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Author Topic: NATO AND UN MILITARY CAMPAIGN IN AFRICA ----  (Read 10394 times)
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« on: April 26, 2011, 05:19:46 PM »

Is NATO and UN Military Campaign in Northern Africa a Cover for Control of Lado, Central Africa, and Other African Nations?
Gallant phrases such as ‘Protection of Civilians’ and ‘Support for Democracy’ are used to get popular support for the heavy-handed Military Force against the Gaddafi Regime in Libya.
But behind the pretty façade hides the truth about the fear of having to share Power and Resources with the fast growing Industrial Nations of the BRIC Block (Brazil, Russia, India and China ) .
Recent campaigns that led to War for Oil, Gas and Pipelines were Iraq and Afghanistan, and now the oil and gas rich Libya is under attack. Removing Gaddafi is just an excuse to Control the Resources.
In the other Nations on the African Continent people are wondering when they will be next. One of these States in Central Africa is the Occupied Kingdom of Lado or the “Lado Enclave” situated in the Upper Nile Valley in the Nile Valley Basin, and the Great Lakes and the Great Western Rift Valley, and the Nile-Congo Watershed Region of Africa.
Real Plan is to Control African Nations

Behind the Shining Armour of the modern day Crusader Knights in their flying bomber machines to ‘Rescue of the Oppressed’ is a Cynical Plan to Control the African Nations and their Natural Resources across the African Continent.
Lado has been a Target for the Western Powers (USA and Western Europe) since 1871 when Lado was Invaded by a US led Coalition of the Willing. However, the Intruders were fought and kept out up until 1947 when Lado was subjected to an Illegal Occupation shared jointly by Britain and Belgium, and this Occupation is still being upheld today.
As Lado is close to getting the Issue of Sovereignty and Independence and Territorial Integrity up for voting in the UN General Assembly, there is real fear that the present NATO Campaign in Libya will spread to the other States in Africa. Under the covert of such a Campaign there will be plenty of opportunity for Land Grabbing leading to large parts of the Populations driven on the run.
Paris Conference of 1875 on Africa Revisited in 2011

Through The Head of the Provisional Government of  Lado, Central Africa, King ( Agofe )  John Bart Agami (Onzima II) has warned the Lado People to keep calm whatever happens.
It is not only a question of Resources, but about Restoring the Balance of Power in the World, and those who hold the leash on Africa has the Upper Hand in World Politics , We all know that .
It is a bad Omen that the Command Center for the new Campaign against the African Nations is set up in Paris, France, where the past Takeover of the African Nations was decided during the Paris Conference in 1875. (The Paris Resolution of 3 August 1875 ) .
It is as if time is standing still, because in 2011 we are watching the old Colonial Masters raising their ugly heads once more. They are convinced that they have the God - given right to grab the African Continent that they dubbed “Terra Nullius” (Land belonging to the Africans – therefore it is Land for Grabs) in 1875 and 1885 ( Berlin Conference on Africa ) .
U S ( United States of America ) Losing the Grip As World Super Power

The US and US Allies are Losing the Grip, and therefore they have decided to show their muscles and carry out their long-term Objective: ‘By All Means Necessary’.
People should be aware of the Propaganda that World Leaders use to get Popular Support for their Wars and Military Interventions  as we believe here in Lado .
In fact a thumb rule is to understand the opposite meaning of the words they use. When they go to War to ‘rescue the Civilians’, it should read: ‘We are going to commit Genocide’.
Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing for Resources, Land and World Supremacy is the real Hidden Agenda. We are fully aware of it .
Plan is to Occupy Lado And African Nations for Settlement

Genocide is not uncommon to the Nations on the African Continent. In recent times the Genocide in Rwanda is still vivid in living memory. However, a Genocide in Lado has been ongoing for the past ten years without anyone lifting an eyebrow or wishing to intervene to ‘rescue the Lado Civilians’ who live in the Lado Enclave between hostile neighbours.
Lado has lived under Oppression since 1947 under an Illegal Occupation by Britain and Belgium. The Colonial Occupiers rule by Proxy by forcing Lado People under administration of Uganda, DR Congo and Sudan since 1947 till to date (2011). On top of that the US have just created the new State South Sudan, and in this creation they have Taken the Major City Juba of Northern Lado and they think we do not know that .
Lado’s Northern Border is about 7 degrees North of the Equator, and Juba is within the Lado Territory.
In fact the People of Lado are congratulating the South Sudanese People on their new State and their new found Independence. However, the South Sudanese People should understand that they are being used in a much bigger Game that has as its End Goal the Resettlement of the African Population as deemed necessary to satisfy these so called Super Powers: US and her Allies needs . 
Occupying for Settlement Means Killing Black Africans

People should begin to understand that it is a question of ‘Taking (Raping) Africa’. The methods used to Implement this are the same which have been used since Christianity was misused to justify the use of the Sword to slay ‘Unbelievers’ or the ‘Infidels .
The motto of today’s Conquestadors is as always: ‘Civilisation, Christianity and Commerce’ known in Colonial Code language as ‘The Three Cs’.
However,todays , the Recolonization Code language is known as ‘The Three Ds’ ( ( Dignity, Democracy and Development ), which is equal to ‘New Colonialism/Neo Colonialism’.
We will see a new and much more Aggressive form of Occupation which will replace the subtle Occupation and Oppression done throughout the Colonial Powers’ African Commonwealth Stewards or Patsies (Governor Generals).
If one of their Stewards/Patsies does not obey his Master and starts to speak for a better deal for his People, he is immediately ousted and replaced by a ‘Loyal Dictator’.
That was what happened to Joseph Desire Mobutu (former President of Zaire/DR Congo) after thirty years of loyal service to his US and Allies’ Masters. All his assets were frozen, and his relatives were not even allowed to bury his earthly remains in his Homeland in DR Congo.
It happened to the onetime Darling of the West, Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, when he decided to play ball with the Russians instead of the US and allies, and now it is happening to Muammar Gaddafi of Libya .
US and Allies Don’t Mind ‘Good Dictators’

The US and Allies don’t mind ‘Good Dictators’. As long as the Dictator will play their game, he will be allowed to Oppress and Torture his People and fill his own and his Cronies’ pockets.
‘Democracy’ and ‘Reforms’ are just a Cloak and an Excuse used to start a War and to Replace the Disloyal Dictator with another Tyrant or a By Proxy ‘Democratic Regime’.
The Truth is that the US and Allies were taken by Surprise when hundreds and thousands of peaceful Protesters in the Arab World took to the streets to demand Freedom and Liberty, and when they saw that the Tunisian and Egyptian People succeeded in bringing down the Loyal Stewards of the US without having to fire a single shot, they became Desperate to set their long-term plan in motion.
A panicky plan was rushed through with a UN Mandate and with yet another ‘Coalition of the Willing’ plus NATO – and the Quest for Regaining the Control of Egypt and the Gulf States, as well as the rest of the Arab World, is underway.”
Good Governance :  Is ‘How We Want It’

In the Western World Leaders often like the term ‘Good Governance’, but what does this positively sounding term really stand for ?

Good Governance is another one of the US code worlds which means that a country is ruled according to our orders. Nothing else. The minute a country does not comply with ‘His Master’s Voice’, or wants to Nationalise Natural Resources or ask for fair prices for their produce, it will be smashed with no regard for Human Life or Human Rights including Human Dignity.
It usually starts with boycotts such as UN Sanctions, Trade Embargoes, etc., and eventually ends with full scale War and Occupation. The UN Security Council is just used as a Cover to wage Illegal Wars on weak countries as a ‘walkover’.”
US and Allies Fear Chinese Gaining  in African Foothold States

The real fear of the US and Allies is that the Chinese, and the BRIC Block on the whole, will gain too much of a foothold in the African States .
But the main interest for the countries in the BRIC Block is Commerce, and they use Diplomacy, not armed intervention, to get Lucrative Business Contracts to keep up their Economic and Industrial Advance.
To counteract this, US and Allies have moved up the timing for their Settlement Plan, and the staged ‘uprising’ in Libya was very opportune to launch Military Strikes which could well lead to a Third World War.
Living in Camps

The Illegal Occupation and Oppression of Lado has meant that Lado People’s Land and Homes have been Grabbed by neighbouring Armies under the Control of US and Allies’ Officers now .
Lado People are forced into Concentration Camps where they die from Hunger, Execution, Maltreatment, Torture, Infectious Diseases, and Women and Children are Systematically Raped.
The surviving Lado People, and the Indigenous Peoples of the African Continent, will face a future life in Reservations if the Cruel US and Allies’ World’s Plan for Settlement, or Resettlement for ‘Terra Nullius’ will be Implemented. They are like Wolves in Sheep’s clothing. All one hears is: ‘Africa is for Business’ (CNN) – but Business for who ?
Lado People Will Continue The Struggle for Freedom And Sovereignty of Lado

We, from Lado cannot hope for Protection or Mercy from the UN who are Controlled by the US and Allies, and in any case Lado People, and particularly Africans of the Sudanics Race, are the main targets for Extinction – as weknow .
In the light of such great Danger and Fear of annihilation under the Pretext of what may develop into a Third World War, I can only say that Lado People are not yielding an inch from their Right to their ancient Ladoland, the Homeland and Sacred Burial Ground of their ancestors. Ladoland is Holy Land for them . We shall not Surrender our (Lado) Freedom and Liberty as the Lado People say .
I can only hope and pray that the Peoples of the other African Nations, consisting of many ancient Kingdoms, different Tribes and Races, will come together, and Defend their Homelands in Africa.
So, there is nothing left to say to the People of Lado than to stay put, stay calm and not to give up the Struggle for Freedom and Independence in a Sovereign State of Lado, Central Africa..
May God Save Us All! May God Bless Lado and its People.”

AfricaSpeaks Member
Posts: 112

« Reply #1 on: November 17, 2011, 01:29:02 PM »

U .S is now determined to put in action of the Ambition to Invade and totaly to Occupy the State of Lado in Central Africa now  as  as said before in the text of NATO AND U.N MILITARY CAMPAIGN IN AFRICA  :  " Under the Pretext of  Saving Civilians and Preventing Blodshed " , U.S President Barack Obama has sent Troops to locate and capture Northern Ugandan Rebel Leader Joseph Kony of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA).

But let’s not be fooled by these noble intentions since it couldn’t be farther from the Truth because US President Obama is waging his own private Tribal War on Lado.

The U.S have long had their eyes on their Prize Prey, the Jewel in the Heart of Africa, Lado - or as the British and Belgian Occupiers used to call the Kingdom of Lado: "Equatoria" or "Lado Enclave".

So far they have not succeeded in carrying out their Plans for Resettlement of Black Americans on Lado Land, but President Barack Obama has managed to get the U.S Congress to give the go - ahead to go to War in Lado, Central Africa, situated in the Upper Nile Valley and the Great Lakes Region and surrounded by hostile neighbours on most sides: Uganda to the East, DR Congo to the South and the ‘Baby’ of the US, the new state South Sudan to the North created with the whole support of United States of America . On the western border of Lado is the Central African Republic (CAR) where the US Troops are creating chaos in pursuit of the Ghost of Joseph Kony and his LRA.

South Sudan is the latest Invention to find a shortcut to enter Lado Territory and to Grab Land and Natural Resources to which they have no Right .

US President Obama has no real interest in Joseph Kony or the LRA, who are not even operating in the Lado Territory, but it provides  President Obama with an Excuse to let US Troops Reinvade Lado as it happened back in 1871 when US led European Coalition Forces forced their way into Lado under the Command of US General Charles P. Stone and US President General Ulysses Simpson Grant.

It is no news to us, Lado People, that the present US Invasion 140 years later in 2011 is being sanctioned by a President who belongs to  Lado’s major historical and traditional Enemy Tribe - the Luo Ethnic Group Tribe and the Acholi Tribe who populate Uganda, Kenya and South Sudan.

The Luo Tribes and the Acholi People have started many Wars against Lado to Steal our Land and Property. They have created thousands of Internal Refugees and Displaced Persons inside Lado where they Attack cities and villages, Burn, Rape and Pillage. The surviving children are taken as prisoners and trained as Child Soldiers to be used for future Raids and Massacres.

This has been going on for more than sixty years, the first period was the Sudanic - Luo War 1700-1760, then the second period 1960-1971  was under the Luo President of Uganda Apollo Milton Obote - one of the Planners behind the Lango Master Plan of 1967 - and a fellow  Luo tribesman of President Obama who is a Kenyan Luo while at the same time he sits in the White House in Washington as the President  of the United States of America.

The third period of Luo Aggression against Lado was 1983 - 2005 which ended with the Comprehensive Peace Agreement signed in Nairobi 2005.

Now in 2011 the Luo Aggression has been launched again, this time by the Kenyan Luo Mr. US President Obama himself.

Years before South Sudan became Legitimate as a State, the US have Terrorised Lado People by heavily sponsoring and directing  the SPLA (Sudan People’s Liberation Army) whose Political arm, the SPLM, is now part of the Government of South Sudan.

Lado is One Step from Sovereignty at UN

There is no doubt that the US President has been in a hurry to carry out his plan to Conquer and Colonise Lado before Lado State is Recognised as a Sovereign Nation State by the UN General Assembly after the Lado Issue has been locked in the UN Security Council since 1947.

U.S Barack Obama was furious because he could not get the members of the UN Security Council to sanction a UN led Force to enter  Lado under the pretext of  Peacekeeping Operations,

Only the U.S and Britain, with back- up from the non-permanent members from the Scandinavian countries, have been pushing for the UN  Security Council to vote for such a motion, however,  the other Permanent Members did not support the motion.

That is why U.S President Obama had no other option than to send his own Troops - financed by the American Taxpayers - or rather he is sending Mercenaries from Executive Outcome based in South Africa to lead and support the Ugandan, Kenyan, Rwandan,  Nigerian and South African Armies who are already carrying out Military Operations ( Cleansing Operations or  Ethnic Cleansing ) in the State of Lado.

UN under Pressure to Hold back Reports on Genocide in Lado

The U.N have been under pressure to hold back and not to publisize draft reports on the Atrocities committed in Lado’s Ituri Province  ( which falsely appears as Eastern DR Congo on the map ),  and according to a U.N draft , which was leaked and printed in the French newspaper Le Monde August 2011, the U.S have directly or  indirectly been responsible for the deaths of around  six million people in Eastern Congo, read Ituri Province of Lado State.

The report still remains covered-up by the U.N who have sent it to the countries involved for ‘comments’ - or rather to give the countries  an opportunity to ‘dress up’ or to delete the contents  which could damage their reputation and reveal their true objectives.

Of course, the U.S, Britain, E.U and NATO will not allow the UN to ruin the long-term Geo-Politics of the Balkanization of Africa which  aims to break - up the African Continent into smaller and weaker states ruled by Proxy Governments who will carry out the policies of their Neo-Colonial Masters under the cloak of Democracy, who emphasises that the very same methods are used as with the break-up of the former Yugoslavia and the split between Egypt and Sudan orchestrated to keep British Colonial Rule back in 1899,  and Egypt then became British Protectorate 18 December 1914.

The Balkanization of the Middle East has long been under way with the so called  Arab Spring , which was set in motion with the invasion of Iraq for the benefit of the US nuclear powered ‘Darling’, Israel, who also happens to be a major Player in the Power Game for Africa  and who has provided an office for South Sudan's SPLM in Tel Aviv  now .

Real Objective for U.S President Obama’s Tribal Warfare in Africa is to Combat Chinese Influence

If people are gullible enough to believe that the Uprisings and Revolutions, which are running rampant all over the world, are going to bring  them Freedom and Democracy, they will soon wake up to find that the kind of   " Corporate Government Rule " is even more merciless and  cynical than their old regime could ever be .

The Gods of ‘Corporate Government Rules ’ are Money, Oil and other Natural Resources, and this Religion has no Face and no Heart, and there is no such thing as Mercy or Compassion - only figures on their Profit Gains at the end of the Fiscal Year.

Those who do not obey Corporate Government or are in the way for their Objectives, are brutally wiped out - or at best used as Slave  Workers in the Neo-Colonialist Age of the New World Order.

The Battle for Africa’s Land and Natural Resources is between the East and West - China and the Anglo-American Union - and the Winner takes it all if it escalates into a World Wide Conflict.

Now that Libya has been Conquered by Corporate Government, and vital Oil and Gas Concessions have been granted to the companies of the Anglo-American Union and the EU, the way  is open to Central Africa, to Sudan, DR Congo and Lado - and to the rest of Africa which has not yet been totally subjugated and brought under the Control of Corporate Government or  ‘Anglo-Saxon United’ .

Lado People will Never be Slaves of Corporate Governments "But Lado People will never bend or be Slaves or underpaid workers of Corporate Government and their Loyal Henchmen" "and we will not Tolerate any Foreign Power or Corporation to Buy or Grab Lado Land because our Land is Sacred to us, not least because  we are to be buried in Lado Tribal Land like the ancient Egyptians.

We know exactly what will happen to us if we give way on the Land Issue, and that is why we are ready to Defend our People and our  Land which is our Right under UN Article 1  and 73 incl. Article 11 of June 1945.

We have the Right to Cultivate Lado Land and to Refuse to use Chemical Fertilizers or to grow GMO products, which the giant U.S Corporations  want to enforce on our fields.

The twenty-nine Tribes of Lado each have their own piece of Lado Land to Cultivate and Administer under the Council of Chiefs which gives every Tribe and Area Equal Rights and Equal Determination in the Affairs of their Region.

Lado will not end up as  ‘Landless People’ like the Palestineans or the Native American Indians

Lado People live of our Land, and without our Land we will Die of Hunger and Malnutrition. We do not want the hand-outs and Relief Parcels from the U.N or Relief Organisations so that we become their Slaves.

We can take care of ourselves and feed our People from our good soil, and we stand firm on staying put on Lado Land. Our Agenda is our Land,  Lado Land, no more no less.

We are not interested in land belonging to other People or other countries, all we want is Lado Land, and we do not want to leave Lado to other countries or companies whether they be corporations or not.

We will not let go of our northern most Lado Capital Juba where the Bari Tribe of Lado Land lives.

Nor will we give up any Town or Territory in Lado Proper, such as Nimule, Torit, Yei, Yambio or Kopoeta where Gold has been spotted by the South African based Executive Outcomes who incidentally are providing the Mercenaries invading Lado.

New Age of Golddiggers are after Lado’s Minerals and Waterways

Behind the Quest for Lado is the Prospect of great future earnings for such companies and Shareholders as Gold Barrick Corporation based in Canada whose board of directors counts such prominent persons as the Bush Family (former US President George Herbert Bush, Senior) and former U.S Assistant Secretary of State Mrs. Susan Rice who is now the US Ambassador at the United Nations in New York.

Rich Gold and Mineral deposits have been discovered in the Agoro mountain ranges, in Mount Iti, Mount Luku, Mount Liru, Mount Oce  and Mount Metu where cement is deposited.

All are mountains in Lado and are overall seen as One Sacred Mountain known as "Lado".

This was where the cradle of the Lado Nation was established when the Sudanic People left ancient Egypt around 700 B.C. and settled in the Virgin area which is still today intact within the borders of Lado (Equatoria State).

These mountains are therefore synonymous with the Lado State and the Lado People and they cannot be separated because that would mean  the Annihilation of Lado, the Lado People, their ancient History and their entire Identity.

There is no difference between the Golddiggers who rushed to the gold districts in California in America more than a century ago where they were given green light to violate the US Government’s Treaties with the Native American Indians and on top of that received Protection from  the US Cavalry,

Men, women and children were attacked and slaughtered in cold blood to give way for the adventurers whose only motive was Greed, and  this is exactly what is happening in Lado today.

Vast areas of Nature and Animals were Destroyed and Sacrificed on the Alter of Greed and Profits because the Profiteers are always only  interested in the quickest way to the end of the rainbow where the pot of gold is hidden. They don’t give a damn about the Environment and Human Rights, they are just paying lip service to these values .

Billions of Dollars Invested in the Takeover of Lado's Waterways

Lado’s waterways are also targeted by the Anglo-American Union and the E.U and their companies who are holding conferences on how they can best usurp the Nile Water Resources, and this is the underlying reason why the armies from Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa have been behind so many Massacres  in the Ituri Province of the State of Lado.

It is in the Ituri Province that the Ituri River and the Uele River flow into the River Congo - and the River Congo and the River Nile form  the Nile-Congo Watershed of Africa.

The Anglo-American Union’s and the E.U's Plan is to build giant power plants at the deltas and at the Waterfalls (Dufile Waterfalls) near Juba, Northern Lado, and to sell electricity to the other African States, and billions of Dollars and Euros have already been invested in the Plan by these countries.

However, like the Native American Indians more than a Century ago Lado People are ready to fight for our Freedom and the Right to our Land,  and it is not 1885 anymore (the Berlin Treaty of Colonial Rule in Africa and the Paris Resolution 'Terra Nullius' in 1875).

The days of Yankee General Custer are over - we will not die for nothing, and the World will know about our fight and our Blood given for  Lado Land in Africa .
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