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Author Topic: My journey into self...  (Read 9233 times)
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« on: November 07, 2009, 06:17:30 PM »

Reflections on my Journey of Kemetic Yoga and the Ascension into the Realms of Black Genius -
The Art of Making and Finding Uncommon Connections

At a space in time I embarked on a journey of Kemetic Yoga. The Thef Neteru Sema Paut System, where I found myself moving with our ancestors
into ivine unity. Where I learned there was a time before I came into Creation. They told me it was Nefertem and as I sat there I became the jewel
within the Heart of the Lotus(Aum mani pad me hum), and everything seemed Nu because they had just come into Creation. Slowly I blossomed into
the most beautiful flower, Sekhmet. Seven shining Light Rays illumined my chakras from crown to root as Shu lifted, revealing the First Morning of
Time. Then I saw Nut rising into the Journey of Ra as I rocked into Geb, the shoulder stand, the plough, the spinal twist, the wedge and in a sacred
union I engaged Nut coming into the wheel, experiencing an intoxicating overall tonic effect on my mind, heart, temple, soul and spirit as they tran-
sitioned through Selket, Arat and Sobek and I became a Lioness and Warrior for Smai Tawi as I mastered my lower self, thereby giving rise to my
higher, ivine, peaceful nature/the Neteru in I.

I then used my inner eye to see that I needed to commune with the Goddesses. With Nut I expanded into infinity and Maat was full of purpose and
still so true. Aset, she gave me wisdom and intuition as she sat me on her throne and told me to know and Love thyself ivinely so that I may be-
come a good leader of truth, right, harmony, balance, order, reciprocity and propriety among my people, whom Loved me so that I should be here
in this moment to honour them and as I did so, I realized I was recreating myself out of them and they said, welcome to your New Creation, your
own establishment. They said you have transformed yourself by re-member-ing our story, our worldview of Peace, Love and Unity. Now they said,
you are completely in harmony and balance as you resurrect in Nehast. They said to give thanks to my teacher, Basu Neter Aunkh Aakhu for his
spirit of generosity in imparting such high ivine knowledge. They said to give thanks to my Black Genius Kemetic Yoga Family because the Natural
Brilliance you have all shone in my life has also been part of the discipline, strength, high moral standing, ultimate peace and inner calm that I have
been allowed to cultivate.

Anpu has now spoken and our way is opened to accessing our ancestral gateway to the supreme knowledge of enlightenment/endarkenment, so we
may live with the Sema Tawi of Wisdom, Right Action, Meditation, Ivine Love and creating a bridge between the opposites within I'n'I to bring forth
once and for all, the Ausarian principle of Unification. One Perfect Heart of Black Love to my brothers and sisters in the Maafa. Peace be still and let
the Gods and Goddesses of Nubia/Kush/Khamit speak through I and the I's. RAs Teferi.

Hetep and Dua.
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