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Author Topic: *IYAH*...Take me Higher...  (Read 18313 times)
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RastafariSpeaks .com

« on: April 27, 2003, 10:52:02 AM »

Iyah take me Hi-yah...high--er..yeah--ah..

stuck in the valleys /
what we gonna do /
don't confuse your mind /
we got ta push on thru /

Iyah take me High-er / don't let me fall behind /
Iyah take me Higher /
take me to the next stage / next phase /
help me turn my page / to the brighter day /
Iyah take me Higher / to the next stage /
Iyah turn my page / High--er...

i see a spider on the street /
spinnin lies all day /
and a killer in the jungle /
singin who's my prey /

Iyah take me High--er ...

i saw a bear take a dive /
and an eagle try to fly /
and the monkey still laughin /
as the morning dove cries /

Iyah take me High-er / take me to the next stage...

i see a wolf steppin out /
in a brand new dress /
an a sheep fall asleep /
in the middle of the test /

Iyah take me Higher / take me to the next stage / Iyah take me High--er / help me turm my page / to the Brighter Day /
Oh OH / I--yah / take me Hi--yah / i'm ready / i'm willin / take me to the next phase / Iyah take me Higher / to the next stage ....

i see a hawk flyin west /
another hawk flyin east /
an a snake on the ground /
preachin no more peace /

Iyah....Iyah...Iyah / take me High-er....

i see a train off the track /
no driver in the seat /
Fire on the ground /
but there's still cold feet /

Iyah take me Higher / next phase / turn the page / to the next stage /Iyah take me Higher / to a Brighter day...

i see the undertaker smile /
as he ups his fees /
an the wise old owl /
got a new phil-o-so-fee /

Iyah take me High--er...

i see the Lamb in a cage /
and the Lion has the key /
but none will take the step /
to set the in-no-cent free...

Iyah take me High-er / to the next stage...

now the red bird's soarin /
searchin out a nest /
sing, come fly with me /
an i'll show you the rest /

no no no no..red bird get away from me ...
i got ' miles to go before i sleep'...

Iyah...Iyah...I-yahh...Iyah take me High--er / Iyah take me Higher..

where there's a Will /
there's a way them say /
so much work to do /
Lord we got ta stay...

stuck in the valleys got ta push on thru...
i-and-I.. an it's me and you..

Iyah take we Higher / Iyah take we to the next stage /
Iyah take we Higher / Iyah turn the page /
Iyah take we Higher / Iyah to the next phase /
Iyah take we Higher / to that Brighter Day..

Iyah take me / i'm ready/ we ready  / Iyah take me / i'm willin / we willin / seen de first phase... yea-ah / lookin at de second stage / yea-ah ../ we stayin / we prayin / searchin for the next stage...yea--ah / Iyah...

take we High--er
Iyah take me High--er /
next stage / next phase / turn the page /
thru the rage / thru the maze..
next stage..

Iyah take we Higher...
Iyah take me Higher..High-er... High--er...High---er...
Iyah take we Higher..

(((wid Jah Love an Respect...give thanks fe de wealth of sharing of knowledge and Truth widin dis site...WORD-SOUND-POWER...

Praises to The Most High...

One !

ex ....)))

Princess Tracey
Junior Member
Posts: 195

« Reply #1 on: April 27, 2003, 12:40:10 PM »


Exiled me right off mi chair...and up there somewhere!!!...may I have mi head back pleeeeeze?..



thanks fe the trip!

delIghtful Inna-sIght-full!!!

keep it coming...love to astral travel in EXILE!

hmmmm...somebody should back this thing up with music!
Posts: 21


« Reply #2 on: April 27, 2003, 01:01:43 PM »

Something of beauty is that which touches the heart/spirit and is a natural part of Jah creation.

Just to say that the message is just beautiful...

Peace, Helena
Posts: 23

RastafariSpeaks .com

« Reply #3 on: April 27, 2003, 05:37:13 PM »

@ warriorPrincess...

give thanks dat de words have touched.....
"exiled" / still in-side i smile / like a newborn child / knowin everythang / is just for a-while....

Glory to Jah...

give thanks also for your reasonings i have read on dis site...Blessed.Much for i to learn in dis never ending search of i-and-I..an dis is indeed a learning center..takin i Higher by de day..yeah...


thanks you fe words dat UPlift..
dem an dem a say.."beauty is in the eyes of the be-holder"...

i-and-i behold de Love dat emanates from your Spirit.."just beautiful"..yes I..

"No water can put out dis Fiyah..."...burnin...

One !...

ex ....

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