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Author Topic: VOICE OF FREEDOM --- ( FROM LADO OCCUPIED IN AFRICA )  (Read 5240 times)
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« on: February 05, 2008, 01:42:16 PM »


A human society is a composition of the People and the Land, that are the source of material / physical wealth. It is not Currency or so-called Investment or Banks or whatever other nonsense we are led / or made to believe. Currency or Investment or Banks are merely financial instruments serving as means of distributing, exchanging and utilizing the same material / physical wealth , but the source of prosperity is and will always be the Human Being and the Land which he / she resides upon.

It is the human being who, through use of his or her intellectual and physical faculties transforms the various resources of our planet into substances we can use, to uphold a standard of dignified human material existence.

A certain minority of humanity though, feel Ordained by God or themselves ( They tend to confuse the two ) to be the Lords of everyone and the rightful owners of everything. They want to control all Peoples, own all the water, all the land, the air, the mountains, the plants, the minerals, the timber, the animals, the food, and in fact if they could , they would claim the Stars as their very own . Best to know in future there will be Star wars to be fought for that .

Now in a more mature world , these Lunatics would be dismissed as the nutcases they are, and that would be that. Unfortunately due to Human naivety these maniacs have formed over the course of history oligarchies that have consistently hijacked entire communities and civilisations, into becoming the means, by which they can live out their little God complex life .

Their technique is simple. Ideally, a government should be a group of people who undertake the task of Organising the Society, so that there are institutions which can aid the People in realising their life and liberty. Through bribery, malice and outright violence, these so called Elites oligarchies have time and time again managed to transform Governments and their Institutions into instruments by which they Dispossess, Enslave and Condition people to what amounts to the life of a farm animal – hence the description . And this seems African Governments have been trasformed to be and to become still .

Elaborate systems are put in place on an increasingly Global level to ensure you and me feel we have no other choice but to work like donkey’s for the rest of our lives making a clique of these few Psychopathics rich.

Sovereignity Issue

Beyond Government we have a Sovereign who ideally is the representation of the will of the people ( Capacity ). But again, what to do if the Sovereign is part of the elites World Mafia, or too scared to stand up for the freedom of his people or simply killed and replaced with a candidate more to the liking of Oligarchy . This is where nearly and if not all African Governments have been Reduced to .

In otherwords different African Socities have fully been hijacked . The Socities have become like a farm animal centers , kept only to provide a labour force and ultimately meat for the cannibalistic appetites of the oligarchic farmers. The whole population of one Human kind is therefore being conditioned into believing that it is civilised to lead ones life as a chicken in a coop and a mortal sin to live as a free human being. .

Really this inhuman existence is proclaimed as the Global order, the International community, Democracy, Freedom etc. Anyone unwilling to be a part is uncivilised or barbaric and must be fought caught and destroyed.

The Barbaric, as the oligarchs term them, are those who wish to live according to their own cultures, beliefs and ways of life, not according to a counterfeit world wide Uncivilisation designed to lure humanity into becoming serfs and slaves for a minute minority.

The Global elite, corporate rich, oligarchs ( the insanity has many names ) bleed us dry, like leeches feasting on our blood, but ironically this is where their weakness lies. In the hijacked societies the governments provide nothing for the people, leaving a vacuum. Their job is to rob, not help. Therefore in these communities the populations have No choice to either organise themselves but sit like pathetic victims wondering when the suffering will stop.

When we choose to organise ourselves outside the oligarchic Uncivilisation, we become full-fledged Barbarians . Our supposed lack of culture is our refusal to obey Western Norms and Institutions disguised as International laws and International Institutions. It is this single act which will end the reign of injustice on the planet. In essence it is our refusal to be chickens and our insistence on our human dignity. For this reason the Oligarchs global Media Outlets constantly crow “ Beware of the Barbarians”.

We - the barbarians - are sounding the end of their Imperial Reign for the chickens will become Eagles .

A nation such as the United States, which from its birth has excelled in the practice of violence and oppression is not going to just turn around and do the opposite of all that it truly stands for, in the name of Civil rights, Human rights or some fairy tale about the Rainbow nation or melting pot. Anybody who believes otherwise is living in a state of Denial , confusing the murderous criminal syndicate that has run and continues to run the USA for a government.

The logic they operate on is Might is right . " Because I am right I have been given Might." Therefore my use of might can NEVER be wrong. All the talk of freedom, the American dream and an unique constitution amounts to nothing more, than sprinkling a kilo of sugar on a ton of manure and pretending it is cake.

To this day the genocidal history of the United States is brushed aside as the past. Its over and done with, “ Let’s look to the future ” is the term applied now . In reality America sought and still seeks through the doctrine of “ Manifest Destiny ” not only Hegemony of the World, but Anglo-Saxon Hegemony of the world.

This isn’t something we are inventing or some Secret conspiracy only known by the enlightened few , it’s an open fact. In the early 19th and 20th centuries figures such as Presidents William Mckinley and Theodore Roosevelt , Senator Albert J. Beveridge of Indiana or famed editor William Allen White were all avid supporters of this thinking and openly said so. They carried out and advocated policies based on these ideas.

This thinking continued in people like Henry Kissinger and his insane recommendations and policies such as his famed memo on population control – the NSSM directive, 200 signed in April 1974 - or the Clinton Administration and their hand in facilitating the current Terror gripping Congo today, through their support for various pro-Anglo American groups and Governments ( especially South Africa, Uganda and Rwanda ) in the hope of controlling the resources and populations of that entire region.

The latest version of this mental disease is the Neo-con Mafia conglomerate who even openly speak of the American century and the perpetual or “ Long War ” to maintain control of the world’s resources.

Simply put, if a nation, built off the organised oppression of people, especially Africans, refuses to acknowledge the wrong it has done and continues in such practices, then it does not see this oppression as wrong. This causes the further continuation of the same policies and thinking of the psat and to be protrcted.

If the Police forces in the USA do not hesitate to brutalise and kill Africans in America, if the American Judiciary does not hesitate to mass incarcerate, exterminate - through capital punishment - and enslave Africans in America through prison labour schemes, if America continues to consider Africans in America as wild savages and a threat to public safety, how could they react to the plight of Africans in America in a humane and charitable fashion?

Barbara Bush feared, that the “ underprivileged people ” mainly BLACK families being housed in Texas after loosing everything due to hurricane Katrina, would never leave, as the Texas hospitality was “ working well for them ”. This is a clear case of the Afrophobia that gripped White America, at the thought of Black people in large numbers being placed anywhere near them.

The BLACK hurricane victims were referred to as Refugees. A refugee is a foreigner who seeks refuge within a foreign country. In using this terminology the Americans revealed their true view of the Africans in their midst. Not as a fellow Americans but as FOREIGNERS.

The amount of blatantly racist and bigoted remarks, that were uttered by all types of supposedly eminent persons and journalists in America, clearly show what lurks behind the faзade of democracy and freedom the USA loves to project to the world. Straight forward good old boy racism. Note – Keith. boykin.com has quite a few quotes of this nature, if one is interested in a study of ignorant words, spoken by ignorant people.

Africans in America are viewed as members of a race who have no worth. A problem to be rid of. A disease, within the otherwise healthy body of USA. The myth of the American dream, portraying a nation where anybody can rise to prominence, fame and fortune, despite their humble beginnings does not apply to broad mass of the black community of USA.

The true face of the USA , is that of a nation which is willing to kill, exploit and plunder, to whatever degree necessary, to maintain a steady flow of wealth to a limited Elite and a comfortable standard of living for a certain segment of the general populace in order to keep them pacified.

The elimination of Black activists and political leaders through the COINTELL (counter intelligence) program in the 1960ґs and 70`s clearly demonstrates the real intent of those who, when it comes to the reality of power politics, are the United States, the Corporate Rich. The aim is the general destruction of the Africans in America as a people.

Its time to wake up and smell the coffee. No member of the Global community of Africans, can rely on or expect the same people who have sought to destroy us for the past 500 years to come riding to our rescue in our hour of need. The time for naivety is gone and if we persist in being naпve, WE WILL BE GONE.

Ronald Lulua

Institute of Sudanic Studies


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