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Author Topic: Britain should stop meddling in our affairs  (Read 8401 times)
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« on: March 18, 2004, 05:15:35 PM »

By Don Muvuti, www.herald.co.zw

THE three countries which claim to see a mote in Zimbabwe's eye and invite European countries to join them ostensibly in removing the mote need to be reminded of the huge flake of dirt blinding them to their yet-to-be resolved heinous crimes against humanity.

Let us start with Australia. Following James Cook's "discovery" of Australia in the nineteenth century, Britain's reactionary circles decided to colonise it and adopted a white Australia policy for the purpose.

That was a frank declaration that the colonisation would be genocidal. We are told that the indigenous population of Australia numbered 700 000 in the early days of the colonisation.

Now they are just over 400 000 in an area where they should have multiplied to between 20 million and 25 million.

What Britain and the settler community in the region should be doing is to grant independence to the 400 000 who are among the most aggrieved victims of colonialism on Earth.

Surely, decolonising the helpless indigenous minority is more urgent than hypocritically harassing the Zimbabwean society for addressing the problem of land redistribution created by the imperialists' cruel form of colonisation here.

If 80 000 can fly their flag at home and abroad after decolonisation, so can 400 000 indigenous Australians run all of Australia, including Tasmania, under their own flag.

Let us turn to the United States. There the indigenous population was also reduced to a minority on their soil principally through genocide, and that puts them among the most aggrieved victims of colonisation.

Britain and the colonial settlers in the area called US should grant the indigenous people independence and through it, the opportunity to join other nations of the world in determining their own destiny.

Turning to Zimbabwe, we see a long chapter of Britain's diabolical efforts to keep us permanently colonised with possible reduction to the status of a helpless minority through insidious genocide.

Had this not been at the back of Britain's mind we could have attained independence immediately after Ghana, because Ghana's independence soon led to total unity of indigenous Zimbabweans behind the African National Congress (ANC) which pressed for independence along similar lines.

Britain's intransigence not only prevented the colonial settlers from joining the rest of the Zimbabwean society in demanding independence for all Zimbabweans, but also resulted in 15 years of a gruelling armed struggle.

We accepted the Lancaster House settlement only because Britain had vowed to finance land redistribution.

The phase of land redistribution we have just completed was occasioned by Britain's refusal to fulfil its own solemn vow to finance the exercise, pinning hopes instead on inducing into our peaceful society vile divide-and-rule disunity aimed at effecting "regime change" by means of violence-cum-sanctions.

So to the crime of a century of colonisation and the gamut of impediments brought to bear on blacks of this country, Britain has added that of sponsoring the emergence of an opposition which, if allowed a chance, would run the country as a vassal state the neo-colonising power can freely use to block land redistribution.

We call upon the rest of the world to join us in urging the reactionary Anglo-Saxons to stop interfering in our internal affairs, and to instead concentrate on decolonising the societies so brutally colonised by them in the different regions of the world.

Since the Anglo-Saxons' interference includes lying about the goings-on here, the outside world is advised to dismiss the lies on Zimbabwe offhand or see the situation on the ground.

Those who have done so no longer believe lies peddled by the Anglo-Saxons on the situation here.

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