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Author Topic: UNTITLED  (Read 6729 times)
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« on: July 26, 2006, 10:18:02 PM »

In I dreams I have visions
of returning through the door
of no return on Goree Island

In I dreams I have visions
of returning through the door
of no return at Elmina dungeons

In I dreams I have visions
of returning to I people
without which I have been nothing

In I dreams I returned
through doors of no return
all along distant shores
of Ghana, Songhay and
the Kingdoms of Dahomey

In I flights of reality
I am taken on a sankofic journey
passing through portals of
death and destruction
the air is once again
pervaded by violent scenes
of I people's humiliation
in an instant a vision
of naked bodies is revealed to I

With white cloth upon their loins
with baldness upon their heads
clothed in the stench of filth and despair
their outstretched arms and legs
reaches out to be free
of five hundred years of I'n'I nightmare

I am captivated once again
by the misery and agony of I people
That which they endured to make I strong
that which they endured to let
I'n'I know in this blessed moment
I'n'I are the sole reason they
existed and resisted in the first place

I am brought to tears
in that blessed moment
as I feel the pain that they suffered
so that I'n'I may no longer suffer so
and I am still hurt for the hurt of I people

And it is real as the pounding of I heart
the quickening of I senses
the hair standing rigid
on the nape of I neck
the images are frightening

And a piercing scream erupts
from the depths of I soul
I blood runs hot and cold
as I see, yes I can actually see
those damn ships coming to get me

Now I remember
it was fourteen eighty-eight
when the flying dutchmen came
swooping down like pre-historic vultures
they snatched I'n'I away
taking I'n'I to parts unknown
to kingdoms ruled by savages
dressed in human disguises

Where I'n'I quickly learned
I'n'I were no longer free to be
what I'n'I were divinely created to be

In I dreams I have visions
of returning through doors
of no return on Goree Isand
and Elmina Castles, where they placed I
in the belly of a beast
shoved I into a bottomless pit
of a slave ship, wallowing in my own shyt
well this is the shyt!!!

My screams are endless
my fears knows no boundaries
and I am falling into darkness
Suddenly I am awakened from my sleep
drenched in sweat and tears
but I am still surrounded
by walls of slave dungeons
along distant shores
and they are slowly closing in on I'n'I

Another screams erupts
from deep down inside of I
Rastafari come deliver I!!!
and a voice speaks to I:
come child of Alkebulan
run, run, run
before they catch you
run before they make you a slave
run before they whip your behind
run before they put those shackles on your mind
run, run, run faster
run from that wicked slave master
run until your feet burn
run before they take you away
through the door of no return

Ase'! Rastafari! Ase'! Rastafari! Ase'! Rastafari!

"We give thanks by the spirit of our ancestors"

Perfect Love and Guidance

Ashanti Tafari
Copyrighted November 2005
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