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Author Topic: THE DUTY OF THE STATE/ PART I  (Read 8237 times)
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« on: August 05, 2008, 04:13:19 PM »

The State
  It is the duty of the state to germinate, articulate
and perpetuate the hopes, dreams and aspirations of
its people: All of its people- from the most
vulnerable ( the unborn) to the most achieved
(national hero). 
  The difficulty implicit in this ideology is: How
should 'The State' do this?  It must do so by
facilitating, harnessing and maximizing the full
potential of the masses.
  How can the state facilitate, harness and maximize
the full potential of the Masses?
  The state can facilitate, harness and maximize the
full potential of the masses  if it:
       1.   Facilitate workable methodologies for the
formal transmittal of knowledge-  the masses must have
free access to education up to the secondary level (
including technical skills and agriculture).
       2.   Establish/strengthen all modes of
communication- we have to listen/talk to each other in
order to understand each other. ( The Bible instructs
us that- "...with all our getting we should get
        3.   Articulate a clear position on Family-
what is a family?  how does it function?  what does a
family do?  ( role of a family)
        4.  The establishment of 'a family academy'-
to teach, newly married couples/ or a couple who needs
a re-fresher course, family education and skills.
  This is important if we agree that -The Family- "is
the primary autonomous unit within the society  viz.
its social construct.  it is at the level of the
family that the morals and norms of the society are
first taught, either explicit or implicit.
  The terrorizing effects of the enslavement Process
  The African man is in a dilemma: He is too tribal:
but the tribe is his identity; to loose the tribe is
to loose himself: yet he must loose himself in order
to find himself!  in other words he must- know
himself.  This is quite a-pro-po since it was the
African man who chiseled these words into the granite
rocks of ancient Egypt: " Man know Thyself" ( please
understand that this is inclusive of women! ).
  What must one do in order to know himself/herself?
  In order to know himself the African man must first
remember who he is!  He must retrace his steps to the
place where he lost the memory of who he is!  He must
know that he is Adam- first man, father of all, Abba.
He must know that science has shown him to be who he
is.   He must know that the story of Eden took place
in Africa!  ( when heaven was on the earth! ).
A work in Progress...

  Copyright 2008  Martin F. Reynolds

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