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Author Topic: Poems that they don't want to here  (Read 11477 times)
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« on: November 05, 2013, 02:43:15 PM »

Poems that they don't want to hear

They don't want to hear
That I am here speaking in the tongue of men
Even though, I am not speaking of all men.
To eliminate the blind taste of this reality wine,
Seeing is believing!

They don't want to hear
That they must listen
With the intent to understand
In order to try healing and change.

They don't want to hear
That being informed can save one from being "brainwashed"
Into insincere smiles and traditional schemes.
For an enslaved mind and heart (anywhere)
Cannot make light.

They don't want to hear
That far-in wickedness resides right here in "the source."
And in this side of the cradle, darkness jealously hates light
Even more than light can ever hate the dark.
So then, why do they stay envious of the quality of daylight?

They don't want to hear
That the chanting air of witchcraft
Is the downfall of the people;
people disconnected from the Adam's tribe
But strongly, consciously, connected to the egotistical force.

They don't want to hear
That the generational curse lies in the extreme ways of being,
Untamed self importance and obsession
From generational consumption without confession.
Still, BLOOD is not a "nice drink;"
it is a way given to wash away regrettable faults!

They don't want to hear
That honesty is hardly never heard.
Yet, somehow they must hear
That circumcision of the heart
Is much more significant than the circumcision of any other part.
Why only clean the exterior parts, while the interior is spoiled rotten?

They don't want to hear
That truths from all truthful passage
Lead to spiritual combat;
servants pursuing, rebuking loose spirits
That are so darn demonic, and comfortable in the dark.

They don't want to hear
The powerful voice of the One!
The One who rejects the birth of all malicious forces;
and parasites  from "sacred" sites,
That constantly eats each other's flesh from the inside.

They don't want to hear
That being poor is not an excuse to live in dirtiness;
Trashing, pissing, ruining and heartbreaking the environment
And chasing the sea creatures away!
Yes, a deepening poverty in the spirit is really great poverty,
Manifesting its signs from bones to flesh.

They don't want to hear
That The Memorial dedicated to The Middle Passage
Is not a place for locals to urinate, sleep, and smoke marijuana;
It is a place in remembrance for millions of Africans
Who were kidnapped and traded /sold into slavery in "the new world!"
Now, in the daytime, tourists pay a lot of money to visit ...but in the nighttime,
locals piss, smoke, cuisine, graffiti and even squat here!

They don't want to hear
About the inferiority complex -
And that it is a crime to stay a lover of mediocrities,
And an enemy of logic!
Surely, they must stop playing "victims"
For they too were/are: the oppressors, the sellers,
The storytellers and the actors in these blurred scenes;
Playing the game to ease out what others have sacrificed to put in!

They don't even want to hear
That higher education, discipline and technology are not the enemy.
And that being independent is not the same as being dependent,
With nothing in the soul pocket but an oversized ego and a blockage
From wrongly positioned heavy cultural traffic and self admired "pride."

They don't want to hear
That balance is deliverance
But deliverance comes only from God Almighty :
A wireless connection that leads to salvation, self-awareness and love;
knowledge, development, productivity - when applied faithfully!

They don't want to hear
That young girls are not born for (sale) or for the gift trade show!
And that young girls must be allowed to go and finish school
And not be forced into "forced marriages" with old, old men (nasty men) !!
That -  is - accepted pedophile acts and child rape, in disguise!

They don't want to hear
That their priorities are jacked up !
That a re-education process (not tribalism, racism, sexism, or genocide etc...)
Is the key to move towards a positive destination.
Not authorities that are sacrificing lives just to stay in power; not powerful
thieves that are arresting other thieves just to increase wealth.
Oh,  believing is seeing! The great skill of hypocrisy is working at its best!

They don't want to hear
That constantly publishing rubbish stories in the national newspapers
About women cheating on their polygamist husbands,
is really not significant news for the mind and spirit;
not when millions of women and children are affected by domestic violence and rejection; dying from starvation, emotional and sexual abuse, AIDS, Cancer, diabetes, malaria, yellow fever, tetanus, polio, genital mutilation, child birth and modern slavery.
In addition, most of the people can't even afford clean water!

They don't want to hear
That politicking is interest.
And that war can never be fought by the occident for free
Not while these soldiers here have embarked
Just to own girls and to father more boys.
Why do they expect other people's sons and daughters
To come and die for them without paying from available resources?
If living is not free, why must dying be free?

They don't want to hear.
That many people are watching worldwide
And beginning to understand this historical manipulation game,
Many people are listening and revising that same pitiful song:
 "They  took our resources. They took all of our resources.
Like heaven, we were living in peace and in harmony ...
and they came here and took our resources!"

They simply don't want to hear
That the exploitation door was always open
And that all the inhabitants were never "Kings and Queens,"
And that they too were takers and not all saints.
They stole/captured family members and sold them into bondage in America.
And now, with  hands stretched out across the Atlantic,
They are  making demands.
Who will be the first to pay reparations?

They don't want to hear
That "Caribbean American" geography and history
Are  very important subjects to logically study
In relation to the Natives and to the African Slave Trade Market
And displacement in order to connect the logical connection!
Americans are not just people born in the United States
Where "money grows on trees;"
but a people from "a continuous expanses of land,
contrasted with Islands."

They don't want to hear
That on the back of overworked descendants in the system,
They are riding and demanding things as if by right!
What about TRUE love for the so called brothers and sisters?
What about giving reparation
For the trade into a "double consciousness?"
The more we all give, the more they take, the more they all need!
The art of manipulation is consuming it all with a great smile
And without remorse!

These are some of the poems that they don't want to hear.

(C) 2013 Yesayah (F.S) (unedited experience).

Life is Poetry.
Express it!
(c) 05 Fania Simon
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