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Author Topic: Albert Churchward  (Read 17585 times)
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« on: June 30, 2003, 04:03:46 PM »

Origin and Evolution of Primitive Man (1912)

Lecture given at the Royal Societies Club, Feb. 1912. Partial Contents: Divisions of Primitive Man; Pygmies Anatomical Features, Physiological Features & Spiritual Beliefs; Major Powell-Cotton's Observations; Dr. Frazier's Opinion; Magic & Its Definition; Egyptian Opinion; Pygmy Dances; Spirit Worship; Dawn of Religion; Bushmen; Masaba & Nilotic Negro; Professors Keith's & Sollas' Opinion; Ancient Implements; Burial Customs; Age of Man; Language; Pygmy Words; Illustrations. "The subject of the lecture now published constitutes a chapter in "The Origin & Evolution of the Human Race".

Origin and Evolution of Religion

Contents: Definitions of Religion; Religious Cult of the Totemic People; Magic and Fetishism; Hero Cult and Mythology; Sacred Symbols; The Stellar Cult; Great Pyramid of Ghizeh; Different Phases of the Stellar Cult; Lunar Cult; Solar Cult; The Jews and Israelites; Babylonian Cult; Buddhism; The Druids; Mohammedism; Cult of Christianity.

Origin and Evolution of the Human Race

This is an extremely scarce and important work. It is profusely illustrated with over 100 pictures and illustrations. Partial Contents: Antiquity and Birthplace of Man; Africa Birthplace of Man; Piltdown Skull; Burial Customs; Ancient Implements and How to Distinguish Them; Primary Man; Non-Totemic or Pre-Totemic and Non-Anthropophagous People; Spirit Worship; Non- or Pre-Totemic People; Masaba Negros; Totemic & Androphagi People; Nilotic Negroes; Totemic Group; Further Proofs that the Nilotic Negro was the Founder of Ancient Egypt; Totem & Totemism; Heidelberg and Neanderthal Types; Tribes of Borneo and the Todas; Stellar Mythos People; Further Proofs of Stellar Cult in America; Central America & Mexico; Stellar Mythos People in Asia; Chinese People; Evidence of Stellar Cult in Africa, Ancient Egypt and Northern Europe; Lunar Cult; Solar Mythos People; Solar Cult People; People of the British Isles; Comparative Wisdom, Ancient & Modern.

Signs and Symbols of Primordial Man

The Evolution of Religious Doctrines From the Eschatology of the Ancient Egyptians. 'In writing the explanation of the Signs and Symbols of Primordial Man, I have gone back to the foundation of the human as a beginning, and traced these signs from the first Pygmies, and their then meaning, up to the latter-day Christians, and shown the evolution and meaning of the same, back to the Primordial Signs and Symbols and Sign Language, which have never been studied or taken into account either in Freemasonry, the Christian doctrines or the Eschatology of the Egyptians.' Partial Contents: Freemasonry Generally, Totemism; Hieroglyphics; Remains of Ritual found amongst the Zapotecs, Mexicans, People of Yucatan and Central America; Myths and Legends same as Egyptian; Tribes of West Africa; Birthplace of Man and various Exodes; The Pygmies; Druids and Israelites; Chaldeans; Origin of the Zodiac; Oriental Origins; The Incas; The Buddhists; Steller to Solar Mythos; Origins and Explanations of Other Principal Signs and Symbols used amongst Freemasons; Origin of the Triangle, Circle, Cross; Great Pyramid, and Pyramids of Mexico and the Sphinx.

Arcana of Freemasonry

'I dedicate this work to all my brother Masons of whatever clime and whatever creed who take an interest in Masonic research.' FreemasonryˇThe Bridge of HistoryˇUniting the Past with the Present; The soul of Masonry, The Divine Name; Second Century of Modern Masonry; Origins of Freemasonry; Freemasonry, Past and Future; Origin and Explanation of some Masonic Signs and Symbols; Egyptology and Masonry; Four Cardinal Points; Operative Masonry.

Origin and Antiquity of Freemasonry

And its Analogy to the Eschatology of the Ancient Egyptians, as Witnessed by the 'Book of the Dead,' and the Great Pyramid of Ghizeh, the First Masonic Temple in the World. 'Many Masons take great interest in the past history of the craft; few, we believe, have any idea of its real origin, and it is to these, therefore, more especially that this discourse is addressed.' 'After long investigation we are able to throw a light on the Origin and Antiquity of Freemasonry, and proofs of the same.'

Origin and Evolution of Freemasonry

Connected With the Origin and Evolution of the Human Race. 'To all my brother Freemasons throughout the world who are seeking for the truth.' 'In order to gain a true conception of the origin and evolution of Freemasonry, its Signs, Symbols, and all its Rituals and Ceremonies, one must have also a knowledge of the origin and evolution of the Human Race.' Contents: Periodic Laws of the Corpuscles and Socialists; Life and What It IsˇMaterial, Spiritual and Evolutional; Sign Language; Creation and Evolution to Pygmies; Evolution of Totemic People and Origin of Some of Our Signs, Symbols, Ceremonies, and Explanations of the Same; Stellar Cult People & Origin of other Signs and SymbolsˇSeven Lesser MysteriesˇInitiatory CeremonyˇWritten LanguageˇAncient Hittite Inscription TranslatedˇOrigin of the Operative and Speculative Masons and Differences; Lunar & Solar CultˇOther Signs & SymbolsˇTen Greater Mysteries; Perversion by the Greeks & Other Nations; Horus of the Double Horizon & Early Solar Cults; Mythical Representations & Evolution of Religious Ideas; Ten Greater Mysteries; Universal Brotherhood of Freemasonry the only Effective Means for Permanent peace Throughout the World.
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