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Author Topic: Sudan, Somalia - Crusader Bait  (Read 5252 times)
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« on: January 08, 2007, 07:24:08 PM »

Over three years ago the writer took some risks and , immediately after the invasion of Iraq by the "coalition" (coalition of colonial scramblers), contacted telephonically and by fax a prominent member of US congress and congressional "black caucus" and warned of the scenario now unfolding in east africa stemming from the Iraqi springboard.  Some of my complaints aired on this website.

This member of congress kow tows to an imperial commission entitled the "Kenya Caucus" consisting of Republicans and Democrats, of which she is a member.  The establishment of US /UN miliitary bases in East Africa through the devices usually employed in destabilizing a region, (creating civil war , removing raw materials under "discount" conditions ) are now  being implemented consistent with the mandate of this

Brushfire sectarian conflicts are now almost a certainty across east africa .

There was no reaction over 3 years ago and there is still none from any elected representative of the people in the US govt, black or white, etc. , except to talk about a genocide in Darfhur.

How is it not obvious that after witnessing the D.U. torture/ extermination campaign being waged against fellow muslims in Iraq and elswhere, that the manipulated separatist "christian" movement in sudan, for example, is viewed by muslims there as a harbinger of  doom, that thier families will suffer the same fate as the baked, burned, irradiated and blown up Muslim women and children of Mesopotamia?.

The classic formula is back the weaker side, divide and conquer.  The Christian factions in Sudan (seeking to divide the country) are seen as Crusader Bait and the extremely unlucky animists are seen as fodder for crusader missionaries.  It would be fair and reasonable to acknowledge this in any effort to broker peace, yet the official left and congressional black caucus can only parrot the genocide allegations .  Yes, the violence and killing without mercy are horrible indeed, brought about by a cynical policy among colonial scramblers and heads of state in Africa who seek tax wealth based in part on military basing in thier respective countries.  Alas , hollywood actors have stepped up to the plate to further confuse the issues and lead the US into  naked conquest without end.

 For a good read on the harsh reality of US military basing and its consequences  read Chalmers Johnson's book "Blow Back" for a clue on what is in store for east and southern africa if the process continues.

  It is a relief to see on this site serious questioning of the world's largest military alliance, the UN, and what it represents . Criticising the UN or even calling for its disollution is no longer the province of alleged "right wing extremists" or "conspiracty nuts" apparently. 

If you are a US citizen, please consider protesting the use of your tax money in establishing these war-bases directly to the Kenyan, Tanzanian and Ethiopian Embassies in WADC.  Faxes are best, like, pick a day and then slam it (cont. info on Google). 

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