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Author Topic: No Passion For A Black Christ  (Read 24746 times)
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Black Poetry, Black History Month, Speaker

« on: March 04, 2004, 08:26:17 PM »

This could use some editing but please read with an open heart and mind.  Peace and blessings, Kenya  (kenyaspeaks.com, black-history-month.net)

To the editor:

Like believing in Santa Claus, we all remember how we felt when our parents told us that he didn't exist.  "The Passion," I suspect, will make some people experience that feeling all over again.  The reggae group, Morgan Heritage sings "Napoleon destroyed all of the original black paintings of Christ and hired Michelangelo to paint them back white.  Herein lies the truth."  

I decided to write this letter following my call to KFRU's talk radio show with hosts Fred Perry and Simon Rose on Monday, March 1, 2004.  They had a special guest expert speaking about Mel Gibson's "The Passion."  He used the term "whitewashing" as he described controversies surrounding this movie.  An example of "whitewashing" is when he said that some people might not have realized that Jesus was a Jew.  He further added that the Roman Catholic Church released a statement saying that the movie was 100% accurate.

The next thing I heard was, "Caller, you're on the air."  I then politely stated that this movie has whitewashed and blacked-out a serious major truth about Jesus Christ.  I said that the film inaccurately depicts Jesus and the 12 disciples as European.  I said that he was actually much darker than that.  I did not want to just outright say that Jesus was a BLACK MAN, but I did want to at least point out that the Hollywood Jesus has straight hair and blue eyes.  The living and breathing Jesus did not.

The special guest did agree and say that, indeed, Jesus portrayed as blonde-and-blue was a "stretch of the truth."  Interestingly enough, he NEVER ONCE mentioned this obvious distortion before I made the comment nor has this fact ever been mentioned on any mainstream media reports.

I think we need to be honest about how Jesus looked.  Even if they didn't want to go as black as Samuel L. Jackson, Denzel or Danny Glover, they could have used someone who was "yellow" or "light skinned".  Was Will Smith or Cuba Gooding, Jr. not available?  This is a greater distortion than when Elizabeth Taylor played Cleopatra.  Egypt is in Africa, not Europe.

Jesus was a Nazarene man as Samson.  Nazarene's wore their hair locked.  Samson's hair was locked.  His strength was in his hair.  Nazarene men do not comb or cut their hair and they let it mat, lock, and grow.  Nazarene is from nazar, meaning "unshorn."  In fact, that is why Rastafarians wear their hair as the Nazarene men of Jesus' time.  Their strength is in their hair.  The next time you see a nappy headed, deadlocked youth walking down the street, rebelling against society with his baggy pants and his shoes untied, then just think that Jesus today might look like him. (Nm. 6:2,5, Lv. 19:27; 21:5)  (Jg. 13:5, 16:17,19)

I have a white friend in Columbia who was married by a black preacher.  He said that some people were surprised that he had been married by a black preacher.  I told him to remind them that the greatest spiritual men in history have been black.

"Buddha was black which is why his wooly hair is always shown in small tight curls, pepper corn style or corn rows.  Early sculptures of him clearly reveal his Africoid features (wide nose and full lips).  So was Zaha of Japan, Fu-Hsi of China, Tyr of Scandinavia, Quetzalcoatl of Mexio, Sommonacom of Siam and Isis of Egypt and Rome.  Krishna of India was "blue-black."  In fact, Krishna means black or the Black One in Sanskrit.  He is always portrayed with blue or blue-black skin.  Mohammed, founder of Islam was also "bluish" in color with "frizzy" hair.  His grandfather was 'black as the night."  Moses was Black according to Mohammedan tradition and early portraits.  His hand would turn white, then back to his "other flesh" when God wished to give him a sign.  (Ex. 4:6,7).  Lao Tse of Taoism was "a divine incarnation, born of a virgin black in complexion and as beautiful as jasper."  (Thorton:  History of china Vol. 1).  The chief title of Osiris, the greatest of Egyptian gods means "Lord of the Perfect Black."  He was also called "The Great Black," similar to Krishna.  The chief title of Zeus, greatest of the Greek gods was "Ethiops" which means "burnt faced."  Early statues of gods in India have Africoid features and woolly or locked hair.  The name of the Mexican god Ixtliton means "blacked faced." In fact, many ancient Mexican gods are portrayed jet black with Africoid features.  Once banned, The World's Sixteen Crucified Saviors, by Kersey Graves reveals remarkable knowledge on this subject, along with Anacalypis by Godfrey Higgins and African Origins of the Major World Religions by Amon Saakana, ed.  Many Bible stories are borrowed from ancient Egypt, Sumer and India, as documented in John Jackson's Christianity Before Christ.""

Anyone questioning the blackness of Nazareth should look at the changes in America.  It was only 600 years ago that this land was inhabited by red and black men exclusively.  Today, those native cultures, religions, language, and people have been replaced by a few relics and us.  The mixed people in the Holy Land today are not even the same as the people who lived there 2,000 years ago; the Holy Land has been invaded, too.

So Mel Gibson has further exposed Hollywood and how many movie-goers believe that Tinseltown is ran by historians and not rich actors.  Gibson has sparked the Second Coming by placing Jesus outside of the "church" and we finally get to openly talk about Him as a MAN on Earth and not some figment of our imagination.  

We survived the truth about Santa Claus.   Aren't we old enough to finally learn the truth about Jesus, too?  

Peace and Blessings,
~*Kenya*~  Kimbrough
email:  kenyas@kenyaspeaks.com
(Web Programmer, Writer, Speaker)

"History is for a few.  Huestory is for everyone."  KenyaSpeaks

1.  http://www.nbufront.org/html/MastersMuseums/JGJackson/WasJesusNegro.html  (Was Jesus a Negro)
2.  The King James Version of the Bible
3.  http://www.wisdomworld.org/additional/christianity/ Jesus-ATrueNazarene.html   (Jesus the Nazarene)
4.  My Queen, Elder Mother--CYZB
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physical distance cannot be a barrier to love.

« Reply #1 on: March 04, 2004, 11:16:14 PM »

Greetings Kenya,

This is a VERY nice piece of work... I give thanks for your perspective. The only thing I suggest adding (only by your discretion) the reason why it is so crucial to know this truth... convincing the reader the reason behind why you wrote it. For example, the extreme toll this portrayal of a white jesus has taken on Africans and indigenous peoples everywhere. The picture of a white jesus is all over Ghana... what that creates in the psche of black people is an unspoken acceptance of the white man being higher since god is white. I was reasoning with my father on this issue of The Passion earlier and the reasoning became a heated one due to his lack of overstanding why it is so important to me the color of "Jesus"... stating that I am very prejudice and how the color of Jesus doesn't matter, it's his teaching that do.  Were the teachings even presented in the movie? I have heard not. So I make the suggestion to you (if you wish to make any changes) to add why the color of Jesus matters so deeply in a world that sees things so black and white.

Blessed Love

Spirituality is not theology or ideology. It is a simple way of life, pure and original as was given by the most high. Spirituality is a network linking us to the most high, the universe and eachother
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« Reply #2 on: March 05, 2004, 12:32:49 PM »

 Grin I'm glad others are irritated by this untruth that is continually perpetuated. "Making sense of the Passion" is extremely easy considering the shitstem we are all living under...

For all those nay sayers that try to call us "racist/perjudice" for caring about the color Jesus was....here is my eternal response...

If it doesn't matter what color he was....than why not just show the TRUTH?! Why would the same institutions that "claim" to be instilling morality(yah right) in the masses,  give people a perpetual LIE?! If Yeshua's teaching are what is important than why is he always depicted inacurately?

There must be a reason he is continuousley depicted as "European" when it is quite obvious that he WAS NOT! It isn't a coincidence that we are living under a neo-colonial, white supremacist system and the Christian God is being portrayed as European/White....I don't understand people who tend to write this off as if it is NO BIG DEAL???!!!

I didn't know the Catholic church came out and said it was "completely accurate". That is strange considering the pope prays neeling to an image of  a BLACK Madonna and Child in the Holy of Holies, in the Vatican....It would then seem they KNOW Yeshua is Black, and the color issue cannot be passed over as just an oversight....

What is sad is that it isn't questioned enough, especially by the oppressed people's...when it is so obviousely a falshood/lie being perpetrated for SYMBOLIC and PSYCHOLOGICAL reasons...  Here is an article I found quite telling on the subject...



by Michael Edward


Regarding his PASSION movie, Mel Gibson has repeatedly stated in every interview how his film “accurately depicts the crucifixion of Jesus.” He stresses how he has consulted with “hundreds of scholars” and has “read hundreds of books over the past 13 years” (note the number 13) to make his movie realistically correct. He went as far as to have a modern dialect of ancient Aramaic, the language of Jesus and his disciples, be spoken throughout the movie. The Romans who were portrayed spoke in a modernized Latin. After people watch this movie, they are astonished at the great lengths Gibson has taken to make his movie so “accurate.”

But I have just one question concerning Gibson’s PASSION. I would like to know what scholars or reference books he consulted to portray Jesus as a European looking man with light European skin colour, what the world now racially classifies as a “white man.” Perhaps he used the 1970’s ABC television movie JESUS OF NAZARETH as a skin tone guide since Jesus was a fair skinned (pronounced “white”) and blue eyed man in that movie. Or perhaps he used the 1500’s paintings of Jesus made by Michelangelo, who used his pale skinned cousin as his sitting model.

Just to set the record straight, Jesus' skin was not white: It was dark brown, the same colour as all the indigenous people of the Eastern Mediterranean two thousand years ago. And before someone accuses me of being a black racist, I want you to know that my skin is white, I have blue eyes, and my hair is (naturally) blonde.

Soon after Jesus was born, Herod is believed to have sent his soldiers to seek and kill him as an infant. To hide Jesus from Herod, we are told his family fled with him to Egypt. The Egypt of that historical time period was a society of dark-skinned Africans, as evidenced in their own hieroglyphs. That region of the world was referred to as Kemet, meaning “the black land,” and the inhabitants called themselves Kemetcu, meaning “the black people.” It would surely have been an impossible task to hide and blend a light-skinned child among a dark-skinned population.

Under Emperor Justinian II, the Roman Empire minted a gold coin that pictured Jesus. This coin, which is currently housed in the British Museum, shows a man with clearly non-white facial features and tightly curled hair.

There is no doubt that suggesting Jesus might have been dark-skinned (pronounced “black”) makes most Europeans and Westerners very uneasy... perhaps just as uneasy as dark-skinned Africans feel when Jesus is portrayed as a white, blue-eyed, blonde Aryan.

What we have here is the whitewashing of the PASSION (pun fully intended). By portraying Jesus as a light-skinned European-American, Gibson’s movie creates a religious based clash between Protestant-Catholics (represented by Jesus’ inaccurate light skinned portrayal) against the darker skinned Jews who crucified Jesus.

With that in mind, this movie has sub-consciously triggered a conflict between the white European-American race against darker skinned races, which just happens to include all Arabs, Persians, Syrians, Palestinians, Egyptians, Libyans, etc.

I deliberately excluded the “Jews” from among the dark-skin races - those people who occupy the current UN established borders, commonly known as Israeli - since nearly all of them migrated from Europe in the modern-day “Exodus” of the 1950’s. Modern “Israel” is actually of recent European and American origin, so they are accurately counted among the European-Americans.

Furthermore, is it any mistake on Gibson’s part that this movie is graphically violent? What Gibson’s movie is triggering, without conscious knowledge by most viewers, is a violent racial conflict between white and black because, in modern racial terms, ‘black’ is any skin colour from light brown to dark black.

Gibson’s PASSION movie is an absolute WHITEWASH in terms of both colour and accuracy, but this is no mistake. It’s an attempt to re-write history in order to make it fit the current agenda of the “powers that be.”

Gibson’s controllers have done an excellent job in promoting their agenda, right down to having nearly everyone believe that this movie is “accurate.”


Forward to a united Africa!
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