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Author Topic: Mugabe rewards Zimbabwe's "Golden Girl"  (Read 16973 times)
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« on: August 26, 2004, 10:03:45 AM »


President Robert Mugabe has awarded Zimbabwean swimming gold medal winner Kirsty Coventry a diplomatic passport and $50 000 (about R300 000) "pocket money" to use in the US where she is a student.

She won Zimbabwe's only medals so far at the Olympics, bringing home a bronze, a silver and a gold medal.

"She did us proud. Well done, golden girl, may God lead you in the future because you are one with us, we are together," Mugabe said on Wednesday night. - Sapa


Hmm, for such an alleged anti-white bigot as some claim, Mugabe and Zimbabwe seem awfully proud and respectful of their white gold medal swimmer.
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« Reply #1 on: August 27, 2004, 03:20:25 PM »

IFire pon mugabe, the dirty little boy conspire with his  batty boy lover menjitzu to try overthrow ini king , Haile I Selassie , Jah Rastafari .  On the issue of the white farmers,to find some overstanding ,I  just look at how HIM Haile Selassie treated the enemy ,he forgave them,he even gave them (the italians ) land to live on! some are still there living as one today.! Point being , what mugabe did is wrong,chasing off the whites . He should of took the land, but let the farmers  lease it and tax them ,or  give them the choice to leave peacefully. He should of forced them to choose, live as an equal , taking their privlige or to go.I have alot of anger toward them coloionalist but i look again , to the compassion of I king an how he forgave those who did such evil as  beheading InI priests , The true Christ king,live! As HIM say "InI must become members of a new race, not owing ourselves to petty predjuces of color or nationality. Rastafari
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« Reply #2 on: August 27, 2004, 10:05:23 PM »

On the issue of the white farmers,to find some overstanding ,I  just look at how HIM Haile Selassie treated the enemy ,he forgave them,he even gave them (the italians ) land to live on! some are still there living as one today.! Point being , what mugabe did is wrong,chasing off the whites . He should of took the land, but let the farmers  lease it and tax them ,or  give them the choice to leave peacefully. He should of forced them to choose, live as an equal , taking their privlige or to go.

Well this certainly contains more hard misconceptions than hard truths. In fairness, the program of land reform as put forth by Mugabe allows whites to lease Zimbabwean land. At present, whites control more than 70% of the arable land.
i suggest than perspectives from other sources that colonial minded media sources be taken into consideration. This is a  good place to start: http://www.raceandhistory.com/Zimbabwe/

Mugabe only became 'dirty'  to colonial minded people after he started reclaiming land that had been stolen by Europeans. Those that attack Mugabe without addressing the need for Africans to reclaim their land and address the colonial exploitation of Africa are thousands times worse than Mugabe.
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« Reply #3 on: August 30, 2004, 05:48:09 AM »

His Majesty forgave the Italian troops AFTER THE WAR WAS OVER AND WON, it was frontline troops who were probably mostly conscripts who never particularly wanted to fight for Mussolini in the first place, which is different from rich capitalists who have been making a fortune off this land in Zimbabwe for decades, and as far as I am aware HIM did not give them land, HIM put them to work on contracts to rectify the damage they had caused, and when their contract was over, they had to leave, that is my understanding anyway.
The white famers had plenty of opportunities to live like equals if that's what they wanted. Plainly that's not what they want so they're asking for a fight and whatever they get, they deserve.
This is not to say I support Mugabe, but as far as getting rid of the white farmers, that is a right move no matter who might be making it. Now whether the land in question is being fairly redistributed to those who most need it, and used productively, is another question, one which I can't really answer seeing as I don't have direct first-hand knowledge of the issue.
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« Reply #4 on: August 30, 2004, 06:05:00 AM »

If people want to criticize Mugabe, better they criticize him for giving this young, probably already well-off white woman $50,000 of the country's money, when is so much hungry unemployed Black people there, than for confiscating the white farms.
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« Reply #5 on: August 30, 2004, 12:08:49 PM »

I agree. But then again, who made them hungry? I have little issues with fair, civil and just land reforms but Mugabe should have had a much more structured plan for the farms and operating them before he chased the white farmers off. Merely giving them to his Patriotic Front buddies didn't bode so well and he stupidly put half his nation's people in danger of starvation. He has recently organized plans to lease the farms to chinese farmers so they will start producing again but one wonders how long it will be before they can control the farms themselves.

I just posted the news item about him rewarding the white zimbabwean swimmer because I thought it confirmed what I've suspected about Mugabe for awhile. He isn't the anti-white bigot the conservative media makes him out to be and he isn't the stalwart anti-colonial black socialist the liberal and independent media makes him out to be. He's just another dictator, who's primary concerns are him and his buddies. And all the oppression, rape, torture and murder that implies.
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« Reply #6 on: August 30, 2004, 04:11:23 PM »

Those that attack Mugabe without addressing the need for Africans to reclaim their land and address the colonial exploitation of Africa are thousands times worse than Mugabe.

Beautifully stated!!

I share this opinion on Mugabe...This was written by a close friend of mine from Zim. The only thing I don't agree with him on is that the old colonial powers ARE salavating at the mouth to get their hands back on the 'breadbasket' of Africa, and that is what fuels their criticism of Mugabe. Basically they are angry he is benefitting instead of them. Mugabe studied under Kwame Nkrumah. The fact he is betraying the people's better interest, when he was ideologically trained to do differently, makes him the worst kind of traitor to the people's revolution against colonialism and imperialism. But I must admire him for talking a good game. The socialist rhetoric he espouses is coming from a man who built a highway from Harare to his mothers house, with public funds...was that supposed to be for the people? He takes the farms from the decendants of the settler colonialists and gives them to his inner circle ZANU-PF cronies...

Mugabe is the pig in 'Animal Farm'

The Malice of our Enemies and the Duplicity of our Friends.

In the under world, power wars are fought through the creation of alliances, alliances with friends and with enemies. It is not unconventional to form alliances with enemies, especially if the we adopt the principle that
an enemy of an enemy is a friend. However, difficult alliances to forge are those made
with a duplicite friend. Duplicity is defined as deceit by pretending. A duplicit ally is one that to your face agrees to support you, yet
Nicodemosly betrays you by forging an alliance with your enemy. In simple African terms a
duplicite friend is a sell out to your cause.

The world is replicate with these groups; the malicious and the duplicit. It would appear that the world of politics is driven by these two principles. In the case of Zimbabwe this appears to be a case.

The Zimbabwean people are not decided as to who their enemies are. Without a doubt this nation has enemies. These enemies are to a great extent not external forces or governments. Imperialists and colonialists present no
threat to our nation's security. I submit that our enemies are internal forces; the so called liberation war veterans or African nationalists. The greatest lie the devil wishes the world to believe is that he does not

The greatest lie the Zimbabwean nationalists wish the people to believe is that they act in the interest of the nation and are worthy of our praise and deserve unwavering loyalty and support. This demand on the people's
conscience is malicious by every standard. To date this class of people have usurped the authority of the people and abused the nation's
collective trust in leadership. Verbs that describe this enemy are harsh and direct.
They have plundered our wealth, ravaged our cities, and destroyed the lives of our
people. They are at this time recruiting, training and transporting large militia's to complete the works of death, desolation and tyranny already begun with circumstances of cruelty and perfidy scarcely paralleled in
the most barbarous ages. Led by Robert Gabriel Matibiri Karigamombe Mugabe, the nationalists have led invasions of the country's fertile land, claiming the dangers of an invasion from Britain and America whilst sending the Zimbabwean economy into ceaseless convulsions. Erstwhile, the ZANU-PF disease festers from within, demanding the body of the nation to act now to save itself.

Zimbabweans, young and old, hold to a romantic notion of Robert Mugabe and ZANU-PF. With smooth talk and a clear mind Mugabe beguiles the Zimbabwean people, to consider him as the liberator of the nation. Liberator he
once was, yet events past and present, force us to consider him a captor of the people and destroyer of our nature given rights.

However, the Zimbabwean people are not short of duplicit friends. Chief amongst this group is the Sub Shah ran nations. Led by South Africa,
the African community has ignored the brutality of the Zimbabwean government and sought to protect Mugabe from national and international censure. On the one hand the South African people have publicly pledged to seek a peaceful
resolution to the Zimbabwean crisis, whilst on the other hand have acted in what can be described as aiding and abetting Mugabe in the most gross violation of the Zimbabwean people's rights. South Africa, Namibia, Mozambique and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, owe a debt of gratitude to the Zimbabwean people, for their freedom. Zimbabweans sacrificed national resources and life for the freedom and the peace these nations experience today. Yet with snake fang ingratitude the people of these now free, peaceful and relatively prosperous nations turn their backs on the suffering of the Zimbabwean people. Whilst spouting the principles of African solidarity and pursuing the avenue of silent diplomacy these nations have spurned calls for help, and emboldened the predatory actions of a dictator. By day they speak of a better day fro Zimbabwe and in the cover of night, equip the enemy with the tactics and strategy to kill, maim, rape, sodomize and murder the nation.

What of our European Friend the French. By day they adopt symbolic measures restricting the globe trotting tendency and lavish propensity of our enemy and in the cover of darkness sign asset protection agreements with a government
with whom they share warm and cordial diplomatic relations Then there is the Libyan imperialist. Libyans consider the black person to be their slaves. Yet with the slogan Africa for Africans Ghadaffi forges an economic alliance with Zimbabwe, accepts to train our youths in the doctrine of Islamic fatalism, then forges ties with the West to save his own tail from retribution for his terrorist tendencies. Our farm land is now stained with the accusation of training Islamic fundamentalists, under Libyan tutelage.

Our brothers the Nigerians endorse Mugabe's fraud in 2002, then they provide sanctuary for White African citizens of Zimbabwe I might add for the avoidance of doubt. Then we have our European and Western black brothers, who spout at the mouth of their love for the motherland yet show no sympathy for the suffering citizens of that land. Speaking out of both sides of their necks, they use their freedoms to endorse the oppression of our nation.

Do we really have friends or just a host of malicious enemies, who like vultures circle the skies above our beloved land, patiently waiting to pick the remains of what the maggots graciously leave.

This Opinion was written by Bruce Changa

Forward to a united Africa!
Posts: 67

« Reply #7 on: August 30, 2004, 07:47:12 PM »


I categorically disagree with the misinformed views espoused by most people here. I think the biggest problem with “listeners” stayed put in the Western hemisphere of world politics is to rely heavily on (or to borrow mostly from) “bread crumbs” fed by the Western media, the crafty opinion-makers of others’ minds; for that, let ABC, BBC, CNN, NBC, VOA (or what have you!) be praised! These dictatorial mouthpieces have done a great “whacking” job indeed, to the extent of misinforming and fooling even patriotic Afrikans in the Western world and Afrika about the Zimbabwean government and Zimbabweans, all of whom they quizzically round off to Mugabe “the dictator”!

First and foremost, me I do not and will NEVER buy the skewed idea that Mugabe is a dictator. MUGABE IS *NOT* A DICTATOR (except there is another racist Anglo-American meaning for that), because CLEARLY -- (and a majority of observant and vigilant Afrikan leaders and patriots would agree) -- he won (at least) the last elections FAIRLY!! Many forget that fact very easily, quickly, drunk with scary fairy tales propounded by the West about Mugabe!

BE FAIR and just take a look:

dic·ta·tor     [P]  Pronunciation Key  (d k t  t r, d k-t  -) n.

[*]An absolute ruler.
[*]A tyrant; a despot.
[*]An ancient Roman magistrate appointed temporarily to deal with an immediate crisis or emergency.
[*] One who dictates: These initials are those of the dictator of the letter.
Source: The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition, Copyright © 2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.


\Dic*ta"tor\, n. [L.]
1.      One who dictates; one who prescribes rules and maxims authoritatively for the direction of others. -- Locke.
2.      One invested with absolute authority; especially, a magistrate created in times of exigence and distress, and invested with unlimited power.

Invested with the authority of a dictator, nay, of a pope, over our language. -- Macaulay.

Source: Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, © 1996, 1998 MICRA, Inc.


n 1: a speaker who dictates to a secretary or a recording machine 2: a ruler who is unconstrained by law [syn: potentate] 3: a person behaves in a tyrannical manner; "my boss is a dictator who makes everyone work overtime" [syn: authoritarian].

Source: WordNet ® 2.0, © 2003 Princeton University.[/size]

SOURCE: http://dictionary.reference.com/search?q=dictator


There is a lot of consensus about Zimbabwe in the Afrikan world, including in Zimbabwe itself, lest we forget. I dare say we all shouldn’t be puppets of the Western media’s rumour-mongering machinations. We shouldn’t also forget that many Afrikan governments play a (so-called) “double game” over the Zimbabwe Land Crisis because THEY KNOW it is and will always be a legitimate claim (for black people), but, at the same time, they are also AFRAID of being sanctioned by their Western money-lending “friends”, perhaps even of being overthrown or simply eliminated, killed! We mustn’t be politically naïve to forget the power still wielded by the West in the arena of world politics, or behind the scenes (in their murky world of spies, saboteurs and espionage … ).

Mugabe and the Zimbabwean government were powerless -- NOT SILENT -- over the Land Issue for over 18 years because of the same above-mentioned reason(s): due to fear, in part, but it was also a tactic; South Africa and Namibia were still Western-controlled strongholds, in case some didn’t know, and the general feeling in South-Central and Southern Afrika at the time -- (60s to early 90s) -- was one of FEAR, to wait until those “white power structures” crumbled to the ground!...

I was born and spent my first 9 years in Livingstone, Zambia (on the Zambia-Zimbabwe border and KNOW what I am talking about). Even Livingstone was a target of white South Afrikan and hired European/Caucasian mercenaries well into the late 80s … People must understand the general climate of fear that permeated through Southern Afrika, the senseless loss of countless lives, to understand why the Zimbabwean government dragged its feet for so long.

Do people here honestly believe Mugabe -- or the Zimbabwean government -- would have been such a marked target of the Western world if it hadn’t solely been for a few whites and the Land Issue (or 0.05% of the Zimbabwean population or 4,100 whites owning 78% of land), even if Mugabe had still stayed in power without “disturbing” that handful of whites there??? …

Mugabe has no universal support of the Zimbabwean people, nor perhaps of the majority of Afrikans, which is normal in politics everywhere, but I am yet to know a contemporary AmeriKKKan president -- or British prime minister -- who ruled their country with even two-thirds of the electoral ballots cast in a presidential/prime-ministerial election … Surely there is also tribalism in Zimbabwe (as there is in EVERY Afrikan country), as there still is even in Europe … In Europe, though, that goes by the more “civilised” name of “nationalism” or “patriotism” or something like that, but I think people capitalise TOO MUCH even on the “tribalism ticket” to paint a grisly, unrealistic, very grotesque and almost foolish image of President Mugabe, his government and their current economic woes. The sole wish is to send Mugabe to hell! To most uninformed people (especially in the West, whatever colour they may be), if a crazy, wayward Zimbabwean murders a white farmer or attacks an MMD supporter, it is automatically the work of Mugabe and his “gang of thieves”! People must understand the lame socio-political realities of Afrika -- which are quite different from those of the “civilised world” -- to understand such anomalies, such discrepancies!

The majority of Zimbabweans -- INCLUDING Ndebeles -- does support Mugabe (and NOT the “quite ambitious” Tsvangirai and his burning impatience to hold the reins of power and sit in State House, Harare, as soon as his new day dawns) … An independent opinion poll carried out by independent South Afrikans -- both black and white -- indeed showed, earlier this month, that the majority of Zimbabweans supports the work carried out by the Zimbabwean government and that most Zimbabweans -- just like any clear-thinking, sane, unforgetful & unforgiving Afrikan -- do no trust Tsvangirai’s ambitions for power. These are hard facts, perhaps bitter, but very true!

In my opinion, Mugabe is put in such bad light simply because the economy is failing (or artificially being made to fail) and partly because he is black, and could someone please tell me who pulls the strings in that? Definitely not particularly Mugabe!

Finally, to repeat my point: people feed too much on the crumbs dropped off the golden dining table of the world’s very powerful and greedy white capitalists … (or their skilful mind-shaping media). You have to know where you stand in this very “politiKKKal game”!!!

As for me and anyone I would call a friend, we shall support Mugabe!

I know I digressed a lot (from the original subject) but these are my opinions.

The West's bullying methods will never pay! TIME WILL TELL.
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