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Author Topic: President Bush's Visit To Africa  (Read 20425 times)
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« on: July 02, 2003, 08:41:33 PM »

and Colin Powell's Letter in New York Times 23-6-2003

by Patricia-Gwen-Afwoni
Personal Assistant -Southern African Region

Africa Strategy notes with sadness and shame the degree of hypocrisy in which the current Right wing Republican Administration of George Bush has conducted its foreign policy on Africa. The forth coming African tour of Bush between 7-12 July 2003 is designed to threaten the peace and widen the gaps between moderate states and war mongers in Africa. We also note with utter contempt the letter that appeared in the New York Times of 23rd June 2003 by a second class citizen of America by the name of Colin Powell. It has shown how slavery has ruined the simple logic of a soldier who fought against the racial tide in America. "The biggest problem is not our black colour but the Stomachs that direct us to eat instead of the Brains". That sums up what the Ms. C.Rice and Colin Powell have done in the USA.

It is regrettable that most blacks who gain power in the so-called Western democracy turn a blind eye on their brothers on the African continent and demonise the same roots of Pan African spirit. Africa Strategy has documented all evidence of foul play by Colin Powell and Ms Condelesa Rice on Africa. The Letter written by Colin Powel shows the mind of a slave who is still chained to slavery even after its abolition almost 150 years ago.

The spirit of Abraham Lincoln will roll in the grave when they hear that President Bush has visited a pseudo democracy in Uganda and spent over six hours dining and dancing with the military dictatorship that has refused people to associate and assemble freely. The same right wing group that will hover over our great continent in next few days will go down in history for praising President Museveni for crimes against humanity in the Great Lakes Region. It is not surprising that the low calibre intellectualism and ignorance on world politics of Colin Powell has added agony and anguish on the people of Africa who yearn for freedom.

The so-called second citizen of the USA hegemony has denounced President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe who has given democracy of pluralism a chance and hails the efforts of Ugandan President Museven in "restoring peace". Is there peace in Uganda really? Colin Powell must be day dreaming with Saddam Hussein's face counting the fate of the innocent Americans in Iraq. In Africa we call this ghost bursting. Africa Strategy is completely baffled with the statements that have allowed Museveni to operate with impunity in the region.

There are two characteristics of the USA administration that have come out in the clear. The lust for oil in the world. And the second one is the power of militarism and adventurism for glory. The government of the USA likes Museveni because of the discovery of oil fields around Lake Albert near the Uganda DRC border. They will make money. The second factor which the World should know is that the USA wants to use Museveni to attack Sudan in the north to protect the rich oil fields and pipeline that runs from Southern Sudan to the Red Sea. Logistics are written on the wall. To be able to control these activities the USA Administration has to use stooges like Museveni for Military adventurism which has caused genocide and death in the region.

Africa Strategy notes that Baroness Lynda Chalker as a roving spinster of empty slogans has been brought in to pay No 11 on the wing. In her quest for power in the region she has now sponsored and paid former mercenaries in the region to topple the government of President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe. These evidence is slowly emerging as the minutes of many meetings are being studied by our sources in Kampala and South Africa.

We note with great concern the way millions and millions of US Dollars are being channelled through Uganda to train and pay mercenary armies to overthrow the government of President Mugabe. We are also worried about the Millions of USD that has been pumped into the hands of opposition in Zimbabwe for ECONOMIC SABOTAGE. One of the paragraphs in the Minutes obtained from the meetings OF the Lynda Chalker- Museveni crusade indicate that there is a desire to overthrow the government of President Mugabe by using mercenaries in the region. This comes as a result of all countries around the region have refused to destabilise Zimbabwe.

Africa Strategy further notes that the company that was registered in Canada Toronto to drill oil in Uganda under the name of Heritage Oil is closely connected to Africa Matters which in the last three months has held a series of meetings with opposition leaders of Zimbabwe in the region to map out strategies of toppling President Mugabe. Lynda Chalker and Colin Powell met in Washington DC between 14th-21st of June 2003 to facilitate regime change in Zimbabwe. This was the time when Museveni was in the USA to be rewarded for the slaughter of many people in Congo and Uganda. Africa Matters has poured millions of USA Dollars to train enemies of countries like Zimbabwe and Kenya where the British and Americans are not happy about the leadership. All these activities are a great worry for peace and tranquillity in the region.

Africa Strategy wishes to use this opportunity to warn all those who are bent on paying the government of Uganda to commit violence in the region like Baroness Lynda Chalker and the black surrogate Colin Powell that all the peaceful people of the region are documenting all your encounters. We have now obtained clear evidence from sources about all your financial transactions which point at USA and Britain as the main countries fuelling violence in Zimbabwe and other countries in the region.

Africa Strategy is disturbed that the so-called world order that has wrecked Iraq and left the country in tatters is turning to Africa to fuel a crisis in the Great Lakes Region. W e now know and the world knows that Colin Powell "forged" and "doctored" intelligence reports to justify the invasion of Iraq. We are aware of the impending fabrication and malice that Colin Powell and Bush want to link the people of Zimbabwe and the Great Lakes Region so as to justify regime change. There are serious diplomatic encounters behind closed door that intend to list a country like Kenya as a terrorist state. We condemn such moves that will create divisions and cripple the economy of Kenya that relies on Tourism as the main source of Foreign exchange. This is the most deplorable act of political vandalism that President Bush and his black messenger of doom Colin Powell want to create on African soil.

We call upon the people of Africa to raise up in great numbers in the cities of Kampala and other African cities where the "doomed cult leaders" are visiting to denounce such militarism . This can be done by peacefully protesting to their Visit to Africa. We support those in Uganda who have arranged for such protests. We want the 6 hour meeting with the blood thirst President of Uganda to be in total quagmire.

Those African countries that are sending their Presidents to Uganda to meet the Texas cult leaders should be questioned in terms of African morality and values. The proxies of imperialism on the continent who have helped to ooze blood from the African veins under the pretext of NEPAD, and globalisation should be exposed. Africa needs peace not political scramble that we witness coming up in guise of a black Bismarck of Africa called Museveni. Let the current onslaught on neo-colonialism in African be our vanguard of the future African Union.

The Africa we want and yearn for is the Africa that leads by example. The case of President Mugabe of Zimbabwe. He removed land from I% whites and gave it back to his 99% of his black people. All those leaders in Africa should shun parrots like President of Uganda who sings the song and praises of the USA and Britain under a ONE party State model of democracy. These leaders who pick Millions of Dollars from Bush and Colin Powell at the expense of the people of Congo in Ituri region Then he is used as a conduit of dirty toxins that ferment wars in the region. Such leaders on the continent should be put on red card status by the rest of Africa.

Africa Strategy will alert the continent of all those agents of doom who have sinned beyond repair in the Middle East and they want to create another set of everlasting killing fields in Africa.
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« Reply #1 on: July 02, 2003, 10:33:32 PM »


Peace and thanks for this and other pieces and reasonings that you've been posting.

Where did we get these pieces and others? I would love to be as informed and educated as people out there writing pieces like these. Its such a blessing to get insight and perspective into the reality.


African justice - white redemption
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« Reply #2 on: July 03, 2003, 12:24:58 AM »

I agree with the Article. The government over in D.C. didn't even care about MUGABE, but once that Land Reform kicked in the U.S. press started Demonizing MUGABE. A White Farmer was killed and that was blown up in the News and as well as all of their other Complaints. The times have changed, but not the tactics from Washington D.C. and her ally England. Sad


We should first show solidarity with each other. We are Africans. We are black. Our first priority is ourselves.
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« Reply #3 on: July 03, 2003, 06:58:51 PM »

By Willmore Kanyongo, US www.herald.co.zw

It is clear the US Secretary of State - Colin Powell - is totally ignorant of the Zimbabwean situation.

The article he wrote and which was published in The New York Times on June 24 has further shown him as a shameless liar, who has habitually sought to build his foreign policy on utter fabrication.

His country invaded Iraq on the pretext that there was evidence of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) which falsehood he presented to the United Nations.

He and his government - several months after the invasion - are yet to go back to the world body with evidence of piles of WMD from Iraq.

His administration has now changed the tone and has resorted to talking about Iraq's WMD programme.

Wait a minute - did the US invade Iraq on the basis of a WMD programme or piles and piles of WMDs?

The Americans certainly fooled the world and they intend to continue fooling it!

Again in his article in The New York Times, Powell asserts that ". . . the country's once thriving agricultural sector collapsed last year after President Robert Mugabe confiscated commercial farms..."

He goes on to charge that ". . . his cynical 'land reform' program has chiefly benefited idle party hacks and stalwarts".

First of all, Powell makes a false claim in asserting the collapse of agricultural activity in Zimbabwe and much as he travels, he remains ignorant of his own black history in the United States.

He wishes to conveniently ignore the historically skewed land ownership system in Zimbabwe which the British are responsible for and have not remedied.

He is also unaware that senior MDC leaders like Welshman Ncube have benefited from the land reform program.

It seems to me that a Zimbabwean A-level student could analyse these issues better than Powell showed in his flimsy article.

As he himself has chosen money and conservative political thinking over his black history, he imagines that Zimbabweans should also choose money over their national history as he pins his Zimbabwean foreign policy on blackmail in stating that "With the president (Mugabe) gone,... the United States would be quick to pledge generous assistance..."

Maybe Colin Powell is unaware that this is not the first time the United States has either promised money or actually given money. Muzorewa is a case in point. He was persuaded to dissociate himself from the process of liberation, of which President Mugabe was the vanguard.

In the case of Muzorewa, American money did not work and in the case of the monetary promises at Lancaster House, we are now wiser that they were a hoax meant to allow Rhodesians to consolidate their illegal land ownership rights.

The hallmark of US foreign policy is money and deception as the Iraq and Zimbabwean cases show.

In his article, Powell also states: "The United States - and the European Union - has... frozen their (Zimbabwean leaders) overseas assets." That is just mere propaganda!

What assets have you frozen and why haven't you made them public.

President Mugabe openly declared that if they were to find even kobiri chairo - if you know it Mr Secretary - you should donate it to charity or maybe to some of your brothers and sisters who litter American streets jobless, without shelter and food.

Oh, by the way, can't you solve this problem first before Mr George W. Bush sends you to a land you know nothing about?

The secretary of state also seems to question the mandate bestowed upon President Mugabe by the people of Zimbabwe when he insisted on "... constitutional changes to allow for a transition."

The entire world knows that there were no constitutional changes that were effected when the government which he now serves was selected and not elected into office by Republican Justices in the US Supreme Court.

I think he should be questioning the legitimacy of his master and remove the log in his own eye, before he questions that of our beloved President Mugabe.

How about the leader of Pakistan, Pervez Musharraf, who Mr Bush recently wined and dinned with at Camp David? When was he elected into power?

I was not aware that Americans can associate with non-elected heads of state, especially coup leaders like Musharraf.

Powell also proffered a favourite American line when they have to deal with a government they do not like.

He said: "We will persist in speaking out strongly in defence of human rights and the rule of law."

What happened in Uganda when an opposition leader was harassed and imprisoned after elections there?

Isn't Yoweri Museveni an American darling? What happened when a court in Malawi recently blocked the deportation of five suspected Al Queda members?

Is there no suspicion that your government is having these whisked to Quatanamo Bay?

By the way, what rule of law applies in Quatanamo Bay and what human rights?

American foreign policy has always been underpinned by double talk, double standards, deception and false promises of money if certain leaders are removed.

By the way, is American money still flowing into Zambia and what has happened to the American-funded trade unionist there?

Zimbabweans should be wary and not succumb to these American machinations.

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