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Author Topic: Think (Views on Repatriation)  (Read 8812 times)
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« on: June 28, 2011, 09:16:19 AM »


by Ras Jahaziel

At this time in world history there is a renewed penetration of Africa in the search for land and wealth. Along with the nations of Europe, large nations like India and China now see the need to obtain a piece of that rich resource base that is the rightful inheritance of Blacks in Africa and Blacks in the west who were violently robbed of their birthright and their land-right.

So while more "discoverers" are discovering Africa, LANDLESS disinherited African SQUATTER-captives in the islands of the Caribbean are now being counseled to STAY PUT on small rocks in the sea that have never been able to sustain themselves without exporting large percentages of their populations and importing their basic needs.

If big countries like China and India still need more acreage for food cultivation to feed their growing populations, what then is the future for small islands as their populations increase?

Common sense says that the very finite borders of a little island do not allow for long-term population growth. Like a bucket it will quickly overflow.

Even now there is a growing call for Britain and the US and Canada, and other European nations to close their doors to the influx of non-white immigrants. What happens when small islands can no longer export their surplus population to the lands that the white man calls home?

At the same time the European and the Indian and the Chinese have all determined that Africa is the place with the space for THEIR expansion, but whose right is it more than the dispersed, disinherited, LANDLESS children of Africa to search for a place in Africa? How come strangers can obtain vast tracts of land in Africa and Africans who have slaved for hundreds of years to build the wealth of the west are now urged to be content with RENTING little beehive plots that can barely hold a house?

But those that worship at the feet of the slave-master do not think of these things. He has given them a solution for population-control and they have swallowed it as if it came from the mouth of God, so now they tell themselves "We can always adjust to the smallness of our plantation by increasing abortion. If we murder a larger number of our children, those that will be left will be able to survive on these small rocks.

And then we can also turn our island into a wide open whore house, and we will pin our survival on catering to the decadent desires of the European. We will market the Rasta more efficiently, and we know it will make money, because we have seen how selling our children on the beach is helping us to pay our bills. In any case, smallness of island and scarcity of resources will not be allowed to be a problem, because we have gotten used to selling our souls and we have become so expert at it that it has now become a profitable culture for which we are well renowned all over the world."

So turn on your TV and you are sure to see Europeans from all over Europe identifying themselves as Jews and REPATRIATING to Israel. Christians pray for them and send them blessings and money, and they seldom meet the ridicule that is accorded to the Rasta when he speaks of repatriating  to Africa.

Europeans have made their homes in Kenya, Zimbabwe, and South Africa, and none of the wild animals that we are afraid of are eating them, and for them Africa is not Hell, it is Paradise. And those that criticize Rasta for wanting to repatriate to Africa never ask themselves why not the children of Africa who were ripped from her bosom by cruel force and disinherited of their land-right so that they now live like scattered concrete nomads, chained to rented house-spots on another man's land?

But here is the truth: if the scattered children of Africa were to embrace Haile Selassie and Marcus Garvey's vision and turn their hearts and their minds towards Africa, the European's plan would be jeopardized, and African resources would no longer fatten Europe but be re-diverted to the service of Africans. Wow,  what a European nightmare, with the power to give the Queen heart-attack!

So now is the time for all you knighted soldiers to come to the aid of her majesty's party. There has to be a mind-distorting campaign to emphasize the differences between Africans, and to magnify the potential challenges that would be involved in the implementation of repatriation.

But there is another spirit that sees Africa's glorious future and wants to be a part of it. It is a voice that keeps on urging Africans to higher ground. Marcus Garvey visualized it, articulated it, organized for it. Haile Selassie demonstrated it by making the first gesture to grant land to Blacks in the west and initiating the movement for African unification.

That voice says "Africa awaits its creators. Bring my children from afar with their talents and their skills, because all of it will be appreciated and needed. Imagine what it would be like if the labors and the talents and the skills that Blacks have put into building European empires were put into building one African nation! That is the vision that you will never get from a colonial education.

THE VISION says bring all those that have been stripped of their birthright and their land-right and scattered to the ends of the sea.

Give the children the teachings of Haile Selassie, inspire them with the words of Marcus Garvey and see how they will break the mental captivity.

We will unlearn the white man's trickenology that made us impotent doctors and professors in the midst of our own colonial sickness, and the "Blind-Low-A" will no longer be able to manipulate our unconscious thoughts and dictate our actions..
When we break the back of our captivity, the resources of Africa that now nourish strangers shall be sufficient for a new African people that have learned to THINK along the lines of NATION and have separated themselves from the mentality of the plantation.
When our African minds have come back from vacation we shall realize that the slave-master's vision is always to keep you in captivity, so if he wants you to be HERE, then you automatically know that you should be THERE.

So when we have purged the plantation-mentality the evidence of it will be seen in the central focus of our symposiums and our discussions, because our theme shall always be centered on RECONSTRUCTING AFRICA not on repainting and glorifying and validating the slave hut.


The mind that is thus liberated clearly sees that "reality" as we know it today was created by men, and any reality that men make, men can replace with another reality.

Repatriation is like a movement to bring the scattered bones of a dismembered body back together for a miraculous resurrection. It is one of the necessary corner-stones in erecting the Pan-African edifice that Garvey and Haile Selassie envisioned.

And the main challenge is to DE-WHITENIZE the African mind so as to clear up our spiritual TV to allow bright visions to be broadcast again. When this is done, no obstacle or stumbling block shall appear to be insuperable.

Ras Jahaziel

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