathetic and hypocritical. The MINDELE can not understand my goal, my words, so they can not ally to our struggle, because they are the cause of the colonization of the Afrikan World and the disposal of brainwashing practices



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