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Moonlight Gathering this September

August 29, 2006
Trinidad and Tobago

Bobo Ashanti on the bass drum
Bobo Ashanti on the bass drum

Poetry, Singing, Drumming, Pan and Dialogue

There are many people in this country simply bursting with talent and ideas, but with very few places to express it in a comfortable space. The Moonlight Gathering was created to be a free flowing, relaxed forum for creative expression in its various manifestations.

In the mainstream, culture usually translates into mere entertainment, however this gathering aims to expose people to a deeper understanding of culture. Related to this is participants accessing broader perspectives that are so absent in the mainstream media and education system. In this context the gathering has an African/grassroots orientation, though it is open to all persons. Those that are interested in sharing their work should come prepared to do so.

For more information about the moonlight gathering: click here
Date: Saturday 9th September 2006

Venue: Blue Basin Park, Blue Basin Road, Diego Martin.

Starting time: 8:30 pm

Refreshments will be provided.

Contribution only $ 20
A maxi leaves the UWI undercroft at UWI at 7:00 pm. Those interested in getting a seat MUST reserve their place either by phone/email or by adding their name to the list in the Student Guild office. For those that are coming from south, there is also a maxi leaving from Point Fortin. All persons wanting to utilise this transport MUST reserve their place.

For further info and/or directions contact:
Leslie - lsli20@hotmail.com - 758-4622

Tyehimba - ndweleifwa@yahoo.com - 730-4693

Sa Sutcha (South) - shemsheru@yahoo.co.uk - 798-2967

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