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Author Topic: ONLY IN GIVING CAN WE REALLY RECEIVE  (Read 11230 times)
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RastafariSpeaks .com

« on: July 04, 2003, 02:21:19 PM »


Many people who browse this web page rastafarispeaks may be amazed by the regular contribution of certain people to this forum. The underlying reason is Not profit or Ego related but a need to fill a gap and awaken the sleepers(Africans) and those in search of knowledge heading in the wrong direction. To those who regularly contribute please continue to do so as energy given always comes back to us in time. Babylon constantly reminds us through advertising that we need to consume, take, spend and be profit driven. But for InI we are wise and discerning to know that this should not be the case.

Philosophers such as Adam Smith claim:

“But man has almost constant occasion for the help of his Bredrens, and it is in vain for him to expect it from their benevolence only. He will be more likely to prevail if he can interest their self love in his favour and show them that it is for their own good to do for him what he requires of them” (equals deceit and guile).

Capitalism is eating fast the soul of man and we, as Africans need to overstand it.
A life full of work but without any spiritual aim is of no avail. The physical body would swing in the rhythm of creation but the spirit would stand still. And if the spirit does not simultaneously swing in the Jah-will rhythm of creation, then the body that does swing in it will not be maintained and strengthened through its work, but become worn out and exhausted, because it does not receive the spiritual strength which it needs through the soul. The stagnation of the spirit hampers the full development of the body.

This law of creation (only in giving can there really be right receiving) and cannot be violated without consequence. With a likkle observation it is not difficult to recognise it and learn from it. This extends not only to the conscious and willed thinking and doing of InI, or to our work in various professions, but also to all processes which are looked upon as self evident, and to which to a certain degree takes place automatically. In exhaling man gives! Something that is of benefit to creation, to name only carbon, which is needed to nourish plant. Reciprocally, he is strengthened and is in a position to breathe in again with pleasure.

So it is within our community as Africans, many are the truly educated Africans who occupy high positions and have refused to give of self. The day of reckoning is soon, what is the reason for this selfishness? There are those Africans in the America, Europe and “developed world” who are greatly afflicted by direct racism at their work, schools, home, and even nations etc but refuse to bring the subject to the surface and correct things, suffering and smiling. The factor of fear and ignorance plays a big role. There are many of our brothers and sisters in Africa aiding the European to rape Africa of its resources continually for the benefit of the West, where is the wisdom in this? Why does Africa continue to sustain the West without duly receiving. Can this great law of creation continue to be violated without consequence? The answer is no

As it is with physical things so it is with spiritual process. If a spirit wishes to draw, thus to receive, it must pass on transformed what it has received. The transforming or forming before the passing on strengthens and steels the spirit, which in this strengthening becomes capable of receiving ever more and still more valuable things, after it has made room for this through the passing on, be it by word, writing or in action.

Only passing on is the spirit lightened, otherwise it would be weighed down, would constantly be made uneasy or restless, and might finally even be completely overcome. Only through giving, that is, through passing on, can the spirit in turn receive anew. Whoever receives must pass on, otherwise congestion and disturbances, which are harmful and can become destructive will ensue, because it is against the automatically- operating law of creation. There is no creature that does not receive.

The onus of freeing Africa completely from the shackles of mental slavery and realising our dream of an equal race can only be achieved by creating a generation of educated warriors. Young warriors who observe the laws of creation and are not hampered in their outlook on life by Europeanise education, which is very one-sided! - The over cultivation of the frontal brain Intellect is the highest of what is earthly, and is meant to be the steering element through life on earth, whereas the driving power is the intuitive perception, which originates in the spiritual world. The basis of the intellect therefore is the physical body, but the basis of the intuitive perception is the spirit. There are only a few people, particularly in the West, today whose receptive portion of the brain co-operates harmoniously at least to some extent with the frontal brain. Without the harmonious co-operation of that portion of the brain meant to receive spiritual impressions, the frontal brain is like a lamp without oil. And here you will find a lot of academics and politicians to whom we entrust a great part of our life to!
Africans and those with very little formal education are known to be more intuitive perceptive compared to their highly cerebral counterparts in the west. Reaching a harmonious function of the two parts of the brain should be the goal

The spirits of our African elders are steadily weakening and needs to be strengthened by giving to the youths, knowledge, and wisdom and understanding, this should be the sacred duty of older ones. Failing this our young ones do not have the right foundation to start off from and have nothing to inherit. Knowledge is power and our biggest enemy in Africa is ignorance

And the greatest ignorance of all is the mistaken belief that we can ever receive more than we truly earn. Sooner or later, there will be an accounting. Everyday, for good or bad, we’re throwing the boomerang. And just as the punishment always seems to be greater than the offence, the rewards are also out of all proportion to our honest efforts. To those who believe they are the privileged (white) and have the sagacity to keep raping Africa of its natural resources the time is drawing close for accountability.

Ras Benjamine


Only when InI bestirs ourself can we advance spiritually.

The man who uses ready made opinions of others, only walks his path as if on crutches,while ignoring his own healthy limbs
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