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Author Topic: How Europe underdeveloped Africa  (Read 12481 times)
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« on: May 19, 2003, 08:22:49 AM »

Greetings everyone! This to me is probably the hottest topic at the moment. Ever since the slavery days Africa has faced many problems. After the slavery days came the european landgrabbers who grabbed all the land they wished and moved the original settlers of these lands. This was anyway the case in Kenya where I was raised.

When the british came in the early 20-century they bought land there from the British government for extremly cheap prices. A few accres went for some lousy shillings. The British who came took the most fertile highlands to farm and they also took parts of the country rich in minerals.

The plan of the British who came to Kenya to stay was to get rich fast and cheaply. Today much of that which was stolen during the colonial times is still run by the "Kenya Cowboys" (Englishmen living in Kenya) who occupied it long ago. And those lands which where returned to the government where taken by rich Kenyan politicians.

The problem in Kenya since independence has been that the kenyan government has been following in the footsteps of the colonizers. The problems that excisted then still excist. The politicians in Kenya have for a long time been grabbing public  land and hacking down forrests to build mansions for them to rent out for huge profits.

Kenya is a country very rich in all kinds of minerals, from Gold to  Oil to Salt. The country also has a very vast tea export but over 90% of it is sold in bulks and not manufactured and processed in Kenya. Kenya has the ability to be a wealthy country if only the resoureces would not be given away at such low prices.

I know of a little reading that might be of interest to anyone who wants to learn more on this subject: How Europe underdeveloped Africa by Walter Rodney. Other books I know of are specific to Kenya and are therefore hard to find elsewhere.

I hope others have some enlightment to give on this subject and may GOD be with us all through our journey in life. Peace and Blessings, Africa for the Africans.

While some drown in the sea of poverty others cruise in the ships of riches/ Sam