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Author Topic: ku klux klan in our police  (Read 7217 times)
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« on: October 22, 2003, 01:24:15 PM »

this about racists in the english police force they were publically named and humiliated  

Five police officers have resigned in the wake of a television documentary exposing racism in the ranks.

Three officers from Greater Manchester Police and a North Wales Police recruit have resigned after they were filmed making alleged racist comments by an undercover reporter. A fifth police officer has resigned from the Cheshire force.

North Wales Police recruit Rob Pulling is one of seven officers suspended as a result of the documentary The Secret Policeman.

Mr Pulling was secretly recorded appearing to use racist language and make comments praising Hitler.

He was also filmed wearing a home-made white mask to mimic those worn by the notorious American racist group the Ku Klux Klan.

Acting Deputy Chief Constable of North Wales Police, Clive Wolfendale, said the force would be writing to the family of murdered black teenager Stephen Lawrence to apologise for "obscene" comments Pulling was seen to make.

"I felt physically sick as I watched," said Mr Wolfendale.

"Pulling has shamed his colleagues, his uniform and the service."

Mr Wolfendale's comments following similar words from the deputy chief constable of Greater Manchester Police, Alan Green who said he was "shocked and ashamed" by the documentary.

Mr Green said his force had "not done enough" to combat racism in its ranks after four of his recruits and one serving officer were shown allegedly making racist remarks.

One recruit from the Cheshire force has also been suspended.

Undercover reporter Mark Daley posed as a police cadet for six months and secretly filmed colleagues as they made racist comments.

The reporter was arrested on suspicion of obtaining a pecuniary advantage by deception and damaging police property and is due to answer bail next month.

Assistant Chief Constable Alan Green of Greater Manchester Police said the force expected to take further action once it received extra material from the filmmakers.

He said: "Racism has no place in Greater Manchester Police and we are totally committed to tackling it both inside and outside the force.

"Our investigation into the issues, which is being independently supervised, will be thorough."

His counterpart in Cheshire, David Green, said the racist conduct shown in the programme was "abhorrent".

He said: "There is great disappointment and anger at all levels within the police service that a small group of officers, including one from Cheshire, have let us all down.

"Racist conduct is abhorrent in any form, whether inside or outside the service and strenuous efforts have been made by the Cheshire Constabulary and other forces to challenge such racism."

Chief Inspector Leroy Logan, chairman of the Black Police Association in the Metropolitan Police, said: "It is a terrible blow to public confidence in the police. They see that, even in a training environment, these attitudes are cultivated.

"I think the organisation attracts a certain mentality of little bigshot dictators who get power through being a police officer."

He further called for a "root and branch" inquiry and claimed that prejudice also existed in higher ranks of the force.

A spokeswoman for the National Assembly Against Racism said she found the documentary "chilling".

I would also like to add to this. me and some friends of mine decided when we watched the documentary on T.V to do something to voice our opinions to the police force, we had no ideas until we dcided to say we were dealing crack cocaine and cocaine to little yr 8s at school who are only 12,13. As you can imagine the school paniced and phoned the police when they heard what we were doing. The drug squads came in with their dogs, natuarally we got the dogs to bark at us by going to school wreaking of marijuana we got are outer clothing searched they found what they presumed to be cocaine although it was flour they wanted to strip search us but we are all under 16 so they cant lol we were trying to look spaced out which wasnt very hard seen as we all thought it wa quite funny and we got out of some lessons.The whole aim was to show the police no respect and to let them know they are hated by the people of our town and our country that we live in. i belived this did not ahcieve anything but at least we got to voice our opinions all though we are facing being expelled because we were rude to the police force i.e saying at least you aint out on the streets '' nigger hunting' as they call it so maybe a black person was saved from being stop and searched. arrested or victim of a police attack
 realising now yeah it was foolish but at least i had the chance to tell the filth what i think of them and how much they are hated . i would also like to say that there is a black member of the ku klux klan. shocking isnt it

I did it cos i was so outraged i felt like seriously hurting the police

what is the ku klux klan like in america is it still pro active

To make eveything come true we have to be together through the spirit of the most high emperor haile selassie I
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