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Author Topic: A Call to Rastafari/Afrikan Scientists  (Read 15142 times)
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« on: May 12, 2007, 04:25:22 PM »

Greetings in the name of H.I.M Haile Selassie the First, Lion of Judah

This message is a call for information on either the existence or the establishment of a Society of Rastafari/Afrikan Scientists that ranges from Biologists to Chemists to Environmentalists to Engineers etc.

If there are any individuals from a scientific background at any level, who are Afrikan-minded, and have made the decision to use their knowledge and expertise to contribute to the development and progression of Afrika and its peoples, please contact me.

Today a wealth of information exists for us to interpret and distribute amongst Afrikan peoples that is not currently being done in a way and at a rate that is beneficial to us and our families. In a scientific industry that is centered on self interest and financial gain, little thought is given to the people who may benefit most from scientific advancement. In a time where the main focus of scientific research is geared towards issues that serves little to no purpose amongst Afrikan peoples at home or in the Diaspora. Issues like Global Warming, obesity, cancer and other topics that are mainly associated with individual lifestyle have taken priority over malnutrition, malaria and other illnesses, which claim far more Afrikan lives than any major world war to date. The issue of HIV and AIDS and its relationship with Afrika also needs to be thoroughly investigated from an Afrikan perspective.

If anyone knows of a society similar to the one I described that already exists, please inform me and I will render my services. Until then, I am calling out to my brothers and sisters in the eye s of the Almighty for us to come together to address these issues that affect Our Afrikan family. At this early stage it would be suffice to establish and maintain contact, regularly share news and information, brainstorm ideas, and investigate relevant topics.

If you are interested, or know of anyone who may be interested, please contact me by either replying to this post, or emailing me at afrikanherbzman@hotmail.co.uk

Peace, Love and Guidance to you ALL
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« Reply #1 on: March 28, 2008, 11:46:43 PM »

An example of a white man who learned from an AFrican man  sharing information resulting in physical work that was self empowering is here:


The "NGO" associated with this report is no longer active.

The white man's role was brief , the AFrican man's role was equally brief, he lost his life along with others, but the net result was  ultimately forged by AFricans with the white man receeding into the distance as per plan .  Patronizing NGO parrallel govts run by white people stifling abundant abilities and original thinking coming from African people should end .  A person of any race who abides by strict ethical guidelines consistent with engineering, agriculture, and science consulting, who is a tangent only in the process of finding solutions to problems is something to be used carefully and with discretion, perhaps not discarded. 

From experience in this field , I know that it is self satisfying and builds self confidence to have at one's disposal a trusted colleage who works FOR YOU, resulting in outcome everyone is proud to be a part of.
There is a principal of service implicit in this that the best result is being part of the building of the "clients" capacity and reputation and in the above case, the small efforts of two people grew through the diligent efforts of others, sometimes only a spark is needed to encourage the real champions to step forward and carry on good works. It seems to the writer rastafarians are dynamic and fearless , the way of them is contagious to many people and it is refreshing and uplifting and encouraging to see this post.

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« Reply #2 on: April 30, 2008, 11:26:16 AM »

 dr sebi is one brilliant mind and afrikan hebarlist, he is 70 year old, and still going, support hiim as well, personally, any afrikan that has inter action with a kaukasian is traitor and nota friend of mine, they ahve been stealing our natural resources and  plants and traditional medicine for ages and all thoe new age,white hippies, krakkazoids call demselves herbalists,******, afrikans should build and coalesce with afrikans or any aboriginal peoples,not kaukasians, for AFRIKANS ONLY,KAUKASIANS DO NOT VISIT DOCTOR SEBI SITE!!
Afrikans, here is doctors sebi site, drsebi.com. if you give his site toa kaukasian, you are traitor and consider urself lucky,you neva met me, because, i would take you out,for beinga traitor Cool
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