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Author Topic: Part of the Maat Series by Mama Khandi  (Read 6613 times)
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« on: August 10, 2003, 09:11:03 PM »

  Subject: MAAT  


  Part of the Maat Series by Mama Khandi

 Where do i begin? There is a traffic jam in my head, so many thoughts all

 trying to get out at the same time, a traffic jam in my heart, feelings all

 trying to reach the surface for palpation. Maat has struck a nerve in your

 philosophical and psychological foundations. Where do i begin? Do i define

 Maat? do i discuss the hemispheres of the brain? do i define religion and

 morality? do i discuss the Ancestors and their roll in our lives? do i

 discuss the incarnation objective? or the Cosmogony and cosmology? maybe the

 subjective/objective realms of reality? or creation, the duality principle

 of cosmogony, and the tree of life? hue-man evolution? the principles

 underlying the problems of overcoming? meditation and ritual? harmonics of

 the breath and the internalization of consciousness?

      Maat. Let's discuss how Maat came into being. You already know the

 christian version of Genesis. Let's discuss the Khemetian (ancient Egyptian)

 understanding of Genesis. Neter (the so-called god principle) projects the

 sound "Shri" into the Nada (the nothing/cosmos/existance) to give rise to

 the fouth manifestation (Maat). What this means is that Neter in the process

 of creation, spoke/projected/uttered energy/sound and this utterance brought

 forth the principle Maat (truth/balance/justice/the Law, Order, and Love

 which grants Oneness in our reality). Prior to the creation of this fourth

 manifestation (Maat), all attentions of Neter were focused on the first

 three manifestations of the tree of life: 1). creation of the

 consciousness/subjective realm that becomes aware of its origin and true

 essential qualities that are eternal and infinite, temporally and spacially

 UNLIMITED. The subjective being is the Omnipresence (the Oneness/One-being).

 The sound "Aung" was uttered to bring this first manifestation into

 existance. 2). This principle is uttered into existance by Neter w/the sound

 "Hu" and this aspect of self knowledge the Omniscience (the infinite

 knowledge). In this realm unconditioned and undifferentiated energy takes on

 a conceiveable form (an existance that can be comprehended by hue-mans). 3).

 Neter projects the sound "Kri" into the first and second pheres and brings

 forth the realization of theWill. The Will is the unlimited power of

 creativity; ie: Omnipotence.

      These first three spheres are the awareness of the true nature. The

 subjective being (Neter) reflects on the first three spheres to bring the

 fourth sphere of reality into existance (Maat). There are 10 spheres on the

 tree of life. i will not go into those now, for Maat is the focus of my

 conversation w/you now. My baby's name is Maati (he who speaks ONLY the

 truth/the word of Neter). Maat - Truth. Deep concept. Even deeper reality.

      Your "confession" really messed w/my head and my heart last night. i

 got NO sleep and less rest. There were this flood of emotions and thoughts,

 this enormous sense of loss, this abis, this hollowness, this........ Not

 yet, stay on the mental/spiritual plane; don't share the emotional

 yet, not yet. He needs the higher self realization of self before he can

 handle the emotional. The voice of the Ancestors continued.  If you

 want this man, the man we have chosen for you and you for him, you must

 first give him the answers to the questions that he has NOT asked. You must

 reach into his soul and see and understand why we have chosen him for you

 and you for him. You must see and understand that he has a "western

 concept of family." He has a strong commitment to family but he defines that

 commitment in linear terms (eurocentric) and not wholistic

 (Afrikan-centered) terms. The Ancestors continued. Morality is key to him.

  But his definition is linear ("preconceived emotions of morality").

 She is his "official/legal" wife in the european system. You are his wife

 in the Afrikan system. Maat is coming to claim its own. The truth faces him.

 You only ask for what is rightfully yours to SHARE, to consumate w/your

 mate. He denies you because he does not know MAAT. The Ancestors continued.

 Polygamy has its reasons for being in the numerical imbalance that exists

 between men and women. It is not only a system of marriage but also a

 solution/preventative measure against a system of social holocaust/Maafa. He

 thinks you are asking him to choose between you and she. Maat demands no

 such choice. Such a choice is not reality. It is a facade brought into

 existence by a system of linear existence. Polygamy is not a matter of

 personal or cultural choice. It grows out of a concern of the women who have

 husbands to care for other women in society who do not. It grows out of a

 concern for an Afrikan nation that has the capacity to respond to the needs

 of all of its constituents, and its own needs.  It is a measure of

 preservation of Afrikan society and a protection of our MORAL and spiritual


        The Ancestors kept me up all night last night trying to help me sort

 thru my feelings. And i ....  not yet. Allow us to talk thru you. You

 may speak later. Patience, you may speak to him soon. The Ancestors

 continued. Viewed from the Afrikan perspective of the Self (the first

 sphere), which is the UNITY of all things, is to be realized on Earth in our

 everyday living experiences.  i asked the Ancestors, "Can he truly

 proclaim his oneness w/another woman or anyone, if the persons involved are

 willing to SHARE those things that can be shared?" The Ancestors continued.

 Neither he nor she (or anyone) can not TRULY (in the realms of Maat),

 proclaim to be spiritual or claim a sound moral base while simultaneously

 not giving a damn about sistas who, for causes beyond their control, must

 fail to fulfill and satisfy their basic human need for an ADULT FAMILY LIFE.

 i asked, "Then is he saying that i can not be a part of his family w/out

 him making a choice between me and his family?" The Ancestors continued.

 Yes, because his concept of family is linear. He does not define family

 in Afrikan terms which would include you.  He does not understand that your

 cries for fulfillment of your needs are a cry for inclusion, not choice.

       The Ancestors continued.  He can not proclaim to be moral or

 spiritual while accepting a competitive (she vs. me) situation in

 which many and ultimately ALL will lose.  He can not continue to claim to

 be spiritual/moral while simultaneously ignoring the fact that there has

 been for thousands of years a solution to the numbers imbalance that is

 destroying the Afrikan community. i asked, "Has he acknowledged the

 problem?" The Ancestors continued. Not in Afrikan terms; but in eurocentric

 terms. Which is why he asks that you not request from him your right to ask

 from him, sensual/sexual comforts, the consumation of your marriage. The

  Ancestors were quiet.

        What i innerstand from the prayer (conversation w/my Ancestors) is

 that you have requested that i fend for myself, deal w/my needs in a way

 that doesn't include you or challenge your preconceptions. Kinda' like the

 solution that the Aztecs and the Greeks had for the imbalance of women to

 men, they throw the excess girl babies off of a cliff. Here, you ask me to

 not want to express the love that We have in the way that people who love

 each other express it. Why does she deserve you and i not? We are both

 Afrikan, We are both womb-men, We are both hue-man w/the same needs. Why?

 Why do i have no right to have my needs fulfilled in the same ways as she?

       The Family is the foundation of all societal understakings and

 institutions. If the Ancestors are saying that your concept of family is not

 Afrikan centered, (and they are), then that is why (as i see it) you feel

 that i am challenging and questioning your preconceived emotions, family and

 morality foundations. Linear concepts of family are a type of lie. Living

 these concepts for the number of years that you have has dug yourself into

 the most dangerous social quagmire. You and she (like many other couples)

 are not living the principles of Maat. You exist in a linear state. The

 state of denial. This state does not allow for inclusion. It shuts all

 others outside of its "family" structure while perpetuating the dialectical

 contradiction of calling itself a family.  Family is inclusive. It does not

 feed the spiritual vampires that feed off of linear energy. "Rain does not

 fall on one roof alone." Afrikan proverb. Get my point?

          How did you think i would respond to your note? God! this is

 probably going to be the longest note in history and you will probably have

 to read it off line. You may even need to print it out in order to

 adequately respond to it w/out having to keep changing screens. Because i am

 clear that you have invoked within me a need to express beyond all limits. i

 gotta let it flow.... i gotta get it out.... i can't carry this around w/me.

 i got enough stuff inside of me that has no one to receive it. i don't need

 yet another thing to stay w/in me and fester into an ugly wound of scar

 tissue. We gonna work this out. Period. We are going to get to the core, the

 root, the bottom of what We are, who We are and why We are.  

       You said that i "have fallen in love with [you]." You didn't say that

 We fell in love w/each other. You didn't say that you fell in love w/me. You

 said that i fell in love with you. So, DID I FALL IN LOVE ALONE!?HuhHuhHuh

 Is your admission of the fact that you also have fallen in love w/me, a

 violation of some tenant that you and she share? yet again another

 manifestation of the omission of Maat from yalls' relationship foundation.

      i am consuming you? Are the etherial waters rising from your ankles,

 knees, waist to your neck? Is that why you wish to slow down? Water reaches

 its own level, baby. Why must i stop being who i am? Why do you ask this of

 me? Why are you affraid of me? Am i not what you asked for? You know the old

 saying, "Be careful what you wish for, cause you might get it?" Well, am i

 the wish, the quiet prayer that you prayed at night where neither she  

 nor anyone could hear you but the Ancestors? Did you think that because you

 did not utter words/you only prayed in your mind, that your prayer would not

 be heard? Did you think that?  What were you thinking? Or did you think? You

 are in a selfish relationship. You prayed an unselfish prayer. What did you

 think would happen?

       Platonic. For how long? How long will i have to do w/out while she

 gets what she needs? How is that morally right? How is that spiritually

 right? How would  my needs being fulfilled hurt her? What does my needs

 being fulfilled have to do w/her anyway? Nothing! She and i both have needs.

 i do not seek to deny her hers and i don't want for she or any sister to

 deny me mine. You said, in time it will change PERHAPS. Perhaps? You intend

 to perpetuate something other than Maat for some undetermined amount of time

 and you want me to be patient and wait while you do that? i don't think so.

 How can i do that to myself? There are some things that are unaceptable to

 me. Being w/out a man in the face of sisters who do not do without, is one of

 Its TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE. Either We are all without, or We all have. That

 some have and some don't shit is bullshit.

       You said that you wanted to be free. Freedom is an act of

 self-determination. It is not something that either she, i nor anyone

 else gives you. You take it! It is your birthright. How can you be free to

 be you, if you are affraid to do what is necessary to attain that goal?

 Freedom to love is an infinite, devine inspiration. You have lived for

 years in an emotional, incarcerated prison. i want no parts of that. i want

 to be part of you, your family (the Afrikan definition), but not as you

 presently define it. You have lived with this definition so long that you

 request that i incarcerate my expression/our expression of our love. Don't

 restrict me. Don't restrict us. i have waited all my life for you. And now

 you wish to deny me! God! Whenever you have sent your spirit to be w/me at

 night We have NEVER been sexual. You've cuddled me, wrapped your warmth

 around me and i slept. i did not dream of sex. i dreampt of peace,

 contentment, fulfillment, inclusion. Mine is not a request for you to make a

 choice. Mine is a request for inclusion, expansion, growth, development,

 evolution, assension. You are more than capable of giving me those things.

 To give me those things, would mean that you would have to be free to

 redefine: family, analize preconceptions, and re-evaluate morality defined

 in linear terms. These are the foundations which strike at the heart of what

 you and she have built your relationship on. Quicksand my brother,

 quicksand. Afrikan consmogony is the only foundation strong enough to

 withstand all challenge. We (you, she, and i) need an affirmation of

 completeness. You are also confusing the consumption from me w/the devouring

 that she does. You do not comprehend sex as a jewel, as an energy to

 cultivate. If you did, you and she would've developed it in different

 terms that were not exclusive. You need time to fully prepare for me. i am a

 dynamic force in the universe. i know that. Even us dynamic forces need

 sanctuary and safe haven in the arms of the Afrikan man.

       Platonic. Redefined: you need from me a friend, time for transition,

 no expectations. Acceptable as long as you give me an update upon occasion

 on the growth that is taking place in the transition phase.  There must be

 progress. Stagnation is unacceptable to me. i will not wait for a situation

 that does not grow and develop into its greatness.  Do not shut me out. Do

 not shut out the voice of the Ancestors. Why do you submit to the spiritual

 vampires? Why does the warrior throw down his weapons and surrender so

 easily? i am not asking you to be my saviour. i am asking you to be a man;

 to be my man; to be the man that you were meant to be. i do not suffer from

 the savior crisis orientation. i do not believe in a savior Jesus, Moses,

 Muhummad or otherwise. i do believe in having a man, being a part of a

 family, and having mutually agreed upon needs fulfilled in a reciprical


       You mentioned "consequences." How do you adequately interpret and

 adequately plan for survival and victory over these adverse consequences

 without the tools of skillful balance, intuition, inspiration, deductive

 reasoning and experimentation? You are commiting a spiritual, moral and

 emotional suicide by insisting on maintaining such narrow limits. i believe

 that you, she and Khandi must reach deep into our cosmic souls and reconnect

 with our original divine nature. (she also, if she is so inclined). What

 do you believe in?
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