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Author Topic: History of the white Race part 2  (Read 14980 times)
Father X
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« on: December 03, 2007, 03:06:13 AM »

History of the White Race part 2

Let’s start from the beginning.
War is one of the primary contributions of the Indo-Europeans
To contemporary world culture and civilization.

Of the unique components that constitute Indo-European culture,
Warfare is a vital and integral part. The term battle-ax-culture,
Which has been applied by anthropologist to the precursors of
Indo-European culture, embodies the brutality and constant conflict
Among the various tribes of the Northern Cradle of Europe.

The oldest archeological evidence recently excavated from grave
Sites confirms what many historians had already postulated.
Among sacred objects to the Indo-European were his weapons.

The Indo-Europeans engagement in constant tribal warfare before
Their intrusive trans-cultural military exploits is evidenced in the
Verity that upon their arrival in West Asia, they remodeled the
Concept of war:

There were wars fought prior to the arrival of Europeans but there were
Parameters to which most countries adhere. No parameters contained
The Indo-Europeans their battles were fought not only to defeat and
Subjugate, but to terrorize their victims into devout obedience.

The invasion of West and South Asia by the Indo-Europeans was by no
Means a single major conquest. Most authorities agree that these invasions
Came in migratory waves over a period of 1,000 to possibly 3,000 years,
From 2500 to the second century B.C.E. Other advances taking place
In Europe began around 4000 B.C.E.

The World Soaked in Blood

The Indo-Europeans ravaged and dismembered all those who dared to stand
Against them.
The influx of the Indo-European immigrants into the Near East during the
Second millennium B.C. revolutionized the art of war.
Their main representatives in the Near East were the brutal and acrimoniously
Disposed Hittites. The Hurrians, (a group linguistically descended from the
Caucasian family of languages). The Hurrians, in turn, infused the mores and
The traditions of the Indo-Europeans into another group, the Assyrians, who

Were a ferocious violent people whose profession was war. They employed
The use of boiling fluids to scald and immobilize their adversaries
They would also skin people alive then behead them.
Then they would impale the corpses on stakes around the city and the skins
Of their victims would cover the homes and walls surrounding that same city. Shocked
Full Member
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« Reply #1 on: April 19, 2008, 08:34:22 PM »

greetings father x, i want humbly thank you for dropping the hard rhyme, have you read, race and manifested destiny, u should, it is the history of european school of thought where, what have you mentioned started, as the aryan follow the sun and they trace their history to india,it is good read,because this people  actually thought,because they are white,they were command by god to rule the world.
Junior Member
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« Reply #2 on: June 22, 2008, 10:58:14 PM »

Mongolians are not "Indo Europeans", but they do live in a cold climate.  Perhaps you should do a serious reading of Chinese history, history of cental asia and european history in the context of the Mongol invasions.

There is hardly a single archeological site in the world where warriors weapons are not amply displayed in funerary splendour, including, for instance, Tutankhamen.  Perhaps European society has had a misplaced criteria for what constitutes civilization as ever increasing efficiency in weaponry, with disasterous results, where, say for instance, China has thousands of years of civilized history in which the dynasties suppressed technology or science of weaponry, although they did invent gun powder, rockets and firearms that were later used by Europeans, who improved on an idea suppressed somewhat by the inventive Chinese.

These same chinese were slaughtered beyond imagining by the Mongol invaders, who seriously considered exterminating all Chinese and turning all of China into pasture for thier beloved ponies.

When you hand an AFrican an AK 47, does the evil of the white race vaporize from the gun and infect the AFrican to shoot up thousands of brothers and sisters?  Are you considering that it is technology that all humans have to handle better?  That in this particular historical cycle, Europeans happen to have the highest state of it?  The Egyptians fought long bloody wars of conquest and had quite an empire for thousands of years stretching well into AFrica, Asia and Europe and perhaps into the Americas. Was the conquest all love truth and beauty?  The Hitites had iron weapons superior to the copper weapons of Egyptians, who only defeated them on the fringes of the empire with diplomacy among the vassal states and superior numbers. 

Climate has a lot to do with the savagry and hunter mentality of many northern peoples as opposed to greater civilizations founded in the usual places (AFrica, India, Asia, Americas south and central).  It's complex to study it all and come up with some analysis beyond good and evil.  Isn't that in part why we are in this mess to begin with?  White Christianity and good v. evil?

would it surprise you to suspect that perhaps you have been through all this before in an earlier cycle and aren't much different?  I've seen the Egyptian frescoes most highly exalted of pharoe and it seems they relished bloody conquest and war like other humans that find themselves able to impose thier wills through technology that inevitably comes through higher level education and thought.  Perhaps, like many suspect, a far earlier cycle where techonolgy equal to or greater than today existed coinciding with your own harsh lessons?  Intrinsic evil based on race is easy, there's nowhere to go with it but more bloody violence and repeat cycle of human folly .  STILL, I can appreciate your sentiments based on harsh experience of late........N8
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