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Author Topic: Afro-Latin American  (Read 9418 times)
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« on: June 15, 2004, 08:55:39 AM »

Afro-Latin American

1 An Afro-Latin american is a latino person who is of African heritage or lineage. African slaves were brought to America because of the rapidly decreasing Native American laborers on the plantations.They were mostly brought from the West African nations of Nigeria, Ghana, Congo, Ivory Coast, Gold Coast, and Morrocco. A majority of the slaves were brought to Brazil and the Carribean.The rest were brought in small proportions to Central America and South America. Countreys with a large amount of blacks are Brazil,Panama, Columbia, Cuba,Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico.

Afro Brazil- Brazil has the largest population of blacks outside of Africa.Most black Brazilians are descendents of Yoruban slaves brought from Nigeria to the Northern areas of the countrey to work on the sugar plantations. Blacks and Mulattoes in Brazil make up almost half the population.The largest concentration of Brazilian africans are in the town of Bahia were over 80% of the people are black.

Afro Panama- Panama has the largest black population in Latin american Central America.Most Black Panamaians live on the Caribbean coast and are of West Indian heritage. The West Indians(mostly Jamaicans) came to the country to work on the historical Panama canal. The rest of the poulation are of pure African, Mulato,or mixed black and Kuni indian heritage.Panamanian language and music is Spanish with a west indian accent. The most popular music genre in Panama right now is Spanish reggae.The actual percentage of blacks in Panama is unsure but it definately ranges between 14% and 42%.

Afro Cuba- Most Cubans are Mulattoes(65%). This means that if you add the 11% of black Africans in Cuba the majority of the people on the island would be black, 76% to be exact. Black Cubans were brought from the Yoruba and Congolese people of West Africa as slaves to work on the sugar cane fieleds. The slaves did not lose their culture,but practiced it in secret.Most dances out of Cuba such as Mambo,Salsa,Son,Santeria vodoo chanting, and Rhumba are mostly African in origin.

Afro Columbia- Columbia's blacks make up 21%(mulato 14%, pure blacks 4%,and the zambos 2%) of the population.most are consentrated on the northern coast of the South American country.Black Columbians go through a lot of racial injustice from the rest of Columbia's population. Even though they are treated wrongly they overcome prejedice and have greatly affected culture. One of Columbia's musical genres, Cumbia is of African origin.

Afro Dominican Republic- 84% of The Dominican Republics people have some African heritage. 76% being Mulato and 11% being pure African.Dominican blacks were brought as slaves in large proportions from west Africa to sugar cane plantations on the island.Blacks from Dominican Republic and Haiti are the majority around the Haiti/DR borderline.That is were the pure blacks are mainly conscentrated. Dominican culture is greatly effected by African tradition. The music, religion, language,food and, dress of the Dominican people have very noticable African roots.

Afro Puerto Rico- All most all Puerto Ricans have partial African lineage.The actual racial statictics of Puerto Rico is not known, but research finds that either close to or exactly 10% of Puerto Rico is of Pure black African heritage, whith most of the islands population being of Mulatto or Mullatto with partial Native American lineage.Most pure blacks in Puerto Rico are found in the Northern Coastal area (especially in the towns Loiza,Guyama,and Ponce).The music (bomba) and(plena) of Puerto Rico are Afro Latin genres danced to during parties and African derived festivals.Most Black Boriquas are descended of African slaves brought from the Yoruba people of Nigeria.

Afro-Venezuela- Black Venezuelans make up 10% of the population. These Venezuelans live in small slum like towns called campos.The AfroVenezuelans are descended of African slaves and West Indian immigrants. They have kept their traditions and culture alive especially through music. The president of Venezuela right now is of partial black lineage which makes him an afro-Latino.He is the first and only black latino president in South America.

Afro CentralAmerica- The blacks of Central America are few in number,and are found mostly in coastal cities.The blacks of Guatamala(5%) and Honduras(3% )are of mainly Guarifinu heritage. Guarifinus are people who are descended of African slaves brought from Ghana who later mixed with Carib Indians. The Guarifinu live in small secluded villages and preserve their culture. The blacks of Nicaragua(9%) and Costa Rica(3%) are of West Indian heritage(mainly Jamaican)who were brought over as slaves to work on on banana plantations.black Nicaraguans and Costa Ricans are noticible because they speak Creole, Spanish, and have West Indian accents.

Afro SouthAmerica- Most South American countres do not have large black populations. uruguay(4),Argentina(3%),Chile(1%)are three countries in South America. All three have very small populations of blacks who have preserved some of their culture, but have taken in the larger culture which is the White Castillian culture.Ecuador(3%) and Peru(3%) are another group of South American countries with Blacks, but these African descendants have perserved their culture and live in predominately Afro-Ecuadorian or Afro-Peruvian nieghborhoods or towns. The province of Esmarelda in Ecuador is over 70% mulatto or pure Black.

-Christian Santago,14


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