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Author Topic: diologue with africa without prejudice  (Read 14161 times)
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« on: November 11, 2006, 11:14:01 PM »


   Dialogue with Africa without prejudice


Boni Kuna na mboka! Habari gani pale Nyumbani!
Halloo! Sisthren, Brethren, and the little one….
By the Wisdom and the Grace of AMINA, AMMAA, HWHOMA, AMINA!
I bless you all in participating seeking oneself… I am not responding now to the comments of the previous discussion
-While Easter Celebrate…- I am still collecting data from around the world before I express a response.

I am very sorry to see that people here respect the person who can insult the most. This is a big shame. It's hard for me to do this, but since it is the rhythm of the country, let me have the test of incongruence a little bit me too. Fortu-nately, I am father of twins I can handle just as Baba Mapasa.
For now I would like to correct some misunderstandings and fill some gaps due to the colonial educational system. What might allow us to have a good reasoning session! Most of us have been into the slavemasters school system, which is the cause right now today whenever we are of our mental slavery and slavery into which our ARKHEBURAN OR ANKHEBU renamed is condemned today.
What some aryan-caucasian philosophers are referring to as the curse of Africa. Since the Rig. Veda, Mahabharata, Bhagavad-Gita, Torah, Bible, Koran… and many more have presented us as burnt face alias Black-monkeys, the curse of their demon God the father and their fictive Noah fiction. Some of us wearing big names, big titles, and big empty papers called degrees, are being party to the Ebonite destruction too. Thus, they have forced our people to believe that what their masters are saying is the truth while it is not. Unfortunately, today while I am speaking to you; our people could die in the defence of their given demon God the father, some call him Allah… which is derived in Hebrew -going up in smoke of the sacrifice- or in Yoruba meaning burning leaf or bush. And others call theirs YHW or Jehovah or Allah who also means burning bush for those who are Bible or Koranic reader. And their black culture and civilisation written for them by these Rheziku-Aryans, their slavemasters. The slavemasters by their slave-keepers the Slatis impose a fictive curriculum in their occupation school academies.

These actual monkey presidents and their ministers of the monkeyland-Africa, its divisions and its monkey-Africans population and all the other monkey-Africans refer to as Afro hyphenated. They are participating in killing us, allowing their masters' expropriation and alienation of the motherland and its people. Where we run the risk to be like those of Orropa, Khami, Ayaamani, Anaa Saazi… and what you are calling today the North Africa of those caucasians in the supposedly black-monkeys lands. Do they too look like the monkeys-Africans? While in the motherland itself, it is just misery for its people who are enslaved in his or her own ancestral land…. The stranger has stopped your time of glory and imposed on you, rape, murder and genocide. You are testing today the 2000 years of it in his joy of your bruises and humiliations.
He has given you a demon god the father, of your curse, and you are worshipping him. You have forgotten every-thing about yourself, except what your masters have taught you to be. You believe it today, almost all of you that we were discovered by what you call the white men. Who really are the Mayiti or Hittite and their children with the Rhe---ziku who are called muulatuo or the rheziku-aryans? You should go to listen more often to Brethren Credo Mutwa or his disciple David Icke. You have completely forgotten that we Ebonite created the Aamhu and the Taa-ma-hu in 392,992 BCE. And that is a scientific fact. Believe it or not, that is the truth that any true seeker shall find.
And for that you can verify it in the archives of the freemasons. If you wish to have more information, then read How Europe Underdeveloped Africa, Walter Rodney; Africa Mother of Western Civilisation and We the Black Jews by Yosef A. A. ben-Jochannan, The Black Jacobins by C.L.R. James; Armee du Peuple by Marien Ngouabi; Unite et Lutte by Amilcar Cabral; L'Afrique est mal partie by Rene Dumont; Manetho's chronicle, Kronos Chronicon, Eusebius Chronicon, Herodotus II, The Confessions of St. Augustine by Augustine Aurelius, the Big Secret of David Icke, The Complete Works of Josephus Flavius, The Book of the Beginnings of Gerald Massey, Anacalypsis
of Godfrey Higgins, God, The Black Man and the Truth by Ben Ammi, The Black Athena by Martin Bernal, The Isis Papers by Dr. Frances Cress Welsing. Civilization or Barbarism, the Precolonial Africa, The Origin of Civilization all three by Cheik Anta Diop, the Destruction of the Black Civilization by Chancellor Williams, and Stolen Legacy by G.G.M. James. Visit the www.maafa.org/klan.html; www.netnoir.com;; www.davidicke.com; www.multimania.com/blumumba; www.everythingblack.com; www.blackwomensnetwork.org; www.blackweb.net; www.geocities.com/Capitol
Serf these sites and please, you need to read these books for the discussion to go forward. I am not writing these books to look at them in your boards. Before they disappear behind other postings, without you taking advantage at least of reading one of them. For now these are lots of references to satisfy those in quest of the truth. You have to inform yourself first before calling me names.
Let us go back to the topic, I was saying that most of us have forgotten who we really are. Let me ask you this question, how could our great grandparents have given themselves the name burnt face? When, there was none else on earth that was of a different race? In fact skin colour wasn't ever a problem before 1776AD? Why did they choose that name…? What could be your personal logical answer? Do yourself a favour and answer to yourself this question please, and honestly? Think of this my Sisthren and Brethren.
The answer to that question is nay! No! Think really, do black people as they are called really have racial issue problems? The answer to that question too is no. And now, who is this person or a group of people, who have intro-duced divisions in the twelve houses or tribes of our mother Goddess AMMAA? How come it is possible to have become more than 30,000 tribes among the members of the twelve houses? What had really happened to these rena-med Monkeys-Africans or Afro hyphenated? These people had the control of the whole Panga Agaaya. And today they have lost everything. They don't remember anything…their AMINA, culture, 3Dscience, technology and their humanity. Can that give birth… to this reality… obsession… collective amnesia or racial suicide! Oh! Ndoomboa Orisa of Mercy! Lord of Grace!
Before I continue further, I will like to introduce you to my friend a Caucasian woman who wrote this speech to other Caucasians,
She wrote: Subject: CONGO HISTORY
Date: Wed, 26 Apr 2000 23:08:23 -0400
From: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


This is a speech forwarded to me by a friend very
involved in the history of ARKHEBURAN also known as
ANKHEBU "Africa and Europe" Orropa 'Ireland, England,
Norway, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Germany, France,
Switzerland, Western Spain, Italy, Austria, Hungary,
Czechoslovakia and Western Yugoslavia (from the west
side of Split), Eastern Spain, North West Morocco, North
of Aina Sefra,
Ouargla, Araka, Djanet in Algeria, Tunisia, Western
Libya'; Khami 'Greece, Romania, Turkey, Western Syria,
Israel, Egypt, Eastern Libya,
Ukraine, Mossaka "Moscow", Byelorussia, Kola, Umba,
Penoya, Koslan,
Kotlas, Penzas, Yalta, Odessa... Tassili, Anzinnkondha,
MunyaMatapa. Among many other issues, his historical
research is also very intertwined with understanding the
roots of racism, religious beliefs and combating
injustices in the world.
Please read:

I omit the speech part since I believe most of my readers should have a copy of it already. I don't have to give her co-ordinate until she decides to do so on her own.

Members of Ebane race, thank you for coming to your Boards with the interests of finding some food for thought for those in the quest of the wisdom, most find in their songs of freedom. To find out as you could prolong the list of these many songs … like Operation coup de point of Alfa Blandy, or Mabele by Lutumba, or Bolamuka Afrika by Mangwana, or Do you remember the days of slavery by Burning Spear… No woman cry by Bob Marley, Soweto Blues by Myriam Makeba, Mama Africa is calling by Della Dente (Sister Africa)… Kiamwangana when he wrote 'Nakomitunaka' a song one Pope bought all the rights. Why? To shut down the consciousness of people of that particular race, refer to as African=monkeys=nigers as their country became a continent where the monkeys=Africans=nigers are supervised by the caucasians become natives with more rights than the aborigines did. You can name many of the sized and alienated land and renamed. From these lands were born the actual renamed to Barents Sea, Kara Sea, and Norwegian Sea, Atlantic Ocean, Kama River, Volga River, Caspian Sea, Tabriz, Abadan, the Indian Ocean to the Antarctica ending in up back to the Atlantic.
All this! Sisthren, Brethren, Youths and Grandchildren watch for what I am telling you now. Do not believe anything the so-called white men and their slave-keepers are teaching or telling you. It is all false pretence, our motherland without today's Europe is bigger than the whole American continent, and do you know that? Maybe no! That all the Rheziku-Aryan power installed in China, India, Sussa, England, France, Spain, Portugal Greece, Italy and so on; are all on stolen land from Ebonite great-great grandparents, which means Sisthren and Brethren Ebane, it is our ancestral land. These foreigners have installed power, which is oppressing and enslaving us to whenever we are today. Somebody told me in Tunisia that I was in the wrong place. Does he understand the implication of what he is just saying? This Caucasian living in my country after finishing killing all my people in that region, is telling me I am in the wrong place…? You Taamahu or Aamhu descendants now listen to this, it's you yourself who are in the wrong place at the wrong time my brother living being. You are in ARKHEBURAN or ANKHEBU my land you lost soul.
These boundary placed by your great grandfathers have only sense and reality for you and not for us, you fools. Listen when Bob Marley say you can fool one person all his life but you can't fool everybody at the same time…. You should realise that the time for you to go back home has come. It is about time; it is right around the corner, you creature! You are not in your place where you are there, and you are only there by some malfunction fault of the system matter of time…. Others in Zimbabwe said I am a maroon, addict black American who has problem in his country and I want to become an African while I am not. While they don't have a clue of their spirituality and the meaning of Banga or Bangi or Gandja. So they mix it with the others to satisfy their ignorance. Not knowing this holy plant is used as higher medicinal plant, in food is very healing, highly nutritious, rich in fibre, vitamins, and is used now by their masters to make clothing such as Jeans, Kaki, paper, solid cords and the list go on. More than 15,000 derived products in the North America are been made and sold is coming from that particular plant and these are not illegal products. Next thing you know you will have to pay fees to patents of these brevets given on your stolen discovery you knew how to do because… just your destiny was not in your hand. Do you know why the masters have told you it is illegal? Why they are still using it? You retarded who can not even see with your own eyes.
Another one said that Zimbabwe is his country, the white people feed the people. Who will feed the people if they are gone? Listen you Monkeys-Africans, you say Zimbabwe is your country. Could you tell me the meaning of it? Maybe I am confused here or somebody has thrown a blanket over my head. Does the word Zimbabwe exist in any language of your region? Is Djimba Woye an alien language? What were the people eating, dear Brother Muchona! Way before these people, your saviours were created in the 392,992 BCE. Could you respond to that one too, Bra?
Another one said in Sierra Leone, that if I keep calling them monkeys-nigers, he will spunk me, others said that I am a sissy. Or I am a 60 years old rug who has nothing to do with his time. Another zombi asked me to have a life, he added if I don't have any to go and find one. Brother could you tell me what you mean by that? What is to you people the meaning of life? Is that having an uncontrollable sick sex, pumping children who you can't care for, or teach them a sense of honour, dignity, creativity and the pride to appertain in the Ebane race of the living-God on earth, which you have lost, you slave. Listen to me here you boisterous ignorant, you are like those dogs that bark, making lots of noise to show their presence and not to defend anything, they are born cowards.
I will keep calling you nigers-monkeys-Africans:
Primarily: Because your continent AFRICA means MONKEYLAND and yourself the monkey-nigers.
Secondly: Your continent name come from KAFRITAE by interposing the letter K to the letter T. Gave birth to the word AFRIKAE polishing it by deleting the E. Ending to a masterpiece to not be known except by the Feloo-
Illuminatis the magic word AFRIKA. And the word give birth to new word AFRICA coming from Kafritae later
called Afris and Afriquiya by those hordes of Rheziku-Aryans coming along with Dhul Qarnain and later Mohammed Ali and his follo-wers as Jihad. From the word Kafritae later Afris or Aflis, or Afriquiya sometimes, believe it or not it all comes from an old Mayiti language. The word Kaf is the black, dog headed, almost human monkey. And RITAE means Black. Kaf and Ritae is the root of the words Kaffir and Kafritae. The Kaf is the symbol of Monkey, the Cynocephalus. Not that the Kaffirs and the Kafritae named themselves from the ape or as the ape-like, or as being the beings evolved from the ape. But they were the first, and the name signifies the first and when the primitive men had advanced and took other NAMES, the prior name was left to the primordial men, the pre-men, so to say, and it remained with the ape and the aborigine.
Check these references out Nigers-Monkeys A.S.A.P:
- Records of the Past, X; Syncellus, Chrincon, li; Eusebius, Chron.VI; the Book of Beginnings vol. I.
I just say the word in plain French or English instead of using a code, which has been designed by your slavemasters. Until today in the whole world of the New World Order slavery has been abolished since 1839AD, except in your so-called continent, while you are still killing one another to allow your slavemasters to take the free purified land. So, don't be ashamed when I am just putting it in words. Stop to be a ridicule, to be menacing and being too defensive when most of your African countries means monkeys-nigers. It is not my fault if your countries are called like:
1- a) Egypt = Niger-Monkey; b) Sudan = Niger-Monkey; c) Niger = Niger-Monkey;
d) Nigeria = Niger-Monkey here, e) Libya = Niger-Monkey, f) Algeria = Niger-Monkey;
g) Mauritania = Niger-Monkey h) Central Africa = Central Niger-Monkey i) Ethiopia = Niger-Monkey
j) South Africa = South Niger-Monkey k) Morocco = Niger-Monkey l) Mauritus = Niger-Monkey.
2- A- Nyinyi Banyiangundu! Nyiye munaisha sahau Kasarana za Batate zenu. Namna gani mukalusi anakupalula makucha surani, nawewe unaangaliki unamuangalia tuu na macho? Uko na ungonjwa ya kuruka wewe mweye balinyusendula? Ni njoo kunena kama mukomunaona sawa kuma ya mtoto kidogo ikonatoka damu, njoo maana mukonakeneka meno. Mkoma na mukomazike; Munikome sawa mulikoma maziwa zaa wamama zenu. Kuja kulewa na mimi wakati nikonasema juu ya udongo ya Wababu na Wamamu yangu. Mu--shimamiye pale, kule hapana hapa… Hapa ni ARKHEBURAN.
B- Bino Banyiangundu! Bosibobosana Nkandan ya Bakoko na bino. Ndenge kani Ndundumani, Ambolo moko boye azopalola yo mpe ozoo tala ye kaka tuta boye? Ozali na bokono ya kopumbwa yoo motoebembe! Nde koloba bozali kokanisa libolo ya mwana muke ezaa kotanga makila yango bozaa kongwenya. Koma ngai, Bokoma ngai Bayuma, Bokoma ngai ndenge bokomaka mabele ya Bamama na bino. Boya kolangwela ngai tango nazali koloba makambo ya mabele ya bakoko na ngai. Bosuka kuna, kuna awa tee. Awaa bozali na ARKHEBURAN.

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Reply    Re: Dialogue with Africa without prejudice PART I AimeNLLL_Olenga

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09/06/00 6:43 AM

Dialogue with Africa (Cont. 1)

And you have above a list of references to serve to whom it may concern. This advice is good for the slavemasters, slave-keepers and their orbits.
Some I read were making fun of the Maa GODDESS as they are used to their demon god the father of all sins. It has shocked me because those who were making the jokes believe themselves to be more African than I. And that is the true fact. I never ever said I wanted to be an African-Monkey, never! Tsheleka! Always I say, I am ARKHAN, I am Ebane, Mpingo, Ebonite or Ebony the race of the Amina-Ra the Hue-mani - God.
Since you wanted to know who I really am, I like to share with you something I got from the ANTU, ANKHUFURHA, Hekahu or Temple-University the oldest and the purest of the world where never sin, will put its feet in it. Raymond Bernard could help you in comprehending this reality described in his book the 'Invisible Empire'. He describes how Illumi-nati's spiritual leaders go to beg secretly teachings from the old wisdom Teachers. He explained how he went himself with that intention of scoring an old wisdom teaching session and described what he saw there. Read that book it is very interesting; you might learn something about yourself, which you don't know. At Brazzaville somebody asked me who I really was and where I come from. Ok! Let me try this if that will do! If you known Rue Ste-Anne, Bordeaux, Mbinda, Itoumbi, terminus Mikalou, Kulunda, or schools like Nganga Edouard, Lycee de la Liberation and the riot of the early 80's… or Lycee E. P Lumumba or Revolution, or camp Mpila, Kinsundi, or Anga or the organised assassi-nation death of Massamba Debat. For those of Kin Mabelo do you remember Pakajuma, Vieux Eboa, Nguma, Sawa, Molok, Durango, Zabala, Sakul, Molak, Ngilima, Mive John, Ngobila, Camp Luka, Camp Kauka, Camp Sitas, Selembao, Kitokimosi, Mont Ngafula, Kimbaseke, Lemba, Riviere Kalamu and Pont Kasavubu.
I am Omsirisi of ANTU called Ankhufurhâ, Neteru or Netura. If you want to find out more about it, you could
read Osiris Vol. I and II of E.A. Wallis Budge to comprehend what I am discussing here. Or go forward to your elders to ask humbly for some old wisdom, and if they judge you worthy. They could introduced you to what you call Maa Ndonna, Mharhissa, Khorisa, Orisa, Omsirisi, M'fumu, N'nganga, Obia, Marabous, Mwalimu, Shanghoo, Shaman, Omrisi, Ntuntuka, Zebola, Medicine Females and Males, Teachers (Witches, Sorceresses, Sorcerers) of the old Wisdom and the Initiates. These Maa Naaka's Students are the opposite and very different from the grandsons of the son of the light those devil, evil, demon Felloos, Illuminati members, Warlock, Jinn, Gog, Magog, priest, preacher, Iman….
I Omsirisi Brethren Aimé Lhaama Lhakokhe Ndjate Lumaliza Olenga. Keep Aimé for only one reason I wanted peoples who knew me to recognise me. I saying to my friends of when I was youth living in 36th Rue Kimbangu
No: 19, Commune of Kalamu, and my Kinshasa's growing nicknames were Romain, RODSO, or the Black Eagle. I am the first son of the Army General, CRL President Nicolas O. Olenga and his widow Muzaliwa Watatu, also am Emery Patrice Lumumba's, Mpolo, Okito, Onadikondo and Andre Kissasse Ngandu's nephew. All sons of T'Olenga, all sons Maa Ankhutshu AMINA Mbhele became 'Ankhutshu Amembele nowadays after rude colonisation and domination times'. I am Ankhutshu of Anzinnkonda House in the AMMAA Basin region, what the colonialists and their slave-keepers have been calling Kongo portion of the African cake, in the province of Kasai, district of WemboNyama, territory of KatakoKombe, village of Tsheko Vhele. I was born in Bukavu in the late 50's. I came from a very complete family with root all over I have root from the MunyaMatapa House in the Zulu clan… I have roots in as far as actual China, Sussa, Abeli, Khami, Orropa, Ayaamani, Bisoni Umekwe 'B.C.', Anaa Saazi or Anaa Swaazi 'U.S.A', and OlemuNooka 'Mexico and the Caribbean's Islands….
The story is too long to say it in one year, from since that time my great grandparents left or were forced to leave Kolokolo aseka Lomami, to reach where we are today 14,667 years after a ferocious destruction and domination, while believing always in the axiom -Otetela Kheema Fumbe-. After some of the good time travelling the world, I reached Tanzania in 1966, where Mr. Julius Nyerere arrested my Father, family and myself at that time he was the president of this country. Later transferred to the Ugandan. Mr. Milton Obote and General Idi Amin Dada imprisoned my family and myself in the Ugandan prison Moroto, from de March 17, 1966 until January 17, 1971 where I lived for five years without trial. I have a young brother who was born in that prison and undergoing a severe personal crisis due to the shock of his birth. Later we were sold to Mobutu under pretence of a general amnesty with the United Nations benediction to be treated, as were my Elder uncles in January 17, 1961.
When extradited from Uganda to Kinshasa via Bujumbura on January 17, 1971. I will elaborate more about Tanzania and Uganda episode in detail next time. I lived in Kinshasa from that period to December 1978AD during Mobutu's reign. After I flew with my family, to the actual Congo Brazzaville in 1978, on Joachim Yombi Opango's reign period. He missed by justness to execute all my family in Brazzaville. Then came the turn of Denis Sassou Ngouesso, with his friends Martin Hoffman 43, Nzee Pierre, Ganguo Michel, Ngouelondele Mongo Emmanuel, Joseph-Desire Mobutu, Seti Yale, Christopher Gbenye, Soumaidi Gaston, Ronald Reagan, CIA, Illuminati's high finance, the Germans-Russians Ashkenazi bankers assassinated my father in 1986. When I was forced to leave Africa to join my Aryan-prison called Canada for the reason I explained in the previous discussion.
Some people think I am hiding, I am not running from anybody. I am just your worst nightmare Bra! Because I have no mercy for ignorance and stupidity. Everything I am saying here is true and I can back it up anytime anywhere and with anyone who is ready. If anyone of you beside your animalistic behaviours and calling me black KKK has anything to challenge me with, s/he is more than welcome to do so. Since you have performed and excelled in the science of killing us, you had said something to Napata, Ndongala, Lhaama (Rhaama) Saazi II, Kandolo, Shanguvu, Komo Omba, Djemba, Ngongo Lueteta, Nkankha, N'Soundiata, Odjiaenda, Lumaliza, Zingha Khuvu, Boganda, Okofanotshi, Xuma, Nyirende, Kimbangu, Matswa, Lumumba, Mukwidi, Akendenge, Onalikondo, Pakassa, Bochelet, Kama, Mulele, Olenga, and Kissasse Ngandu…. You and your parents have killed many of my parents and if it is for that same purpose you are looking up for my identification, there you have good luck. Or ask my family members in Kinshasa, Bandalungwa, Ndjili, Kitambo, NgiriNgiri, Barumbu, Kinshasa, Matete, Limete, Ngaliema, Kasavubu, Kingasani or Brazzaville in the Mpila Port, Ouenze, PotoPoto, Mikalu, Bakongo, Talangai, Mukunzingwaka; there are some too in Djimba Woye actual Zimbabwe, Angola, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, Sudan, Ethiopia, Uganda, South Africa, Zambia, Botswana, Namibia and Mozambique…. As I have shown you I am not a maroon the way you think of it, because you are using it in your slavemasters incorrect style. It's true I am blood related to them as Anaa Ayaa Eleemo KuIiXha as is to you too, you idiot…!
Some would like to think, as you are …that I went to learn these things in the Slavemasters School. There is no such curriculum, which teach you pride, honour or dignity of the so-called black-monkey-nigers; they were cursed like Eve without motive, by their demon god barbarism and savage ignorance. Imagine a god who went to take advice from a killer Dhul Qarnain alias 'Cyprus the great' a Rheziku-Aryan invader. Who is this kind of God anyway?
No, none of these things I learnt it in their school system. Yes I went to their seminary I quit, and learnt Chemistry, Accounting, Administration, Computers and Private Investigation in their school system me too. As self-educated, I taught myself Anthropology, Lexicon, Etymology, Syntax, Rootistic, Lingual, Archaeology, Geography, Osteology and History to be able today to present to you in an over/ understanding way my works regardless of the lack due to your colonial education background.
These works of mine some are in my coming book 'The Downfall of the 'black race' THE EBONITE'; it's almost done folks! This is a fruit of the mourning of my beloved ones forced to depart and tossed about with the hard learning of one experience of the global Ebonite chronicle of civilisation science. I saw my parents struggling and failing, with the question of how to teach people and oust the invaders at the same time… I saw them caught in the midst of the struggle when they chose to oust the invaders at all cost. They forgot that their people have become the Mayiti or Hittite even better Caucasians inside the black-niger-monkey-Africans' bodies. They were striving to free meantime people who do not have any idea of what is freedom. Freedom of what? Of who and for what?
They weren't over/understood and were all assassinated by those who are claiming to want to work in maintaining the monkeyland-Africa, its divisions and its monkey-African people. I came to appreciate their death while trying to maintain the union of all the tendencies created by the slavemasters religious and philosophical believes on top of their educational systems of the global nigers. They could only fail because it was not their game. And the Muulatuo or Rheziku-aryans didn't make that game for them to win. They knew they will loose as soon as they decide to play it, because it has no rules. All the rules were set for them to win. After undergoing my initiatic training as my intention is still of becoming a Khorisa one day a perfect Amina-Ra, Amen-Ra or God Realised on earth, I came to learn that my parents have caused a breach to the law of the old wisdom as experienced in the Moon Hekahu. I can't believe that certain people might think I am criticising them, not at all. I learn from their mistakes that a people or a race without faith, religion, culture, science and technology was subjected to enslavement by the one who is more co-ordinated than they were. I have been working for almost twenty-two years. In the Temple I was taught under the higher protection Maa AMMAA, Maa Aida, Maa Aisha, Maa Myllita, Maa Mawezi, Maa Naaka, Maa Muwabura, Maa Nyirangongo, Maa Nyamuragira, Baa Kimbilikiti, Baa Nyirende, Maa Kikamho, Maa Onhema, Maa Hwhossa, Baa Kimbangu, Baa Matswa, Baa Kitawala….
I got my training from the people who never went to the slavemasters school system. And are still to this day teaching the old wisdom, the old 3Dscience, the old religion which is the cult of science. A Faith based in knowledge, responsibility and harmony. So the faith for any religion should be demonstrated by the actions of its members and not by the credo of a heavenly paradise not yet to be seen. In a fictive paradise of injustice of a megalomaniac god who is intending to burn the entire races as did Nero burn Rome. There I learnt our economical, educational, political, social, 3Dscientifical, and technological system…. What had made the prowess of ARKHEBURA in our galaxy!
We EBONITE, we don't need the western or eastern scientific and economic system based on slavery of the 1500's principles. The Rheziku-Aryan Monetary known as World Monetary System bossed by the Western and Eastern systems are just a farce. This is still a very important thing, which many African people do not know yet. That is what ties our destiny now to this particular fact. The Real World Monetary System that is economically and scientifically approved vehicle are a system based on gold, silver and cooper as world measures of economical transactions. Our monetary got a big hit when the Rheziku-Aryans new landlords like King Alfred Tenth Century, Henry II twelfth Century, King John and James I in fourteen Century decided to put an end to communal wealth. The system got deleted completely in the 16th Century by King William III and Louis XIV, and buried in the 1900 by the propagation of the banks. Yes! The currency in bill made of paper or paper money is a rip off of our global resources and energy. How could Ghanaian money be less valuable than the Ame-rican one when all that money is printed on the same kind of paper? As many have pointed out about writing in the tongue. You need all to know that I really love to write in the tongue as Swahili, Bambara, Lingala, Houssa, Tshiluba, Kikongo... more than any other language. But I can't do it now, if I wish to reach many of you. You have to realise that Ebane family is very big and it is all over around the world. Everywhere you go you find them and they are aborigines in every place you meet them, and I have to reach all of them. That is my challenge. And this is not something I like to do but I have to live with it…. Very soon ARKHEBURAN will write its own story of its ancient civilisation chronology science, and not the one given to them by the Rheziku-Aryans, these yesterday's creatures.
I am an Omsirisi trained to train ARKHAN people to Inect 'reconnect' with their Innerself, you might want to call it priest while it is not. The priest is a Gog or Magog the representative of the evil; their living demon god representative is the Pope in Vatican. While he is praying to an Ebane GODDESS Maa Ndona miscalled Madonna, where most of the Caucasian people are praying to the Ebonite GODDESS across the world even in the Vatican itself…? There will be no advancement by following aryan-caucasian coalition methods of science or economy. Or by anything their progeny the Rheziku-aryans are pretending. They want our Ebonite total extermination and the replacement of our dead carcass by their people in the name of the New World Order and the throne of Lucifer god the father, father of the Rheziku family. Stop praying to their gods who does not speak or respond to you. I exhort you to implore your Maa Panga Agaaya, and her sister Maa Naaka, Maa Ulhuru, Baa Mohendjo Ndjoru, Maa Nyamu Raghira, Maa Muwabura, Maa Khikamho…. So they will give strength to your engomba or prayer, do not be stopped by the evil doers. In the name of Maa AMINA, AMMAA, HWHOMA, AMINA, I am transmitting you today what it was given to me twenty two years ago for you Ebane race; With AMINA, AMINA, AMINA, AMMAA, HWHOMA, AMINA protection.


I am proud to be ARKHAN
Very proud to be Ebonite
I am blessed and sanctified
I was there in the night of time
When Alpha and Omega
Were not yet born.

I am Ebonite the Crown
Before there were time and space
I was there, enjoying Thee
in the presence of AMINA,
In the profoundness of the darkness
of the beginning was resting
The all Power, the whole Presence
The whole Wisdom, The Absolute Love,
The whole Knowledge, and the Oneness
Presence; I Ebonite was assisting the glory,
in the Centre of the Ebonite Cosmic.

The first Ebonite, AMINA the
Engender and Generator of the race of
Ebane, The Supreme Energy, It's All and
Nothing, the Visible and the Invisible, the
Noise and the Silence, Cause and Effect;
Ankhufurhâ or Netura is my life,
Ankhufurhâ, Ankhora and Nyimi of the
progeny of profound darkness
of the One Who rejoice of the darkness.

Life, Presence, Idea, Image, Vibration,
Sound, Word, Wave, and Effect were
conceived in the darkness, way before
Nothing ever existed
I was there Thee Ebonite…
Beside the great Power of the Wisdom
The Unique Spirit, who contains all,
Everything is in It, the past,
the present, the future,
when is not there yet; the
unique principle of the nine principles
of the seven sacred pillars of
the 1728*729 dimensions of the holiness.

The Sun of the great suns
unshakeable Spirit. Unchangeable,
always the same on the 12*4
alpha dimension.
I am born Amina-Râ
I must justify my divinity
AMINA will recognise the mandhalala.

I am… I am… I am…
God manifested on earth
I am proud to be born Ebonite
The Water, the Air, the Fire, and the Earth!

Truly yours,
Omsirisi/ Brethren Aimé N.L.L.L. Olenga
Email: mayaran@ankhufurha.zzn.com or arkheburan@yahoo.ca

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