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Author Topic: The African Giant is sleeping  (Read 7241 times)
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« on: July 11, 2012, 04:26:11 AM »

In South Africa the African Giant is sleeping...!

A lot of people here are so obsessed by race and history, well people this is what our masters want. White and black to hate each other, and quote history written by the masters as proof of their points - what a joke...

This is EXACTLY an intended symptom of the psychological warfare attacking us daily - everyone of ALL races is under psychological attack. Unfortunately for Africans its the most vicious form - but do not get me wrong this is happening to people of all races including white people.

How can you fight a WAR when you do not even know who your enemy IS ?

Break the chains of mental slavery - does not or should not refer to modern slavery - it means for the thousands of years we have all been manipulated and our egos have been molded to have the fears and desires we now have.

The Individual ILLUSION of material wealth, and the chasing of that ILLUSION has completely broken down UBUNTU in South Africa.

Individuals chase material wealth with all their hearts instead of contemplating the poverty, the breakdown of the community, the suffering of children - because they are going to get chicks if the have a BMW - not if they talk to kids - it disgusts me!!

Chasing of material wealth distracts you from what is going on around you.

Chasing of material wealth is exactly what the MAsters of the planet want - so that you do not think about anything besides that ONE thing!!

Why is an Artist like 50cent a role model on MTV and not someone like Peter Tosh within the black community ?

Let me tell you, 50cent promotes violence, drugs and money chasing at any cost. This type of role model fits the elitist agenda to the tee - as it breaks down the community and UBUNTU inside the black community and creates Violence, poverty and hate for our own people - and we lap it up like milk and honey - and their are thousand like him ...

Who do You think chooses who goes on MTV ? Yes the masters again - they choose role models that are most destructive to the community - but dont be fooled the white community too...

Why is the average man on the street (black/white/colored/indian/green/pink) taught to hate each other ? So that the real masters can run and create the environment we live in while we fight and hate each other and dont even know they exist ?

Why is there no Zulu/Sotho/Xhosa etc textbooks in 2012 in RSA ? In Germany (or any other country for that matter) kids do NOT learn science in English - they learn English in English class - there has been a black government since 1994 and this has still not changed. Let me tell you - because our people dont complain because now there is a black "PUPPET" yes "PUPPET" government and its ok for us to not learn in our own languages because now its black people doing it to black people - so now its ok. Doesn't matter anyhow, I am getting my BMW this month so all good in da hood - lol

The psychological attack by the masters on the black man is the most extreme (dont be FOOLED again all races are under attack - to think its only against black and vice versa causes the break down of communication between the races and makes the human race WEAK)  - the black psyche is being completely broken down. Why ? Black had the power to change the WORLD,  had knowledge that the Masters are afraid for average people to have. What has happened, black people are chasing Material wealth that will always be an illusion, and our children are looking up to role models like 50cent - why because we not only allow it - we are doing it too!!!

Wake up Sleeping African Giant - the time is now... time for the Human Race to get off of its knees... time for the African to fight with all humans and not AGAINST everyone - fight against the Masters of the world - not each other !!

Once the Sleeping African Giant wakes up - the human fight will gain a HELL of a lot more momentum - break those chains of race that are clouding your vision and finally break the complete psychological chains not of slavery of 400 years ago but the chains that are causing hate and not progress - the mental prison for your  (blacks/whites/greens/pinks)mind goes a lot deeper than 400 years ago!!!

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« Reply #1 on: July 12, 2012, 01:25:42 PM »

a lesson from a modern day PROPHET why is Tha Damaja not a role model ?

Let us now discuss the mental attitude
The mental must always stay calm
You must let nothing move you
Be it good or bad
But when the mental can no longer be moved
There is no longer good or bad, there just is
When there just is You have the power to form and shape
So now witness The wrath of the math Tell me when you ready I'm ready

Intro: Jeru

Yo are you a pimp a hustler?
No I'm not.
Are you a man and can you stand alone like a man has to sometimes?
Yes I can.
Are you willing to go out there and save the lives of our children
even if it means losing your own life?
Yes I am.
I believe you Jeru you're ready.
*You've no no nothing to worry about*

Verse One:

Now I don't push a Lex
Others had their turn to flex, Jeru is up next
All, these so called players up in the rap game
Got brothers on the corner selling cooked cocaine
It used to be LaToya and, jim hats
But now it's uzis macs and, g-packs of cracks
Everybody's psycho or some type of goodfellow
But me I keep it real that's all swine like jello
Don't drink Cristal, and I can't stand Moet
Never received currency for moving a kilo
Or an ounce, make em bounce to this fake-pimp free flow
I never knew hustlers, confessed in stereo
Or on video get caught you'll know who turned State's
Evidence, murder weapon, confession and fingerprints
Mama always said watch what comes out your mouth
Tight case for the DA from here to down South
Knowledge wisdom understanding like King Solomon's wealth
You're a player but only because you be playin yourself


With all that Big Willie talk, hop, you're, playin yaself
With all that big gun talk, bop, you're, playin yaself
With all that rah rah rah, you're, playin yaself
You're, playin yaself, you're, playin yaself

With all that rah rah rah, you're, playin yaself
With all that big gun talk, bop, you're, playin yaself
With all that Big Willie talk, hop, you're, playin yaself
You're, playin yaself, you're, playin yaself

Verse Two:

Now these ladies is lookin pretty from city to city
I refined a few I met, around the country
The nitty gritty, it's all reality, no question
Actual fact like tight jeans cause yeast infections
And sisters with good minds, get no respect when
Their ass is all hangin out, playin the bar section
of the club shake what your mama gave ya, back to the lab
I drop the truth, cause rhyming is more than just my craft
Or a way to get ass, or fast cash, or blasted
Black women, make sure you're respected
When niggaz is kickin that old off the wall shit, let em know
from jump: "Dead it", you're not ignorant
Knowledge wisdom understanding is the key to wealth
Put some clothes on that ass if you respect yourself


With those hooker type wears hon you're, playin yaself
With those skin tight jeans baby you're, playin yaself
Everything all exposed you're, playin yaself
You're, playin yaself, you're, playin yaself

Everything all exposed you're, playin yaself
With those skin tight jeans baby you're, playin yaself
With those hooker type wears hon you're, playin yaself
You're, playin yaself, you're, playin yaself

Verse Three:

Now, I don't bust a tec, bubble drugs
in the projects, or use mics to sell sex
Niggaz, nowadays is all about this
So much ying yang, it's ridiculous
If you got so much cheese where are the black distributors
And these record companies shake em down like mobsters
But impostors, like commercial locks are not rastas
Always fakin moves, never, makin moves
Asses shake, bottles pop, the government is breakin down
you fools, you work all week and give the devil back his loot
for jewels, and the steak on your plate is filled
with chemicals, still, brothers leave brothers
all battered and bruised, on the streets
Won't see snakes on my feet
The race is on, but I won't compete
In this competition, because I have a greater mission
I hope that you listen
Knowledge wisdom and understanding brings, long life
and health, think anything else and ya playin yaself

nuff said
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