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Author Topic: International Rastafari global reasoning  (Read 15475 times)
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RastafariSpeaks .com

« on: June 10, 2003, 04:00:38 AM »

Impress!!there's a lot of wisdom and reasonong capabalities out-here that can contribute and change the selfish world to a world of togetherness, one love with one aim. Let me not rush to conclusions but i feel the problem is lack of action,lack of strategies and fear of not being accepted if one (e.g if i tell Pres Bush that we have to cut on agricultural subsidies to give the opportunity to developing countries or Afrikan countries in particular for that matter to compete fairly thus increasing their income,food security and welfare,then there's that fear which is possible to develop- that if i mention this to Pres Bush he might think i dont have a feeling for American people cause it's a must for Amerika to give more Agricultural subsidies in order to dominate,control and kill the developing countries food self reliance thereby making them beg to us and imposing our likings in exchange of aid. i'm just saying lets get to another situation).

International Rastafari global reasoning 2003 is going to happen and i wonder if it has already touched Afrikan soil- where we need much of this forums.on the Agenda is the threats to Afrika's survival, please come and say this in Afrika and let the people here know what those threats are we are not insecure but it will be good.iagre we have to talk to any one, anywhere, where there is a need. The other perceived mentality is that rastafarian is Jamaican, what Jamaican well it started here on the continent even before his Impeor Haile selasie I. there is more to rastafarianism than what the majority think.

more to say.......but we need the next international rastafari global reasoning In Afrika Right here and our leaders will be very much happy with this. stop talking at the back,come in front and straight up in the faces of people themselves. there is still a lot the world can learn here as we know them but they don't know us but they think they know us... a lot out here brothers and sisters.

one love, one aim one world and no to negative dominant force.


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« Reply #1 on: July 19, 2003, 09:23:33 AM »

By MEL COOKE, Staff Reporter
July 10, 2003, jamaicastar.com

Western Bureau: WHERE THERE IS Rastafari there is rhythm and the launch of 'Global Reasoning 2003' at the Ashanti Oasis Restaurant on Monday night was no different.

From the singing of the Ethiopian Anthem as part of the opening proceedings through to a rendition of some chants and the Freedom Song by young Sister Ayisha and two beautiful songs by the Rastarenes, beautiful voices and powerful drumming blessed Hope Gardens in St. Andrew.

Music will also form a part of 'Rastafari Global Reasoning 2003', which is being put on by the Nyabinghi House of the Rastafari Movement, and takes place at the Social Sciences Faculty of the University of the West Indies (UWI) from July 16 - 24.

Nyabinghi chants

Nyabinghi chants will begin and close off the opening ceremony, which is set for the UWI Undercroft on the reasoning's first day, while a full-fledged Nyabinghi at Scott's Pass will end the eighth day, Wednesday, July 23. In addition, among the historic Rastafari sites to be visited on the reasoning's final day are musical landmarks Trench Town Culture Yard and the Bob Marley Museum.

Mutabaruka will be the keynote speaker at the opening plenary session at the Social Sciences Lecture Theatre.

The artistes for a stage show set for Saturday, July 19, are yet to be announced, but Ras Ibo Cooper and Ras Sizzla Kolonjie are among the panelists set to discuss 'Rastafari Music, Arts and Culture' in the evening session from 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. at the Social Sciences Lecture Theatre on Sunday, July 20.

As Sister Ayisha approached the microphone at the Ashanti on Monday night, someone commented that 'a child shall lead the way'. Lead she did, opening by chanting we will spread Haile Selassie teachings around the whole world, as the Nyabinghi drums were played suitably softly to accommodate her voice and delivery.


The persons in attendance started rocking, but the dancing picked up for the next number, Freedom Song, and so too did the singing with the familiar refrain we will fight for the right to be free/we will build our own society/we will sing our own song.

With a half-moon and some electric lights catching the joy-filled faces of those who chose to stand outside the restaurant itself, Sister Ayisha segued into more chanting, singing her defiance that I will never leave this field until the battle is won.

Kings Casso chose tracks for his deejay presentation and, with Dub Traffickers Poemtry Sound sysproviding the music, he deejayed that a whole heap a tings we haffi discuss, a red, green and gold flag clutched in one hand.

The Rastarenes finished off this segment of musical presentation with two short, sweet pieces. The all-female trio began with the familiar Rasta Man Chant, the lead singer sticking to the melody but still personalising the chant. When they hit 'fly away home', dozens of voices joined in the harmony.

The Rastarenes departed, but were asked to do one more. "This one come straight from the motherland, Ithiopia," the lead singer said and in short order the litling refrain of 'ti-le-le' filled the Ashanti Oasis Restaurant, spilling outside to ruffle the leaves of the foliage.
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RastafariSpeaks .com

« Reply #2 on: July 19, 2003, 10:26:31 AM »

Greetings Ayinde,

Give thanks for keeping InI up to date on the Global Reasonings.  Unfortunately, many of us coudn't make it.  THough I'm glad to say we have representatives of Empresses of Zion speaking for InI and addressing the issues which affect the RastaWoman, therefore the NATION.

Again, thank you for the post.


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Hail the I

« Reply #3 on: July 19, 2003, 07:12:17 PM »

I hope other ones and ones who are there now can update those of us connected to this reasoning spot here. Looking forward to hearing about it...

Check out Iman Selection for free online at:
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