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« on: August 08, 2007, 11:57:09 AM »

Sizzla was not personally involved in delivering the blows to the fellow Rastafarian deejay, which were sharp, heavy and sudden, much like the rain which sent many persons in the huge crowd running for

Cover not long after.

After hours of brief performances and the audience being hungry for 'big name' action, minutes after 4 a.m. the pace stepped up with Chuck Fendah and Richie Spice in combination before there were screams for Lady Saw. There was a flurry of red, green and gold flags at the sight of Sizzla, who rasped "no no no no way". But then it was Lady Saw's turn again, but as she settled in to deejay, there was an interruption and she demanded, "a who a get inna me ting?"

Come off a de b.......... stage

After Saw, Sizzla did Give it to dem, the K Queens had a go and up came Norris Man, who said "Jah Cure lef fi come pon stage" "Me rehearse wid de ban'," Norris Man said, before deejaying "don't try to be no hero".

"Mek sure a no me yu a talk," Sizzla said, ...come off a de b.......... stage".

In response, a defiant Norris Man said, "...k yu mumma,"and Sizzla replied "wha, a dat yu sey?"

There were no more words as there was a physical confrontation on the stage, the hands doing the talking. Capleton stormed up on the crowded stage, as MC Nuffy called for peace to reign.

"Wha oonu a try do? Mash up man ting?" Capleton demanded. "A Rasta ting. Me know de whole a oonu...," he said, looking and pointing towards the direction of the fight. "Norris Man, a waapen to yu?" he demanded. "A Independence. A St. Mary me come from," Capleton said, the band coming in as he deejayed Bun out de Chi Chi.

"Clear me stage," he demanded.

Norris Man came back to tell the crowd, "Capleton invite me a de show, a St. Mary me come from. Sizzla mek him fren dem tump me inna me face."

Bad from town

Sizzla replied; "Norris Man, me a badman, a Kingston me come from," and the crowd roared, the frenzy of flags, screams and shouts getting even louder as he deejayed "a big long gun, I run out pon dem," Munga Honourable following with "dem bway deh no bad like I".

"Look how de ting a run good," Capleton complained, repeating the demand to "clear de stage". There were more lyrics from Sizzla, Capleton and Munga, who said "a our show dis an no man cyaan disrespec' dis. Any bway dis de pattern a gunshot defen' it."

After input from Macka Diamond and Ninja Man, Capleton said "is time fe me call on my special guest," again asking that the stage be cleared. "How some man a gwaan like dem so greedy? Oonu deh ya so long," he said. That special guest was Jah Cure. Tarrus Riley was also called up, She's Royal hitting hard.

When Ninja Man came back with Josey Wales after 5:30 a.m., the 'Deejay Colonel' had something to say about matters, after tearing down the house repeatedly with Love Triangle. "Norris Man, yu cyaan see so much Rasta an waan fight," he said to laughter. "Me no go inna losing war." To Sizzla, Josey said "neva go off on stage in front of the public."

"All my Rasta fren who sey dem a bad man, oonu nah kill nobody. Oonu no bad like me likkle finger. De whol' a oonu, Sizzla, everybody, oonu a go get man mad roun' here," Josey said, his voice rising.

One don lef' an' is Clarendon

And Ninja Man cautioned the two that if something serious happened "memba Norris Man an Sizzla, a oonu one a go a jail. Mark Shields sey when him lef' here, is one don lef' an' is Clarendon."

"Look how much time me go jail," Ninja Man said, deejaying "dem neva bruck a war, neva do a ting" as the rain came down. And after Beenie Man kept most of the huge audience in the rain cheering to his lyrics, Capleton was back. "No badda watch dah ting deh. Everyting good. Rasta deal wid dem ting different," he said, before going on Top a Tings.

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« Reply #1 on: August 23, 2007, 12:38:14 PM »


Ummm, I'm usually good with the Patios, however, I have no idea what was really being said in the about post. If its not too much trouble can someone tell me what they were saying, in plain english?
Thanx, no disrespect meant!
Jah Melku
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« Reply #2 on: August 26, 2007, 04:31:44 PM »

I would tell you to watch the video on youtube, but if you can't read what they were saying then you'd have a harder time hearing it.

I'll try a quick english synopsis:

Norris: It's my turn to perform, there's a lot more people to come on, so I don't want to be rushed.
Sizzla: OK, do your thing.
Norris: <starts a song that sizzla wonders if it's about him>
Sizzla: Norris, I hope you're not talking about me in that song
Norris: I don't insult Rasta
Sizzla: <starts a tune>
Norris: <interrupts>
Sizzla: You know what...just get off the stage man
Norris: Go suck your mother's p*ssy
Sizzla: What? That's what you're saying?
Other men on stage: <rush Norris, one slaps him, another kicks him>
Sizzla: Guys, guys, behave yourselves
Capleton: You guys don't ruin my show, Norris behave yourself...

That's the main event, the rest is just commentary really.
Sizzla later apologized (more to the fans) about the behaviour of all involved on his side.
Norris later said he'll take care of his business because he knows who hit him.  (He should, he records down at Sizzla's community sometimes)
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« Reply #3 on: September 01, 2007, 07:16:16 AM »

Greatins InI Idrien en Sistren. InI think it was a big dissappointment fi Rasta to behave like that. Here in Kenya Reggae is on the rise with even a 24hr Reggae station en most of the yuts here get to know about Rasta through Reggae as most of InI here dont have much access to Rasta info like books en all. So when InI Idrien behave like dat it confuses the yuts. It also worsens the situation here as there is an NGO that wants reggae banned sayin its miss leading but I think its just that the positive vibes are gettin thru to InI. InI got to practice what InI put forward to the people though InI overstand that InI are still human but InI opinion is for InI all to realise its a struggle en a fight to overcome and break loose the chains of mental slaverly en let rightousness cover mother Earth as water covers the sea. Inity in itself is strength.  Peace!
Junior Member
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RastafariSpeaks .com

« Reply #4 on: September 11, 2007, 11:57:29 AM »

Might as well watch it.



..Understanding Truth and My Place in it..
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« Reply #5 on: November 17, 2007, 07:50:41 PM »

Yes blessed, Well I hope nothing further comes out of this altercation between Sizzla and Norris Man. The thing is though, everyone dun know say Jamaicans don't like nobody tell them to do whatever to thier madda, straight! So, right de so, Norris Man wrong fi dat. However, that still never give Sizzla the right to rush him. Remember the fans and trust me, fans will take it up to just like back in the days with Beenie and Bounty so artists have to becareful what they do in front of the fans. Sizzla is one of my favorite artist too, but I don't want him to get himself into any trouble. Norris Man just wol it blood cause yu dun know a rasta all the way and further more you wouldn't like a man tell you that bout your madda. A peace and love zeen! Cool!!!!
Ummm, I'm usually good with the Patios, however, I have no idea what was really being said in the about post. If its not too much trouble can someone tell me what they were saying, in plain english?
Thanx, no disrespect meant!
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