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Author Topic: True origins of aids  (Read 8402 times)
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« on: June 13, 2004, 08:33:31 PM »

 " "Was it an act of God or an act of man?" was the title of the article by Walter Kyle in the British medical journal the "Lancet" in 1992 . The first article to print a linking of the polio vaccines to AIDS.  Kyle discovered that link in the course of medico-legal research into a case of paralysis resulting from a polio vaccination. One particular lot of Albert Sabins OPV made by Lederle in 1976, contained a small amount of Simian type C OVP (herpes virus). It is this and many other shocking revelations that will make you sit up and read Edward Hooper's riveting new book the The River: A Journey to the Source of HIV & AIDS.


Currently there is considerable dispute about whether HIV causes AIDS or not. Well, HIV also appears in the Simian population but it does not kill them. What some bio-chemical scientists like Dr. Peter Duesberg, Professor of molecular and cell biology at the University of California, Berkeley claims that "there is no virological nor epidemiological evidence to back-up the HIV-AIDS hypothesis. Instead, the virus is bio-chemically inactive and harmless, and AIDS is not behaving as a contagious disease." There is also Dr. Eleni Papadopulos-Eleopulos, Professor of medical physics at Royal Perth Hospital, a teaching hospital at the University of Western Australia. Her group studied the AIDS literature too. Her research team discovered that Gallo never isolated HIV virus. Because of this some, scientists have concluded rather rashly that AIDS is a "multi-causality" disease created by stress or "well known risk factors", in other words, African promiscuity. The "stress causality" theory is clearly preposterous in view of the millions of fatalities that have occurred worldwide. However, even this preposterousness has reopened the debate about the true origins of AIDS. Previously considered, the open and shut case made by the Western medical establishment in which promiscuous Africans and homosexuals were obviously to blame and the accusations of biological weapons, made by the Soviet Block, was dismissed as hysterical nonsense. The stage was set for would-be Noble prize winners to compete feverishly for the accolades of the first scientist to discover a cure for AIDS.

Although the pace of contracted AIDS has slowed down in the Western world due to widespread sex education programs and medicines, the same can not be said for Africa. According to Unicef, in 1999 alone, AIDS killed 2.8 million people. More than 10 million young people (aged 15-24) have become infected with HIV/AIDS, and more than 13 million children under the age of 15 have lost their mother or both parents to the disease since the epidemic began. Michael D. Lemonick, reporting for Time magazine, presents an even grimmer forecast. He claims that "Thirteen million Africans have already died of AIDS, and 10 million more are expected to die within five years. In South Africa, 1 in 5 adults is infected; in Botswana, the rate of infection is 1 in 3; in Zimbabwe, it is 1 in 4."  According to the U.S. Census Bureau, by 2003, AIDS-related deaths will slow population growth in some of these nations to zero, and the population in Botswana, Zimbabwe and South Africa will actually start to decline. Life expectancy by the end of the decade would normally have been about 70 in this part of Africa. As a result of AIDS, it will plummet to 30.  The Census Bureau's Karen Stanecki said at last week's International AIDS Conference in Durban, South Africa: "It is hard to comprehend the mortality we will see in these countries." At this moment of writing some Western governments have been galvanized by criticisms to pledge more loan money for AIDS medications.

The so called "give-away prices" offered by Western governments illustrate only one thing to Tony Karon of Time magazine, "that neither the corporations nor the United Nations are under any illusions that the cheaper drugs alone will solve Africa's AIDS crisis. Even at the new prices, long-term treatment therapies could cost as much as $150 a month per patient, which would leave them still beyond the reach of most of the continent's HIV sufferers. And the medical treatment and training infrastructure necessary for the complex drug regimens to function effectively will require billions of dollars of investment." And then there's the question of awareness: The World Bank estimates that only 5 percent of Africa's infected population are actually conscious of their HIV-positive status, which means they're not even seeking treatment. More loans for medications is hardly an act of humanitarianism since loans only offer African countries the opportunity of falling into even deeper debt repaying them. However, the plight of the African continent and its rapid depopulation has caused some journalists like Edward Hooper and scientists to question again the real origins of AIDS.

In 1990, the originator of the theory for the HIV-AIDS link, Professor Luc Montagnier of the Pasteur Institute in France, came to the conclusion that HIV cannot be a sufficient cause of AIDS and is thus no longer a satisfactory enemy in the war against AIDS. At the International AIDS Conference in San Francisco, at a press conference and in two scientific papers in 1990, Montagnier cited "the chronic dormancy of HIV, the fact that never more than one in about 500 T-cells are infected, and above all, the inability of HIV to kill T-cells, as primary reasons for his change of mind." The furor that followed this outburst was instant. Montagnier was misguided.

But Montagnier has only highlighted an on-going discrepancy between scientists over the origins of AIDS and its links to HIV. Currently, people with HIV are being terrified, by the medical profession, into believing that AIDS will develop.  When in fact according to Professor Montagnier, this may not ever happen. President Thabo Mbeki of South Africa was criticized and ridiculed publicly for speculating that HIV and AIDS are not related. But it's not as far fetched as it seems. There are many blood diseases that human beings can carry which are dormant and intended to prevent the loss of life from more serious diseases. The best example is sickle cell anemia. By carrying the sickle cell anemia disease, some people in West Africa are naturally immune from contracting malaria. Obviously some people will die early from sickle cell but their loss of life as far as nature is concerned, is expendable compared to the greater loss of life from malaria epidemics. HIV may be also simply one of the protective viruses that human beings carry.

Scientists do not know yet how the HIV virus protects human beings because the research is in its infancy, due to a refusal to accept that it might not be related to AIDS. We may discover, as with sickle cell anemia, that it only occurs in people from certain regions of the world, that are exposed to certain life-threatening diseases. Because there have been mass migrations, we don't know where the HIV virus originated. So we can not, as yet, isolated the reasons for its occurrence in human beings. Its origins are obviously in our prehistoric past. But this does not invalidate HIV research, it only indicates that HIV is a virus that occurs naturally without damaging the immune system. So the search for the origins of AIDS via HIV may in fact be a red herring and scientists should look elsewhere for the culprit.

AIDS however is another story...some people with AIDS have had HIV but not all of them. This means that the link between the two cannot be accepted as conclusive. Research on HIV may not lead to a cure for AIDS, if they are not related. Mercifully, Edward Hooper explains why human beings can carry HIV and herpes-type viruses and did not die. The implications he's drawn go far beyond debates of whether HIV does or does not cause AIDS. Edward Hooper's conclusions are much more controversial and damning for those who seek to profit from continuing the origins of the promiscuous African AIDS fallacy. Financial gains by Western pharmaceutical companies, however, are not the subject of Edward Hooper's book.

Hooper does underpin the colonial attitude towards Africans, expressed by the scientists he encountered during the seventy interviews it took to compile a book, and a decade to write. The loss of African and homosexual life was incidental to many Western scientists, which explains to some extent, how an artificial disease could be created cheaply with human guinea pigs and without due regard for human life in a developing country. The live polio vaccines were developed under filthy, shoddy conditions in what was then the colonial Belgium Congo. Records were often mislaid or thrown away. Repeated requests were made by Edward Hooper to have access to tissue samples from the main protagonists. Requests for late Pawel Koprowski, Jonas Salk, or Albert B Sabin Research Institutes to show proof beyond doubt, that that they were not infected with Simian herpes have been met with rebuttals.

Like a detective, Edward Hooper has had to piece together the human origins of AIDS from studying the simian one. Outbreaks of simian AIDS have not occurred although they also carry the HIV virus. So why no AIDS plague amongst the primate population? Are they less promiscuous than human beings ? Hardly, since primate females have numerous sexual unions with transient males. Which was also the case in human societies during the Neolithic era. Edward Hooper's conclusion is that the reason there has been no primate AIDS plague is because AIDS was constructed in the laboratory. This theory is at the heart of his book. That an accident, created by negligent human hands, rather like the infamous "Mad Cow Disease" or CJD for which there is also no cure, created the first known killer herpes-virus.

The saga behind the other man-made disease, Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease, as a form of human spongiform encephalopathy caused by an infection of the brain, is now notorious. Scientists now accept that it is probably caused by a particle called a prion. The disease causes fatal degradation of brain tissue and produces a dementia that affects men and women, often between the ages of 50 and 65. Some 90 percent of cases progress to death within one year, sometimes within one month. Symptoms include loss of speech, difficult swallowing, rigid limbs, and contraction of the facial muscles, with death often resulting from the complications following these symptoms.

It is not impossible to conclude that AIDS also has its origins in a mutant prion derived from  known diseases that have mutated as they crossed species which was the case with CDJ. Human CJD is related to both scrapie in sheep and BSE in cows, which also affects the brain. Bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), a prion-related brain disease of cows discovered in the United Kingdom in 1986, is commonly known as Mad Cow Disease. It developed from cows' consumption of infected meat, in this case scrapie-infected sheep-flesh given to none meat-eating cows, creating the mutant strain. To make matters worse. Since BSE resulted through a man-made error of exposing one species to the diseases of another through oral consumption, BSE is quite capable of being transmitted again across species. In this case, the species are human beings, resulting in the previously unknown CJD. Cows eat sheep, human eat cows. At first the very premise was laughed off as ludicrous, but now a mutant disease is amongst us and accepted as a reality.

Edward Hooper's book implies that it is not impossible to conclude that something similar may have occurred in the case of AIDS. Simian tissue taken from wild chimpanzees with HIV were used to cultivate the live polio vaccine. The crossing of the species-barrier has already occurred, since Simian HIV has been brought into contact with a human disease, polio, thus giving the Simian HIV the opportunity to create cancerous cells that can attack the human immune system. To make matters worse, there is reason to suspect that the rabies virus was also used in  early experiments to find a cure for polio. One of the clinical conditions of full blown AIDS is intense sweating and weight loss that occurs in its final stages, which is similar to rabies. Thus, a deadly disease is brought into contact with two others. One of which is not human and the other, rabies, is transmitted from animal to human anyway. But the list of contagious diseases does not end there. Hepatitis was also included in this crude scientific ragbag of kidney primate cultures. Some of which included Hepatitis A, B C D and E, all inflammation diseases of the liver, which can manifest, as in the case of D, into epidemics. Because Hepatitis is notorious for being able to replicate itself before the body can fight it, it has many of the same characteristics as AIDS. Although this would explain AIDS' ability to mutate so quickly, it does not explain why AIDS is sexually transmitted. After all both Rabies and Hepatitis are transmitted through blood which is why the latter occurs in intravenous drugs users. This means that yet another virus must have been included in the mutant strain to create the polio vaccine. The late Albert B. Sabin is credited with identifying a herpes-virus (b herpes; herpes B) in the 1930's, which lay dormant in green monkeys but was deadly to their human handlers and laboratory workers. However, this did not prevent him from using minced-monkey kidneys in vitro research, as a tissue culture for polio vaccines. This research was said to have paved the way for a golden age of virology in the 1950s. What is clear is that Simian herpes, a sexually transmitted virus, was included in the concoction that would become the live polio vaccines injected into human beings.

Regular human herpes is caused by herpes simplex virus type II (HSV-2). (Another strain, HSV-1, is the type responsible for cold sores, but it also sometimes causes genital infections.) Once you've contracted the virus, it's with you for a lifetime, living in nerve cells at the bottom of your spine. If you do have symptoms, they usually consist of a tingly or burning sensation in your genital area, followed by the appearance of small red blisters. These grow into larger pimple- like blisters and are often itchy and painful, with a watery yellow center that eventually ruptures and grows a crusty skin. Particularly with the initial infection, other symptoms may include fever, headache, swollen lymph glands and abnormal vaginal discharge. This then was the sexually transmitted component along with the blood that created the new herpes-infected green monkey-kidneys which were used for inoculation purposes. It is sufficiently damaging, in my opinion, that it was present in the polio vaccine at all.

What happens next reads like a horror story. If it were not the case that so many have lost their lives and livelihoods as well as reputations fighting the scourge of AIDS, it would be considered pure fiction. For not only is the polio vaccine far from being a panacea for an old devil, it has now turned out to be the host by which a new killer would be transmitted. There is of course, some dispute over the role that polio inoculation played in actually spreading AIDS to the world's inhabitants.

Edward Hooper devotes some time to studying sailors and prison inmates. Rather than looking for the real culprits, such as scientists like Jaap Goudsmit, who have preferred to pander to racist prejudices by speculating that sex between apes and Africans is how the virus leapt the species barrier or the likes of the sleazy, egotistical buffoon, Robert Gallo who promoted the lie that promiscuous anal sex amongst homosexual drug users is the cause of AIDS. Gallo has enriched himself through AIDS research at the expense of the real victims.  The Department of Health's Office of Research Integrity review of the NIH report on his activities found Gallo guilty of scientific misconduct, the gravest possible verdict, and a capital offence in career terms. Facing criminal prosecution for the perjury adorning his patent application, Gallo was forced to leave the National Institutes of Health in disgrace. Robert Gallo is the embodiment of AIDS research in the United States. With 79 patents to his name and his discoveries generating more than $1 billion in private-sector revenues. he has resorted to having bodyguards when addressing AIDS conferences. However, Gallo still claims to be working on behalf of AIDS' sufferers even whilst currently in the employ of the Jonas Sabin Institute, an accomplice in the creation of the contaminated polio virus. In spite of this, the question of impartiality of Gallo's research has not arisen in the media.

What is clear is that the early polio vaccine was injected into the mouths of African patients, giving the virus immediate access to the human immune system via the bloodstream. The human body would have tried to fight it and created anti-bodies but this mutant strain would have defeated them because it had already been genetically engineered to mutate when confronted with opposition from foreign cells. There are two forms of transmission, blood and sexual fluids, and both were included in the manufacture of the AIDS virus.  Thus a monstrosity was unleashed that would continue to attack and mutate until its host was dead. Does the AIDS virus consist of mutant prions like CJD? I believe that it does have all the hallmarks of a prion. Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease is associated with prions, mutated forms of a normal protein produced in nerve cells, white blood cells, muscle cells, and the cells of many other tissues. Just how prions cause the disease symptoms remains unclear. There are three types of the disease: sporadic, genetic, and iatrogenic. Sporadic Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease is the most common form and accounts for around 85 percent of all human prion disease. In such cases, the gene coding for the prion protein undergoes a spontaneous mutation. The gene then codes for the abnormal, infective form of the protein. A small number of mutant cells producing a small amount of prion protein can initiate a progressive infection. Recent research suggests that this occurs because the abnormal protein can transform normal molecules by causing them to change their configuration. Genetic transmission is rarer but exists and finally iatrogenic occurs from infected blood.

None of these forms of transmission are dissimilar to the AIDS virus which can also be transmitted in the same way. But to admit that AIDS was the result of a man-made prion would also require admitting that errors had been made and millions of lives sacrificed needlessly. Perhaps more horrible than the crumbling of already shaken reputations, would be the threat of world-wide law suits against America. Why should Third World Debts be paid when stagnant African economies are struggling to pay greedy, pharmaceutical companies for a disease created by American scientists. It is America that should be paying reparations to the ravaged countries of Africa instead.


To add insult to injury the live polio vaccine did not even work.. it reverted to a more virulent strain so that African children inoculated against it were not immunized and subsequently died from AIDS anyway..."
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