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Author Topic: message from and indigineous dweller  (Read 7955 times)
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« on: April 19, 2008, 08:02:47 PM »

i am distant traveller
 an old soul,whose spirits
has travelled many places,
with roots as far as back as china
i transcend time and space,
 and border lines,
geographic boundaries
parallell realities of parallel words

i am the olmecs
the mayans,
the aztecs and the incas,
the tupi guarani
the kayapos
the ones who built
the pyramids in mexico

my ancestors have erected monuments
in honour of their gods,
long time ago,
 when the land masses were still attached
afrikans cross from afrika to south america
some cross by boat and some cross by  foot,

we settled in southern india,
the dhalits,
 from the great ancient empire of the kushites
settled in the valley of the mohenjo njaro
i am a distant traveller,
my history is too great to be written in books,
 because i am the one who have created the sciences
that you now use,
 your cave people,left greece,land of barbarians to study at our

today secret empirers and secret societies use our esoteric symbols
to control natural phenomenon
they desecrate our tombs and our sacred burrial grounds in search of the
they ware waking the wrath of the gods up on the land.

pelched bellies and protuding stomachs,
from haiti to africa
we see the hands of those who control information
control populations,

i am indigenous dweller
it was the moors who took spain and portugal
out of the dark ages,

like star dust,
we came from millions of suns
i travel with sound,
like the speed of night,
like  river

i am an indigenous dweller
who comes froma diffrent world
the undwelling reality of the undwelling truth
my people can not be confined to reservations
when they took the reservation act out of south africa

we are custodian and guardians of the earth,
multi national korporations violate hue man rights
from the amazon to the peruvian high andes
to ecuador,
united fruit company,monsanto,belmonte and mackain
 manufactures genetic modified bananas and plaintain
 monsanto is creating  gmo beans,

they want to to put a bullet in our head
because they rather see us dead
open veins of afrika and central america,

cocaine growers forces aboriginal people
to grow coke,stead of staple crops in colombia
they killed them at night,
meanwhile the peruvian government calls the tupac amaru terrorist
it has been 500 years of terrorism
and the campaign of genocide
and infanticide,
tombs without name
unmarked graves

the rcmp would steal aboriginal children
and take  them into monasteries
for  jesuits,child molestors,pedophiles
to molest and rape them

 cortez told monctesuma
" believe on the cross or die by the sword"
he told him,he rather die,than belive in their false gods
the genocide of the australian aboriginees,
by the hand of the australian government
 never spoken by the media outlets
criminals,who were exiled from england
 went to live in australia

our history is tainted with blood
rape,torture and murder
and now,
i speak
because the dead can not speak
chiapas another history untold,
i am the eyes of RA,
who will come for the day of divine
justice to be executed on earth,
as the blood of so many afrikan peoples
have been spilled all over the globe,my
 we are dying
 we are dying by the dozens,
 like flies,
left for the hyennas and vultures
because of vicious mercenaries,
we are dying of unknown causes
 we are dying,we are dying!

we are dying because of ignorance
and lack of knowledge of self,
we are dying,
because we are not able to assemble together
fora common cause,

like a poison,slowly making its way in the bloodstream
shutting down your system
lights out,

we will die,
and we will dont know why
when troopers come kicking your door
where you gonna run,
merciless killers who work for the states
 trained assassin,blood thirst hounds
looking for you,
are you ready to run

complascence will also kill you
Emiliano zapata said" i rather  die fighting
rather than dying on my own two knees"

helicopters hover above the jungles of peru,
amazon and ecuador and bolivia,
fumegation of coca plants,
which side are you on,
 so many murder across the globe
in the name of the cross
that the vatican carries
under the popes vest
 there is history of bloodshed
as pope in ancient times use to lead armies
the vatican itself got its own private army
built by wealthy bankers and high finances
from the order of zion
to the knights of templars
the rosecrucians and zoroastrians

secret society of criminals and murders
who stole and pillaged and plundered villages
who sells arms to the islamic countries,
where the middle east gets its kalishinikovs
and ak 47s, when the population is too starved
but the sultanates and the theocratic regime manage to eat

under shells order,they executed ken sara wiwa
the ongoni giant,
it is afrikan blood running the streets of north amerikkka

we are dying
because in the pentagon
the national security council
 plans of genocide are been manufactured
each and everyday,
as type this poem
 some crazy scientist is planning
 their war of infanticide,matricide
time is not on our side,
all we are doing at this time,
is surviving.

 surviving because,we are living the last few hours.

(C) 2008 afrikanrebel

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