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Author Topic: A Wave of Questions  (Read 25985 times)
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« Reply #15 on: December 31, 2004, 05:15:31 PM »

But after this unnecessary display I have to say that Kelani with all due respect, (and this is not about defending Kristine per se), your discourse here comes over as a poor and disgusting attempt to pick a fight with another poster. It also seems to be an effort to cover up or compensate for your failed attack on the posts of Patriot Warrior on the other message board

I didn't attack brother Patriot Warrior. I have to right to express myself. If a white or a black poster disagrees with me, fine we debate. For me disagreeing with others potent point of views it’s not fighting, it’s simply like I said "debating" so I can grow in strength and knowledge. And what the discussion with brother Patriot Warrior on RastafariSpeaks board has to do with this thread here? If you both disagree with me on the topic over there, address me other over about that. Please don't lump all the topics and threads I am engaging together. I also think its "poor" and "disgusting" (your words) for you to do that.

Kristine was quite plain and clear in her reasons for not giving an opinion on people giving financial aid. And you know very well that any response she may have given there you would have found some way to fault it, as that was the entire point of you asking the question in the first place.  

You are accusing me wrongly. My questions, and by the way not directed to Kristine in particular, were a genuine attempt to aid better the victims of Tsunami, which I did. I expect to do more and better, so I need some advices that I think others concerned members could use. I am usually in great sorrow I don't have the time to purposely pick up a fight with anybody. You are pointing out my behavior but you are dismissing her arrogance. Fine you do whatever pleases you. Of course you can support whoever you want even if, IMO, you have mistaken.  
Contrary to what you may think you have NO right to suggest that anyone leave this board. That is out of place. You do not have a monopoly on black issues, or how ones should show their support, either publicly or privately.

I know I don't have "the right to give anybody orders" on these boards. But I still have to right to post right? And to suggest things, let me know when I wouldn’t able to do this.


We should first show solidarity with each other. We are Africans. We are black. Our first priority is ourselves.
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