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Author Topic: gift of Jah (standing on top)  (Read 10006 times)
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RastafariSpeaks .com

« on: August 09, 2003, 12:48:41 PM »


InI must stand up on top for our rights and we must defend because if InI don't defend then we get taken for a ride and who knows where it will end. As i must state religeon divides god brings together.
  Spiritual guidance is needed in all form of human life for it is through this that people discover what is insie of them, who they are, and what thee role in life and not in society, two completly different things, society are a set of rules of which everyone is brought up on inless with a family which preach individuality being gift of Jah so we must bring it out of societys corupt shell into spirituality finding out for yourself how to experiance God. But even though we might feel other religeons spiritualitys are wrong we must accept that because if we create curfew the gap to being a peaceful world will get bigger and we must follow H.I.M no human being has the right to question the faith of others for no human being can judge the ways of god. When the ignorant people say RasTa is a cult they are putting us in the same box as the klu klux klan to me that is highly insulting the kkk just want to be grandmasters of...... nothing where as RasTa preach love peace Equality and that rights should be used and not just written. you see babylon make rules for babylon. RasTa are not babylon so let RasTa set I rules.but some people say so Jah seh and let it go on but its time to change.   when African righteous people come together the world will come together. I belive that the righteous part of that quote means a significant ammount, if only blacks come together ( suposedly said by white ) how will the world come together we are one we are all African so we will come together once the uneducated have been educated and that they are no longer kept under the spell of white supremecy and the humiliation white would have once they realised that they have put down there own people. African people.  People often say to me at my school why do you wear your hair like that its just a mess, i say to them i can explain that if you listen to what i have to say about Rastafari. they listen and they are suprised at such sense as i quote not exactly well not very well so pls correct me if i get it wrong  but good enough about how in the bible it says something about the return of the messiah having hair like wool and feet like burning brass to which they say so he will be black i say he was black and is black. Haile selassie I Jah RasTafari. then they realise im not a hippie or a trendy and they have been educated slightly and i hope they then go home and look up RasTa on the internet and understand, if not convert to RasTafari. this is a small step to a world problem but it is better than standing on the side line watching the gap to peace get bigger and bigger  

Educate the uneducated they have a right to know the truth even if they refuse to obey it  

Love plus peace be with us all          

To make eveything come true we have to be together through the spirit of the most high emperor haile selassie I
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RastafariSpeaks .com

« Reply #1 on: August 09, 2003, 11:20:33 PM »

I face the same situations at my skool, and there are those who do listen (and dont put rasta down), but unfortunatley for me I live in a community very isolated to culture even though it is close to Calgary the people here have there way, the way they're used to and most just ignore me completely, and then theres a third group who listens but doesn't accept bcuz they've decided that they wont agree with rasta even b4 i say a word, then I meet kids from the city and they ask me about my hair and I tell them it's cuz Im rasta then I explane what rasta is and since there skools are so much more ethnic they're used to other religions, races, culteures ect.
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