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Author Topic: Pro-Blackness is the biggest threat to White Supre  (Read 107874 times)
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« Reply #45 on: December 18, 2007, 11:38:55 PM »

Pro-Blackness is the biggest threat to White Supremacy!

Websites like Africaspeaks are places for Black Nationalism and Panafricanism. It is because of this that an increasing number of whites are joining this website to undermine this community. These individuals join black websites in general, but the PRO-BLACK especially. Whether they come as the Afrocentrist missionary or the extremist, both need to be recognized as agents of White Supremacy. They should be recognized, isolated, and cut off. We must stop white agents because all they want is to prevent black people interacting and exchanging ideas through powerful tools like the internet.


Do you people honestly think Im out to get you. I said if you want to know me find out for yourself. At this point I think its the only way. Personally Im on no mission of destruction. I only want to help what I have said in my most recent post is the most honest thing I have said in my life. People will obviously not believe because this is the internet and yes it is a powerful tool I admit that. Im just warning you people. If you want to fight white people you have to make sure the PRO-Black thing isn't so "extreme" in it's nature. The danger of extremism in this world is at an all time high. Just look at your news look at your American (Roman) news. I get enough of it here. Id suggest black people fight. Still Im fearing something will happen to black people. Your people are dying in Africa. Enough is enough. The Afrikaners must leave. The Rebel groups must be abolished, the UN must go. If you people want a new beginning fight for it, organize war is war and it never changes. As Sun Tzu said prepare to do the unexpected, things that have never been done before. Find the glory for yourself beat us. Just remember not to lose yourself in the process. War never ends when you pit a negative against a negative it's like Science, they don't attract do they? This also applys to the physical plane of existence. Fight evil with evil and you will lose. Remember, even white people are controlled by a higher power. It's hard to believe but I know it, I can feel it.

Don't forget that even white people where there to help in slavery. Ever heard of the underground railway which Canada freed black slaves? I won't get all nationalistic here but I would imagine freeing you from that even partially is a joyful experience. Ive felt the feeling of being free myself but not fully.

Nationalism itself is what divides us as humans. Abiding by the fact you where once great is in itself an enlightened concept but is it really worth it? If you people claim your not extreme why do I see posts comparing whites to melaninites and all these other abominations? Do you blacks find joy in this? Are you willing to become us if you fight us? Remember what Jus Allah has boasted about.



This brings me to my point. When does addiction itself become a mental disease?

Will black people want a shift of ages? Will you want to be the all powerful all knowing and all seeing ones? Will you want to control whites like we controlled you.

I know many of you are offended by me and I understand this. Im willing to accept that there is something wrong with white people, I don't like being a bad person.
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« Reply #46 on: December 19, 2007, 09:38:46 AM »

*******Do you people honestly think Im out to get you.*******

Who mentioned you by name?  Who singled you out?

Actually, your defensiveness exposed your true feelings.

*******I said if you want to know me find out for yourself. *******

Why would I give a damn about getting to know YOU when this forum is actually about ones getting to know Afrika and Afrikans.  Who are you?

I will tell you who you are without reading all of your biography.  You are an EGOTISTICAL white who has a sense of entitlement.

Why gives you the audacity to think that ANYONE gives a damn about getting to know you?

I notice that you boast about Scottish and Italian heritage.  Aren't there any Scottish/Italian Speaks websites out there to help you remind people that ***"even white people where there to help in slavery. Ever heard of the underground railway"***?

Yet you have been posting to "Africa Speaks" for a while.  Why is that the case instead of while Africa is Speaking, you are LISTENING?
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« Reply #47 on: December 19, 2007, 11:22:39 AM »


I would like for you to, if you would, ponder what your response to the statement "Black Self Respect is the biggest threat to White Supremacy" might be.
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« Reply #48 on: December 21, 2007, 11:27:47 PM »

Yes I have an Ego, I hate it. Im working to loose it I have no wish to be like this anymore and should be a better person. Accepting people for who they are will be my greatest challenge. Black people have helped me see the light in this world I will admit that, but so have white people all races have shown me. Ill work to let go of my racist beliefs but even many of you will have to also. This means letting go of any great beliefs about yourself that will put you in a position of being superior to someone else of another race. By all means I hope blacks do stand up and show the white man you have had enough. Demanding fully equal rights and educating others on the dangers of racism should be your goal. Not believing  it, its alright to have pride for yourself as a people but going to far with it will lead you to some very racist beliefs. Like only accepting people from your own race as friends or refusing to even talk to a women of another color or race. Labeling  c Gods will also do this, It should not be taken as fact that Jesus is black or that "Allah" is black as Malcom X once said. These should only be depictions in an effort to bring you closer to these people. What does it matter what color these prophets where? They where enlightened individuals so there for they are not inerested in the advancement of there own race alone. 

Im trying to accept black people for who they are. It's ok if you have self-respect and pride for yourself it makes your people strong in the harshest of times. I myself am trying not to be racist anymore, no matter how hard I do try it doesn't work since I have some extreme views myself, which will offend many people. A black person who is aware of him/herself and where they truly came from will only better the world as a hole.

My biggest problem here was the Melanin theory and all these supremacist style beliefs, after I began to see less of many prominent individuals here with their beautiful superiority beliefs decreasing I was happy and began to express more of my own beliefs which obviously did not go well with any of you.  I have no problem with Africans wanting to be free and to know who they truly are, I encourage it. Blacks should stand up against the White oppressor, I have no problem with it at all. Superiority beliefs about yourself will only discredit you though. Everyone will turn against you if many black people suddenly think there the superior ones. Understand that much of human history is left unseen and all questions have not been answered. Im letting go of my racist beliefs and black people should do the same. Don't get me wrong I know whites are the underlying cause of this racially bias and oppressed world we live in. Racism has always existed and white people in no way started it. The rise of Empires in the ancient world prompted it. A time when all races where slaves, but blacks have been wronged the most many still remain in a chained slave mentality state of being.

Your also right about me and I have developed some type of "entitlement upon myself" it seems Im only out for the goals of myself caring about no one else but me. This has only developed because teachers have told me in the past that I am capable of obtaining good marks in school and I have began that. I guess the fact that I hold no hate against the black guys who beat me up in grade 9 does make me feel some what special. I shouldn't think this any longer and if I want to help myself and others then it should start with me, If Im fit and enlightened more myself. I am known to impose my beliefs upon others though, especially those of Islam or Islamic Fundamentals. Yes I do believe Im right about a lot of things. I know for a fact that religion is a form of control and has caused much hate throughout the world.

Ill stop being such a racist white guy, but If I see any type of racial superiority nonsense here then yes I will speak up. Anyway goodbye.

Black self respect and  Black people who are enlightened about the world themselves are a threat to the white establishment. I just want to make it clear that you can't change the world on your own and black people will need help from other people.
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« Reply #49 on: December 22, 2007, 12:06:48 AM »


Use their hate against them is my solution. Collect as many of the hateful comments made by these individuals and post them in a seperate forum by themselves, excluding our comments. Yes the coments made will be infuriating, but they will offer a valuable source of knowledge to the less informed as to the REAL thoughts that are in the minds of these people. Denying entry is probably not a good idea.. Showing them up for who they really are is the best form of reverse psycology.


Including me I suppose? Use what I have posted at your will Melanin, its your decision. I used to be a very ignourant and extremley racist person. I was angry inside by what blacks have become and what they have done to me personally. From what was done to me I could have gotten black people in trouble with the police and I declined. Ive had some black friends. Most have hated me, all of them feared me at first but myself not knowing that I could not hold my own ground most of the time when I was in a fight. These are only out of the black guys I have met, I knew others where stronger than me as an individual. The oppressive system makes you strong and makes you stronger than most of the white population.

I have no wish for black people to be in jail or in trouble, I used to be a racist I used to have a small presence on white supremacy forums. My posts where always concerning the status of non-nordic Caucasians. As for stormfront, I made one post there maybe more when I was young and they where about my ethnicity as a white male. Im done explaining myself, This is what I believe. I have many racist friends myself especially arabs who try to change my view upon black people who say N***er often. My white friends have felt the same way and yes they have contributed to my racist beliefs but I usually liked to formulate my own relating it to all whites. Im trying not to be racist and it's hard not to sometimes but if any of you really want to use my posts as an example and spreading it everywhere, all the offensive and racist things I have said then by all means GO ahead.

Just remember than my presence here was originally a rebutal to BLACK SUPREMECY. BLACK RACISM. BLACKS BELIEVING THEY ARE SUPREME LIKE WHITES DO. Im not that racist KKK or Neo-Nazi wannabe. I distance my self from that as well and I deny it. Im aware many whites are horrible and greedy people but I know personally I that I don't fall into that category. When I first came here I saw many blacks supporting there racial beliefs and why there the superior ones and this made me want to believe in white supremecy more and more after seeing that blacks actually believe things like this.

Use what I have said as your great example, use other posts on Stormfront. I hold no affiliation to Stormfront and when I did it was at a time when I was young.
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« Reply #50 on: December 24, 2007, 03:49:39 AM »

jambo afrika.
it is not only about blackness but also about the wealth that africa has in abundance that is a threat to the white man. if the black man gets the right knowledge and spiritual nourishment, africa can go far. our problem is still in the leadership. they still embrace western ideologies including religion(christianity & islam). until africans throw away the religions that were used to enslave(islam) and colonise(christian) them, we will still be the last in the human race. a black man with his tough endurance can build bigger bridges, roads and skysrappers than those built by chinese who are the people to watch now.
my african heritage and ancestry is of more importance to me than the promises being made by the church in effect that we will go to heaven after death. AFRICA IS THE PROMISED LAND FOR MANKIND. WE HAVE IT ALL. GOLD DIAMONDS WATER TIMBER, EVERYTHING THAT MAN NEEDS FOR SURVIVAL IS FOUND IN AFRICA.

L E A D E R S H I P has always been our problem.. For too many centuries, our leaders have had this LOVE-AFFAIR with WHITE-PEOPLE... They want us to stay close to them, and to seek acceptance from them, as we continue to buy and use  their consumer products that were made from our raw materials, and most of all, our LEADERSHIP & Men of Prominence remains "crazy about maintaining access to their WOMEN"....

i ask, What does their WOMEN have that our's don't??? What can their WOMEN do that our's can't??? Why has EURO-CENTRICITY triumphed our own AFRICAN culture?Huh

When we start speaking their language, using their products, accepting their standards and worshiping their GODS, then we have lost the battle... We are no longer AFRICAN....  We've become them on the inside.... When we start to straighten our HAIR and BLEACHing our SKIN, then we've definitely gone too far...

We need to check ourselves... We don't need them... We have all that we need already... Open your eyes and look around you.... All you see everywhere in AFRICA, in positions of authority & prominence, are non-AFRICANS enjoying themselves and living large in our HOME-LAND while we continue to starve & to beg them for hand-outs....

They are flat-out RAPING all of us... And we allow them too...

Very soon, if we are not careful, we will be living on a CONTINENT that no longer has an AFRICAN majority.... Look at the SUDAN...  Slowly indigenous-AFRICANS are being killed and/or driven from their homelands by a well armed Muslim minority...  This is GENOCIDE.. The whole world is watching and doing NOTHING... Our 50+ presidents ARE NOT TAKING ANY ACTION TO HELP SAVE THE SUDANESE PEOPLE'S  COUNTRY....  These people are being chased from one Muslim controlled Country to another Muslimcontrolled country...  What's that all about???

The Northern-most States of AFRICA are all falling under Islamaic control... They are pushing steadily SOUTH... How far SOUTH will we LET THEM COME before we TAKE ACTION?Huh What STATE will be the NEXT to fall?Huh

We can do better than this.... All we need is better governance.... We need to sit down and talk, and to decide how to do for oureselves that which we have asked others (WHITES, Chinese or Muslims) to do for us.. Why do we keep asking them??? How long will our current LEADERSHIP beg them, before they figure out that NEITHER ain't helping us do anything?Huh

We keep asking & begging for years to no avail... They keep laughing at us and having a good time using up all our raw materials and natural resources, as they continue the encroachment upon our LANDS... Many AFRICANS believe that we can't make it without the WHITE MANS help; well i ask, ARE WE MAKING IT NOW???  Are we any better off today than we were before WHITES ever came to AFRICA???

Are things getting better for us as a whole??? Or, are they only getting better for a few?Huh Our LEADERS and PROMINENT CITIZENS are doing good for themselves, but what about the REST OF US?Huh Who's going to look-out for us??? Surely, our current crop of 50+ presidents won't be able to do anything because they've cut us up into too many small pieces...  No one individual piece is strong enough to safe-guard it's people...  Any group with more GUNS can come in at any time to threaten us, and to take away our LIBERTY'S...

We need BIGGER UNIONS, more treaties and pact with one another for protection and for aid... We need Joint-Projects that help to stabilize REGIONS... When we ORGANIZE, we can do more for ourselves, than anyone else has proven that they want to do for us... What do we need 50+ presidents for??? NONE... Not a one can provide for all it's PEOPLE...  Why not a Multi-Tribal Alliance, committed to the concept of "One for all - all for one"...

An alliance that's committed to making All-AFRICAN solutions - rather than GLOBAL SOLUTIONS... We take care of us, and let them take care of themselves...  Many of the EUROPEAN countries that control major AFRICAN regions are much smaller in size & population that the AFRICAN STATES they control... If we stopped them from dipping into our pot, they would fall flat on their faces and die...  Instead, we allow them to live off us while our love ones are dying...

They are not looking out for us, so why should we be committed to looking out for them?Huh Just taking care of our own is going to be one BIG J O B...

We need to stop being so selfish individually and to start thinking LONG-TERM.. And to start thinking S U R V I V A L..


"Individuality" is a very good thing... but... "Team-Work" is way more "Better"...
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