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Author Topic: Levels of spiritual growth  (Read 7913 times)
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Work to uphold the teachings of H.I.M. Selassie I!

« on: November 02, 2004, 12:41:28 AM »

Greetings in the name of the Most High,
     I have tangled with myself over the relationship between man, nature, what we have experienced and what we will experience for a long time, and today an answer hit me! Haile Selassie I says to look to the Bible for guidence, but to trust our own heart above all else. I have always felt the superiority of humans to animals (but always realized the respect deserved) and how humans came to be the powerful individuals they are. This is an abbreviated version of what I came to realize.
     The levels of spiritual existance are:
     earth - an individual unit of earth has very little life force. Earth obviously has life force however because earth in large amounts can cause great shifts.
     plants - More life force than earth. Individual plants actually strive to stay alive. They require certain things to remain living.
     animals - Even more life force. Idividuals strive to stay alive and have even more individual power. The power to roam the earth, etc.
     Humans - The most important keepers of life force. When Jah created man he created us in his image. As the creator, he gave each of us the power to create our own destiny. All the choices we make in life our made by our individual souls. We are able to seek Jah's guidence, but the individual him/herself is the One that makes the decision.
   With each stage we progress through, we are given more responsibility than the last existance. H.I.M. was at the top stage in a human body. He was the closest you could get to Jah before actually initing oneself with creation again and taking on even more responsibility. Now that he has passed on from his body, he has even more say in the direction the iniverse travels than any individual or group of humans has. That is why InI pray to H.I.M. His soul began the same as ours, but he followed the path of Jah to the fullest extent. We all have the ability to do the same, for Jah gave each of us the power of creation! All it takes is a matter of TIME! Endlessness. Do not get lost and trod off the path my brothers and sisters! The path is long, do not get discouraged! One day we will again walk amongst the presence of H.I.M. RASTAFARI!

Continue to seek knowledge, and you will find it!