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Author Topic: The Source: of this confusion and the solution  (Read 8373 times)
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« on: November 13, 2004, 04:59:23 PM »

to be bunt - there is no way we will win this war still using the "enemy's" tools or intruments coz anything scientific it never natural and infact anti-nature coz it is in opposition in nature: designed to compete and to some extent deem the natural obsolete by making it seem old fashioned and out dated.  we are using to supposedely "keep with the times" but who are the fools realy?  but anyways the order still remains - "DEFEND THE FAITH" and JAH is the FAITH and not our faith.  now someone sent a cry i was too scared to vocalise but been deafing all spiritualy under the topic "is rasta suppose to be pro-black" and so inspired this topic, which i have been pondering to innitiate but doubting coz i still lack the authority to do so, but i just cant take it nomore, this silence is killing me and now i speak:

to tell u the truth all, the source of this confusion is the very source of the solusion - THE BIBLE: we have stoped reading the bible, the Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth someone called and how on point they were coz the bible is the living word coz JAH did breath in it and on it the very same breath that makes us.  that means it is alive and lives in spirit and so decoding it needs the reader to be spiritual and how can one be spiritual if they dont even read the mannual of geting there?  how can we even get to know the WORD which is JAH if we dont even read it or refer to it coz even JAH HIM-SELF said that how can we believe in HIM when we didnt even listin, let alone believe the word that was given to moses by HIM. that is why we have people denying JAH blattently by saying HE is not GOD but a prophet and all of that.  that is why we have brothers and sisters boldily claiming they can open their own 7 seals.  that is why we have people admitting boldly and confidently that they dont read and some even say, cursingly, that they dont even believe the bible.  man this will have to change but for those and to those who keep to the word will know that JAH said that we are all going to judged by using this very book and that this book will instruct us to finding HIM though it will not save us; they will also know that this situation was well prophecied and in fact is a fulfilment of it and a sign of the times; and most importantly, that the bible's truth is "hidden" to the unspiritual: the arrogent and haughty coz it is alive as it testifies, thou they have eyes, they will not see, though they have ears they will not hear coz if they saw with their own eyes and heard with their own ears they would have overstood with thier "hearts" and turned back to me and repented.  that is a hudge and painful revelation to and for me coz as it also sais that many wii be called but only a few will be chosen and that is unfolding right before our eyes and there's nothing we can do about it.  the bottom line is - JAH KNOWS BEST AND CONTROLS ALL; ONLY HE WILL PREVAIL AT THE END ALL WE CAN DO IS TO LEARN, TEACH, PREACH,REMIND, FIRE, AND WARN OF AND THROUGH THE WORD COZ HE EVEN SAID TO SPEAK WITH ONE AND ONES IN HYMS, PROVERBS AND PSLAMS, BUT HOW CAN WE DO THAT WHEN WE DONT EVEN READ THE WORD, A LIVING TESTEMONY OF HIM? and HE SAID TO TEACH AND GUIDE ONE N' ONES IN AND WITH WISDOM COZ KNOWLEDGE "PUFFS UP" AND AS THE PREACHER SAID AND WARNED THROUGH HIS EXPERIENCE IN ECCLICIATES WHEN HE SAID NEVER BE TOO RIGHTIOUS WHY KILL YOURSELF AND NEVER BE TOO WICKED WHY KILL YOURSELF BEFORE YOUR TIME AND ALSO WHEN TOLD US HOW MUCH HE LIVICATED HIS LIFE TO AND IN FINDING WISDOM AND FOUD THAT THAT WAS ALL INVAIN COZ IT LEAD HIM TO THE VERY PLACE HE FIRST STARTED FROM THAT THE WHOLE POINT IS FOR ALL CREATION TO FEAR AND SERVE JAH THE CREATOR COZ THE FEAR OF JAH IS THE BIGGINING OF WISDOM, BUT HOW CAN WE WHEN WE REJECT THIS WHELL OF PUREST WATER.  SO U SEE, THE ONLY SOLUTION IS TO READ THE WORD AND WE'LL CLEAR THE CONFUSSION AND EASILY SPOT THE "GOATS":HYPOCRITES AND THE "WOLVES" IMPOSTERS WITHIN INI,  SO SISTAH DO NOT BE DISCOURAGED INFACT U WOULDNT HAVE IF U READ YOUR BIBLE.
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