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Author Topic: Finding God within & with-out a glass of water  (Read 5720 times)
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« on: March 31, 2006, 11:24:40 PM »

Finding God within & with-out a glass of water

Imagine, if you could, an infinitely still glass of water. No vibrations, nothing... quietness in perfection. We know that realistically, it is impossible for a macroscopic object to exhibit such properties seeing that even on the quantum mechanical scale there exist infinesimal zero-point fluctuations that produce a chain reaction of random motion within the system. (Hence the reason why a system will never obtain absolute zero Kelvin in temperature)  For the sake of this analogy, however, we argue that these zero-point vibrations are so negligible that they can be ignored. The water then exists in an initial state possessing only zero-point energy plus mass. In the beginning, there was void (zero-point) energy. At this stage where everything is in perfect equilibrium, it is impossible for the body of water to physically excite/will its own self from within, into a state of noticeable motion (ripples). Any such excitation must originate from an externally independent (uncoupled) source such as your finger. This is essentially the first law of thermodynamics re-stated in very layman form. You may ask what this has to do with the Devine being. Fair question.

Consider that the modern day view of the creation of the universe is NO LONGER that it expanded from an infinitely singular point source surrounded by nothingness. In fact, with the advances in quantum mechanics and quantum field theory, a more correct interpretation offered by cosmologists is that that in the so-called beginning, the universe existed in a state of zero-point energy possessing only the tiniest of quantum mechanical fluctuations throughout it's infinite multidimensional expanse. For some inexplicable reason, a shockwave of 'disturbance' erupted and propagated throughout the sea of quiet, and is still propagating to this day in much the same way that waves ripple through water. These propagating 'ripples' eventually resulted in all the known particles that form the fundamental building blocks of matter (fermions/bosons). The age of the universe that you hear of so often (about some 14 billion years or so) is not the ABSOLUTE age of the space-time manifold we call the known universe, but merely a measure of the time from which the original disturbance occurred. The expansion is merely the propagation of disturbance through space-time.

There are several important conclusions to be drawn from this.

1) That the absolute age of universe in it's multidimensional self is in fact immeasurable and quite possibly timeless and unbounded.

2) That the catalyst for the expansion, could not have originated from within the sea of quite, but like our analogy with the water, from some externally independent and uncoupled source.

3) That if human existence is indeed intelligent based on our own internal idea of what intelligence is, and our sum-total self is a direct consequence of the cataclysm resulting from this external source, then this external source must naturally possess within itself the capability of producing OUR intelligence, and by OUR OWN definition, POSESSESS said intelligence.

4) That this intelligent source, by our own definition, is GOD. There is simply no other way around it. Any physicist who tells you differently is either not doing his/her job right, or is intentionally trying to confuse you.

This is a mere fraction of the history that has never been told. Keep the faith.
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