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Author Topic: Rachael Sukhdeo opens up in candid, tell-all Facebook post  (Read 15685 times)
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« on: October 12, 2016, 10:55:39 PM »

October 12, 2016 - 20:15

Two days after the assault charges against her husband Sheron were dropped, Rachael Sukhdeo is opening up about why she chose not to pursue further legalaction against him and why she has decided to rebuild a life with the millionaire car dealer.

In a candid Facebook post, Rachael goes to lengths to reply to those who have criticised her decision, giving details about how she and Sheron grew together, the hardships they endured, the fights that eventually led to his arrest and the efforts they have been making to ensure that they live a happier life today.

Below is the complete post which appeared on Rachael Sukhdeo's Facebook page just before 7pm Wednesday:

"Several media houses contacted me for an interview concerning this, I declined. I cld speak for myself wenever I need to. For those of u who don't me personally, I hav always been a VERYYYYY PRIVATE person. I never liked anyone knowing my business. Not even my closest friends or family knew wat I was goin through. So it took alot out of me to post those pics. It was the most embarrassing thing I had to do especially since everyone thought of me as "a queen living in a castle." Everyone commented, called and messaged me sayin I don't owe anyone an explanation for the choices I made so I decided not to......but OMG!......when I read some of people's comments I felt disturbed. Why are ppl so quick to pass judgement without even thinking about the hurt it cld cause someone else....and not only in my situation.

I witness this on a day to day basis. Something happens....den everyone jumps to their own conclusion wit their disgusting comments. So this post is for the ones who never saw me or met me or even kno me an are first in lane to JUDGE me. When I posted those pics in February, that was my last straw. I was completely frustrated, hurt, depressed and devastated. I thought to myself, after going through this for so many years, I wanted to get out don't matter what was the outcome. My intention was never to get Sheron arrested nor send him to jail, as a matter of fact I NEVER pressed charges on him. When the police asked me if I wanted to press charges, I said "no, I just want him to stay away from me and leave me alone" but the charges were laid indictably. However, I'm very grateful for all d police did for me because without their intervention I may not have been safe. Especially WPC Joseph of Chaguanas police station, I praise u highly for everything u did for me and my safety. You are 1 in a million. Definitely one of d REALEST I kno.....

I went through physical, verbal an emotional abuse for several years. I wasn't allowed to socialize with friends. At family gatherings I used to always be the only one missing. I was never allowed to work an be independent or to make my own decisions in life. It was as tho I was jus living a routine day to day lifestyle of doing my duties of being a mother and wife. Every SINGLE fight we ever had was because of another woman. Every time I hear a "talk" or "rumour" about Sheron being with someone else he wld ALWAYS denied it and then it wld turn into an argument an den a physical fight. Among all the bad times were also the gd. He was the MOST committed an loving father any child cld wish for. He worked 24/7 to make sure we had everything. He wld do without things to make sure we had everything. He always put me first before anyone an always considered my opinions. He wld never leave me at home to go out wit friends. Everywhere we went were together as a family or as a couple.

He was my FAVOURITE person.............. until he got angry........ Then I wld see d worst part of him show up. And after everything he wld be normal again 5 mins later. It was as tho it was almost unreal. Sheron never wanted me to leave him because we grew a special bond from youths until now. I was with him since I was 14 an he was 16. We got married wen I was 16 an he was 18. We lived at his parents' house for 1 month but things didn't work out so well so we ended up living at my parents' home. We lived in a bedroom downstairs an turned d other room into a kitchen. We had NOTHING! Sheron tried effortlessly to get a job since i was still in skl. I rembr him goin everyday to d bamboo in all d different parts places, holiday foods, even d plastic bag factory for a job. Don't matter whr he went for a job he was turned down. I den dropped out of skl (which I later completed and achieved my full certificate) to work in my mother's clothes store for $300 a wk an dats wat we survived on.

We had no luxuries, not even a vehicle. We used to take a taxi some evenings and go to Pizza Boys in Chaguanas. We used to buy 1 burger combo an SHARE it in half an jus chill out thr cos it was d only recreation we cld hav afforded and wen it was time to return home, sometimes we had to wait for very long periods on d taxi stand until a taxi came. Den by d grace if God, Sheron got some rims on consignment from a family friend (I wld never stop being grateful to him). Sheron used to hire a taxi to go from rim shop to rim shop in Enterprise and Cunupia to sell dem. It was only den we started to see our way a lil bit an was able to finally rent an apartment in which we were much more comfortable. We started to save money to buy a car and from dat 1 car we reached whr we are today. I NEVER left his side. I worked wit him hand in hand everyday until I had my daughter 8 yrs ago. I rembr being 8 mths pregnant an lifting car batteries into cars to start it for customers cos thr was no one else thr to help me wenever Sheron wasn't around.

Alot of times customers meet me up all over and remind me of those days. He didn't want anyone else taking care of our daughter so he told me to stay at home wit her an he wld get someone to work wit him. We rented a 1 bedroom apt for 7 years. Sheron, myself an my 2 children slept on 1 bed cos dats all we had until we moved into our home. I did every single thing in dat house to make sure it turned out to my likeness. For 2 years in a row I used to drop my daughter in Skl an leave my son with my mother in law an head out for d day. From gravel to blocks to paint to tiles to cupboards etc I was d one who made sure everything happened. I designed every little detail of dat house to d best of my ability an every wknd Sheron used to drop in to see wat I did for d wk. So to EVERYONE dat DON'T kno my personal business an commented those nasty things saying I was "taking licks for money" I hope u take time out to actually learn abt me now.

Most of u all said dat I shldnt give him another chance an I totally understand whr u all coming from. When my pics went viral an made a nationwide uproar I decided to move on wit my life an never look back, an dats wat I did. For months Sheron an I never contacted each other.....but he contacted mutual friends an family who he vented to. He was FINALLY willing to do d tings an make d changes dat I always asked him to do, jus so he wldnt loose his family. Since the mth of May we started goin to counseling an seeing each other and doin things as a family on and off. I'm not picking up for him or trying to be in denial but I've seen d most amount of changes a man cld hav ever made in him. Sheron wld now walk away from arguing with me. Don't matter how many times we end up in a disagreement he wld jus walk away.

This is something dat NEVER happened before. He wld now do d most unimaginable things......things I always wished for. I always had d fancier things in life so I always wished for d simpler tings. Now he wld bring me food whr I'm sitting, rub my feet wen I say dey hurt. Wake up on mornings an send d kids off to skl without waking me up. Go to stores with me, make grocery shopping, bring me flowers without an occasion. He wld com in kitchen an help me while I'm cooking. He wld invite my frens an family to do things together wit us. We wld pray together everyday as a family. Now he actually supports me as being an independent woman, something he never wanted before. These were all things I dreamt of. Any little thing dat displeases me he wld change it immediately. If I say he wasn't trying his BEST....I'd be a liar. I give him full props for trying to salvage his family like a man instead of letting us slip away like a little boy. Who knows if it's gona stay this way forever or if it's gona be short lived? Only God. Who knows if we gona make it or not? Only God. So who are u or me to judge? Let him who is without sin cast the first stone.

Whether we make it or not I forgive him for everything he's done an I jus wana look past everything an be happy with or without him. Only God cld be d judge of dat. For all those living under a rock who's saying I got back with him for money.....I hav a very successful business goin for me. Since I've opened my studio an began doin makeup classes I've always been booked out. Everything Sheron and I ever accomplished in life hav ALWAYS been OUR'S so I don't need to be with him to "live in a mansion or drive a Benz." The "mansion" was granted to my children an I ONLY. He wasn't allowed within 100ft of our house. I was d one who decided to ask dat d court order be waived to allow him back in. We hav a beautiful family together and if we cld fix it an save d last 15 years we spent together, den why not? If we can't make it through den we cld safely say we tried. So please, instead of all d negativity say a prayer, it wld be highly appreciated.

And don't get me wrong I kno some of d comments were genuine an out of care an concern an I appreciate dat, but d ones dat were out of hate an malice pls think before u type. I read some ppl say I did dis for publicity. Jus so u kno I hate publicity. If I wanted publicity, all d media houses contacted me for interviews back in February an even yesterday an d day before. I cld hav done it, but I chose not to. So for everyone who's saying I wanted publicity for my business......Tanks for a gd laugh. I do my business as a hobby, its my passion. I jus love beautifying ppl and sharing my knowledge. So I tried my best explaining my situation to u all even tho I didn't hav to. I kno most of u all are gonna understand me but den again I'm always gonna hav my critics who are still gona say d nastiest things....Win, lose or draw I won't be addressing any more of these issues cos I have my business an clients to focus on. Got a million msgs to reply to since doing dat very successful makeup class on Sunday. A HUUUGGGGEEEEE THANK YOU to all my family and friends. Never in a million lifetimes I wld ever hav a better support team than u guys. To all d well wishers I love u .......and to all d others I still love u. Have a blessed night everyone."

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« Reply #1 on: November 21, 2016, 09:47:48 PM »

This is a situation that is very controversial .Many people are aruging saying battered wife syndrome,some are saying she went back for the money and some are more upset about the fact that they thought she wasted the country's resources i.e the police service .However,I in no way agree with violence of any kind whether it be pyhsical,emotional,sexual or verbal.However,I think this lady was fed with the continous and relentless abuse that she faced and after recieving the help that she needed ,she and her husband decided to work things  out after a while apart.My concern lies that this lady being the victim of a crime which she ,herself highlighted decides that she does not want to press charges ,if her husband one day decides to pick back up his abusive behaviour and she wants help where would that leave her ?
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