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Author Topic: F.911 flaws aplenty  (Read 5634 times)
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« on: July 12, 2004, 11:16:41 PM »

 F.911 required infotainment to "answer the questions" that need answering, is deeply flawed and may be considered fallback propaganda of a sorts, not from sinister intent of M. Moore, but more due to his ignorence of international affairs, world history and general world view.  

The assumptions of Mr. Moore about who was responsible, that the Suadi's controll the United States (not the other way around), that the Saudis are barbaric bad people who are responsible primarily for the attacks, that Osama bin Laden "did it" that there is no mention that the vast majority of the European money elite are behind the invasion,  that Britain is a dupe and minor player bullied into the invasion by the US and that that Israel is not a factor in all of this beggars belief.  

Moore is a domestic policy dispute in your face muckracker who started out lamenting the demise of the rust belt, championing failing trade unionism and basically blaming foreigners for the failures of American managemgent and labor in producing products that did not meet demand in an enegy challenged world.  

the movie was well crafted, but far better revelations and synopsis of 911 and Iraq invasion have been accomplished , years ago in fact, in about 2-4 pages of script.   The real problem I see is that our concerned citizens do not read and must be enlightened through the medium of television or infotainment docudramas.

Still, Moore's description of the effects in his home town of Flint were telling  and he spun a good story on the home front implications.  The Marine recruiters in Flint targeting young African Americans and the various interviews with the cannon fodder underclass juxtaposed with Bush's comments were good for anyone to view.

The movie's worth it, but reinforces propaganda regarding US intervention in the Middle East and completely ignores the Zionist Neocon element in the Bush government.  It trivializes the international money game and cynical involvement in the War of Norway, Netherlands, Italy, Bulgaria, Romania, Spain, Cost Rica, Poland Japan , South Korea and Phillipines, Thailand, etc.   This favorite poodle of the official left, America the lone bully, is a silly and dangerous illusion.

The filmaker would have done far better analyzing the Bush family connections and deals with the British Royal Family and manipulations thereof than constantly beating the Saudi dead Horse, pictures of beheadings included.   What next?  A justification to invade S. Arabia as the true nest of "evil" (and oil).  But the KPFA crowd (Ford Foundation) and the pro-israel can do no wrong lobby are certainly clapping in unison, one suspects.


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